Q: How do I create self-signed certificates on Mac OS X?

A: Unbeknownst to many, Mac OS X includes its own certificate generation assistant alongside keychain. I've attached a collection of screenshots demonstrating the creation of a self-signed certificate to this post.

Why is this important?
PKI is an under utilized solution to the InterWeb's age-old problem with verifiable identity. To date, certificate generation tedium has been main hurdle that's artificially impeded mass adoption and exploitation.

How can I put it to use?
WebID is an initiative that's been under incubation at the W3C. This initiative covers verifiable identifiers (handles) for agents (human or machines) by leveraging PKI, Trust Logic, and Architecture of the World Wide Web (AWWW) .

In a nutshell, I can generate a self signed X.509 certificate on Mac OS X that includes a WebID watermark. Then I can leverage the WebID verification protocol re. development of :

1. Sophisticated ACL rules for resources published from my personal data spaces or others where I am given individual of group scoped privileges which may also include ACL admin

2. Sophisticated SPAM filtering via S/MIME.

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