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BlogHer 2013-I broke the glass ceiling. :)
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Seems very white. Likely also all able-bodied and cis.
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Latest blog post by Orri Erling (Virtuoso Program Mgr.) covering some of the latest performance and scalability features of Virtuoso, using the TPC-H benchmark datasets and queries.


#BigData   #SQL   #NewSQL   #NoSQL   #RDBMS   #GraphDBMS   #RDF   #SemanticWeb   #LinkedData   #Benchmark   #TPCH   #LDBC  
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Kingsley Idehen

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Oracle Data De-Silo-Fication using RDF based Linked Data Views (Transient or Materialized)

Situation Analysis
Too much of our data is confined to RDBMS data silos. This blog post works through the source and remedy of this problem using different types of identifiers for entity denotation.. [Read Blog Post..]

#LinkedData   #NoSQL   #NewSQL   #R2RML   #RDB2RDF   #CoRelational   #RDF   #SPASQL   #SQL   #ODBC     #Oracle  
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Kingsley Idehen

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Kingsley Idehen

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#BSD   #OpenBSD   #Unix   #OpenSSL   #PKI   #SSL   #TLS  
OpenBSD team announced a new project called LibreSSL. It is a FREE version of the SSL/TLS protocol forked from OpenSSL

OpenBSD/Theo has been openly critical of the OpenSSL team's development practices. By forking OpenSSL in-house OpenBSD essentially  put their  money where their mouth is... please donate openbsd project to fund this project. (image via

#openssl   #heartbleed   #openbsd   #libressl  
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how come?
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Kingsley Idehen

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"Pages with integrations rank better by an average of four positions compared to pages without integrations"

This being probably the most notable finding from the final version of the  +Searchmetrics "study of tens of thousands of keywords and more than half a million domains" headed " in Google search results" (see the request button at the bottom of the page for the full PDF):

The study authors are quick to note that correlation does not necessarily imply causation, although they correctly acknowledge that there's a logical connection between structured data use and search engine visibility.

"Whether the use of HTML markups does genuinely affect the ranking of a domain, as it would appear from the data, is hard to say. In fact, it may be due in part to interaction with other factors."

"However, it can be said that the inclusion of HTML tags from to clearly flag up the content of the page will greatly help search engines better understand the Web’s content – and that is an essential consideration for a good ranking."

Other notable factoids from the study:

- Only 0.3% of domains in their sample included [1]
- "Google enhances search results with markups in more than 36% of keyword queries" [2]
- Movie, Offer, TVSeries and Review were the item types that most often ended up generating rich snippets in the SERPs (compare this to the most common classes by domain from the lastest Common Crawl data - WebPage, Article, Blog, Product - and most common classes by no. of entities - Product, Offer, Person, PostalAddress, Organization)

[1] Making for the best pie chart evah
[2] I'm interpreting this as "for 36% of our sample queries we observed a rich snippet in the top 50 results [their query depth] that appeared to be based on the presence of markup."  The language of this study leaves a lot to be desired.

#schemaorg   #structureddata   #google   #seo  
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"The great power of natural language is the option of using the same
vocabulary and syntax for seamlessly moving from the vague to the
precise -- and the option of talking about what level of precision
or vagueness we are assuming at any point along the way"     -- John F. Sowa 

[1] -- Formal or functional specifications thread on Ontolog forum . 

#NLP   #Vocabulary   #Language   #Ontology   #IOTD  
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Stunning photos explore the evolution of life on our planet. Happy Earth Day!
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Corporate Strategy, Techmology Design, Linked Data, Semantic Web, Open Data, Open Database Connectivity, Data Access Middleware (ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET, OLE-DB), Database (SQL, SPARQL) Technology, Web Architecture, Distributed Computing, Data Integration
  • OpenLink Software
    CEO, 1992 - present
  • Unisys
    Technical Specialist (DBMS, Unix, 4GLs, Networking), 1990 - 1992
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