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An Even Simpler Linked Data Deployment Template

In looking at the Turtle example in my earlier post, combined with some feedback, I think my initial example was a little verbose. Thus, here is a much simpler Turtle based Linked Data deployment (for DropBox or Amazon S3 in particular) template:

## Don't touch any of this
@prefix owl:  <> .
@prefix foaf: <> .
@prefix rdfs: <> .
@prefix wdrs: <> .
@prefix opl: <> .
@prefix cert: <> .

## Who Are You?
## Simply replace the {} placeholders with actual values.

:this foaf:name "{enter-your-firstname-and-lastname-here}" .
:this foaf:firstName "{enter-first-name}" .
:this foaf:familyName "{enter-last-name}" .
:this foaf:nick "{enter-nick-name}" .

## Some Web Pages You Have Already
## leave the "<" and ">" untouched when replacing the {} with Web Resource URLs

:this foaf:page <{Twitter-Home-Page-URL}> .
:this foaf:page <{Facebook-Home-Page-URL}> .
:this foaf:page <{G+-Home-Page-URL}> .
:this foaf:page <{LinkedIn-Home-Page-URL}> .
:this foaf:page <{Personal-Blog-Home-Page-URL}> .

## What Have You Made & Published? 

:this foaf:made <{URL-of-a-Web-Resource-Created-By-You}> .

## Done ## 


1.  -- W3C Turtle Syntax Spec

2. -- TimBL's AWWW & W3C standards oriented Linked Data meme

3. -- Detailed DIY Linked Data Deployment using Turtle and a variety of storage services (Amazon S3, DropBox, Google Drive,, Microsoft Skydrive, and ODS-Briefcase)

4. -- using ODS-Briefcase (ODrive) to mount Google Drive hosted resources

5. -- using ODS-Briefcase (ODrive) to mount hosted resources

6. -- using ODS-Briefcase (ODrive) to mount DropBox hosted resources

7. -- using ODS-Briefcase (ODrive) to mount Microsoft SkyDrive hosted resources

8. -- using ODS-Briefcase (ODrive) to mount Amazon S3 bucket hosted resources .


1. -- DIY-style Linked Data deployment via Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive, Box.NET, and Amazon S3 buckets

3. - Creating and controlling your own verifiable digital identity, at Web-Scale via a simple Turtle document using the WebID authentication protocol . 

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+Gavin Carothers -- Thanks! Fixed. We really need to get the world to understand and appreciate the value and importance of Turtle. This is the missing markup language for RDF document construction that adequately caters for the following profiles:

1. end-users - time or technically challenged

2. integrators - time challenged, but technically adept, so preference is to do technology plumbing rather than coding

3. programmers - typically focused on the "read" side of the equation so parsers and formats rule the roost re. code oriented decision making and concerns.

These days, I am teaching kids (and adults) how to use Turtle as a notation for digital sentences. At the end of the day, they've already learn't subject, predicate, and object sentence structure at school.

So far, results are astounding. In short, for those that experienced the hell called RDF/XML, I am asked the simple question: why on earth did it take 13+ years to get here? 
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