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Signed & Encrypted Email

Situation Analysis

You are exchanging Email internally,  where the exchange topic leads to items such as the following being included in your email body:

1. Source Code Snippets
2. Debug output
3. Credit Card Details
4. Other Personally Identifiable Information. 

The items above are common across software development companies and development departments. 


There are many dangerous points of failure and inadvertent identity and security compromises that arise from this simple (but all too common) workflow interaction. Examples include:

1. Email AddressBooks (including those served up by LDAP Servers) Entries -- you have a many contacts with first-names such as "John" and/or surnames such as "Smith" which means keystroke lookup oriented user interaction patterns (UX) can easily lead to wrong recipient email address values in the "To:", "cc:", and "bcc:" email fields

2. Email Apps & Services -- you have no control over the Email app used by Email recipients, so your mail content (comprised of personally identifiable information) is more than likely Ad fodder for their Email apps/services

3. Identity related Vulnerability -- in extreme cases, malicious use of the personally identifiable information  (PII) that you've inadvertently exchanged occurs, and you find yourself as a victim, defendant, or suspect in a case that requires legal defense and unexpected expenses (you could also find yourself behind bars, since increasingly, we are moving towards a "guilty, until proven innocent" society, due to decreasing technology literacy, identity issues awareness, and privacy appreciation, across technology vendors and governments).


Use email packages that allow you to digitally sign and optionally encrypt email. Thus, in the situation I've outlined above, if you have a "To:", "cc:", or "bcc:" field entry, one of the following will occur, when you send signed and encrypted emails:

1. Email client will indicate to you that it doesn't have the Public Key of one of the mail recipients -- this is the trigger that also enables you understand that it was the wrong "John" or "Smith" targeted in regards to actual email recipient

2. If you only sign the Email -- at the very least, the context of the inadvertent exposure of personally identifiable information would be clear and much more defensible, the mail has your signature (digitally infeasible to replicate, modulo use of platforms afflicted by the Heartbleed OpenSSL bug). 


[1] -- S/MIME spec (broadly adopted standard, across all major native Email apps/services, that enables signing and encryption of Emails)

[2]  -- a simple tool for generating digital identity cards (certificates) that can then be used to send emails via S/MIME compliant email apps/services.


[1] -- Other G+ Posts about S/MIME .

#SMIME #Identity #NymWars #Privacy #PKI #Email   #WebID #YouID #NetID 
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Dear G+ Team:

G+ Circles is a powerful feature that is being under utilized due to poor UX. If you make the UX better, there will be more useful circles created, which ultimately creates more productivity for G+ users who will then reward your with more cohesive and coherent content. 

Just enable basic control UX patterns such as;

filtering circle lists as users type e.g.,   if I have a circle name comprised of the literals  "Google" ,  narrow down the circle selection as I type. 

That's all you need to do re., you most powerful but currently under utilized social networking weapon. 

#OpenLetter   #Tip   #Productivity   #GooglePlus   #UX  
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+Mark Schreiber -- Yes, that too, but if we can just get the basic stuff I am requesting done, that will make a world of difference for productivity re. G+ circles :-)

/cc +Vic Gundotra +Ade Oshineye 
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ZUtA Pocket Printer: The First-Ever Mobile Printer 

#Tech Image credit: ZUtA Labs
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wow! :-)
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Linked Open Data & Context Lenses

Situation Analysis

For all intents and purposes, the massive Linked Open Data (LOD) cloud is a global collection of jigsaw puzzle pieces in the form of entity names and entity description description documents to which the aforementioned entity names resolve. 

As one would expect, in a setup like this, we are going to have lots of puzzle pieces that belong to a variety of boxes.  Here are some links showing how one create a "context lenses" into DBpedia by combining puzzles pieces across DBpedia and YAGO en route to an enriched view Churches.


You can triangulate around these issues via other TBoxes that provide "context lenses" into DBpedia. Example, using YAGO which ultimately connects to DBpedia via an owl:sameAs relation in the ABox.

[1] -- YAGO lenses on "Church"

[2] -- actual owl:sameAs relation that has a DBpedia entity as its object

[3] -- which basically indicates to me that we might even be missing some DBpedia data in our LOD Cloud cache since the DBpedia entity URI does indeed resolve to a DBpedia entity description document

[4] -- here I've enables owl:sameAs inference context (via &sas=yes added to the URL) which brings us full cycle (notice all the objects of the rdf:type relation, inherited from YAGO, dynamically). 

#DBpedia   #YAGO   #LOD   #LinkedData   #SemanticWeb   #BigData   #SmartData   #OpenData  
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#Humor   #FantasyTech  

If we get the At At, can you take care of the At At?
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jus gud  i like it!
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Contd; More SPARQL Geospatial Demos

Here's a collection of SPARQL + Geo Spatial related demos, based on Virtuoso's SPARQL extensions. 


[1] -- Polygon and multiple points on a map

[2] -- Multiple Polygons and multiple points on a map

[3] -- Lines and multiple points on a map. 

#SPARQL   #LinkedData   #LOD   #SemanticWeb   #BigData   #NewSQL   #OpenData   #Data   #PivotViewer   #NoSQL   #Web30  
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I need this ;)
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Corporate Strategy, Techmology Design, Linked Data, Semantic Web, Open Data, Open Database Connectivity, Data Access Middleware (ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET, OLE-DB), Database (SQL, SPARQL) Technology, Web Architecture, Distributed Computing, Data Integration
  • OpenLink Software
    CEO, 1992 - present
  • Unisys
    Technical Specialist (DBMS, Unix, 4GLs, Networking), 1990 - 1992
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