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How a man born without arms or legs learned to swim, surf, skydive – and speak in front of thousands
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God's miracles everywhere!
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Experiencing the Power of Virtuoso in 5 Steps
Situation Analysis Computing for individuals and organization alike remain challenged the pervasiveness of data silos, something I've written about in various posts, over the years. Common to those posts is my use of Virtuoso (our product) to demonstrate how the otherwise insurmountable become surmountable.

Read the complete post. This is a multi-part series due the many ways in which Virtuoso trivializes Linked Data view creation against existing document types and data access protocols. 

#LinkedData   #Virtuoso7   #SemanticWeb   #BigData   #RDBMS   #SmartData  
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[1] -- basic entity description page

[2] -- deeper Linked Data follow-your-nose oriented description page (where navigation is driven by any attribute lookup).

#LinkedData   #SEO   #SemanticWeb  
Our Presentations from the Lotico San Diego Semantic Web on the topic of SEO meets Semantic Web are now available on the event page on my blog.  I was joined by +Eric Franzon and a group of people in a very positive presentation, co-hosted by +Barbara Starr   We hope you are able to join us for the next Lotico San Diego Semantic Web meetup!
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Progress after 2 day Social Web WG Face to face . TimBL coined #SoLiD for Social Linked Data :-)
Venue. The meeting will be held at. Ray and Maria Stata Center, MIT Building 32 32 Vassar Street Cambridge, MA 02139. The meeting room 32-D463 ("Star"). Food throughout the day will be provided, courtesy of QCRI. Additional beverages and food are available for sale in the café on the ground ...
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Effect of nanotations embedded in post:

[1] -- About #SoLiD  
[2] -- About H/T (Hat Tip) relation 
[3] -- Nanotation laced tweets used to describe H/T relation. 

#Nanotation   #Ontology   #Vocabulary   #LinkedData   #SemanticWeb  
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Kingsley Idehen

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Dynamic Data Integration using SPARQL Query Language and Relations Semantics
Simple SPARQL based Data Integration Here is a variation of Bob DuCharme's federated SPARQL demo [1] that uses a tweaked version of his sample data to showcase the combined effects of: SPARQL Named Graphs -- Documents that containing RDF Language based Sent...
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+Mari Wigham -- the post is still a work in progress. I mistakenly hit the publish button, while editing. It will soon be released :) 
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A lot of cool links :) 
The tale of two links

Projected (aka Gartner pulling numbers out of thin air) and actual.

Android: 539M vs 1059M. Off by about a factor of 2.
iOS: 189M vs 192M. Right on target.
Windows: 216M vs 35M. Off by about a factor of 6.
RIMM / BB: 123M vs 6M. Off by about a factor of 20.

So one out of four, aka broken clock is right twice a day.
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Photo of the Week:

Students in the pilot special needs program at ‪#‎JPHRO‬'s Ecole de l'Espoir hard at work in the classroom. Learn more about the program here:
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Ty for sharing.
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I stumbled upon this nice and warm story about How the Grinch Stole Writing 

It's cute. This Grinch gives helpful advice : )

The story starts like this:

Every Writer in Wordville liked stories a lot.

But the Grinch who lived North of Wordville did not!

The Grinch hated writing—the whole creative way.

and continues here:

Enjoy :)
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Notes about Language

Enjoyed listening to +NPR 's recent Ted Talks session about language. 

a schema:WebPage ;
rdfs:label "Spoken and Unspoken" ;
rdfs:comment "All about language, our most powerful tool" ; 
schema:about <> .

#Language   #Nanotation   #LinkedData  
In this hour, TED speakers reflect on how words and methods of communication affect us, more than you might expect.
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