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Kings Barn Trees
Kings Barn Trees is a UK nursery specialising in Eucalyptus trees, growing over 40 different species
Kings Barn Trees is a UK nursery specialising in Eucalyptus trees, growing over 40 different species

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Soon to be launched our new Outdoor Living Range of Living Willow structures: Willow Gazebo & Willow Pod!

Both are larger than any of our previous structures these stylish and modern designs make unique seating and dining areas for gardens and outdoor spaces.

Available to order for delivery to your door by the end of January!

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Just 4 weeks left on our Willow Pre-Order offer! Get planning an order before December for 10% off all Willow!

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Eucalyptus can suffer from frost damage, of the nearly 900 species of Gum Tree only around 40 are hardy enough to be grown in the UK. Although in milder years even these 40 Eucs can show some signs of damage given with mild Autumns which encourage the trees to keep growing instead of hardening off. As a result the newest leaves may not be hardy enough to survive the first frosts as Winter sets in.

Signs of Frost Damage:

Margins of new leaves dying back, becoming brown or black. Eventually the whole leaf dies back.

Curling of new leaves.

Buds at tips of branches browning and dropping

If you are seeing this on your Gum Tree don’t be too alarmed! This should only affect the newest leaves and buds, all other parts of the tree will be fully hardy.

What to do?

You can leave the tree to sort itself out, the leaves which have died back will drop off. You can also do a little pruning to improve the appearance and stop any necrosis (dying off) from spreading. Take a pair of sharp secateurs and cut back the effected branch down to a leaf which isn’t effected (is hardy enough).

Smaller and potted trees which are suffering can be covered in horticultural fleecing, ideally this needs removing during ‘warmer’ days as Eucalyptus hate humidity around their leaves and this can cause other problems.

These symptoms can also present themselves in Spring as Eucalyptus are eager growers so send out new shoots early on, any late Spring frosts will have the same affect.

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Our resident Border Terriers are eager helpers this morning!


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You can vote for the 2016 Tree of the Year!

We've voted for the Brighton Elm, a tree local to us which won a valiant protest battle not to be removed during renovation of the area.

Which one will you chose?

We've just done a full stock check & have over 250 large & 150 smaller Eucalyptus trees available!! Who wants an intsant tree? 

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Our mature Eucalyptus cinerea - Argyle Apple tree is looking particularly stunning at the moment!

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A little last minute but we're going to be exhibiting at the Sussex Prairies Unusual Plant & Art Fair 2016! Come on down the see tonnes of beautiful plants & artworks, not to mention the wonder gardens themselves and the tasty cafe!

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This weekend one of the products we use and sell at the Nursery was featured on BBC Gardeners' World - the fabulous Tape Tying Machines.

These very handy tools are for tying plants to supports quickly & efficiently with no mess or scrap. Used for many plants, shrubs, trees, fruit & veg crops and vines. The machine creates a loop of tape to hold the plant to the support then staples the tape together, without the mess created by traditional machines.

Once you've used this machine you'll wonder how you managed without it!

We sell the tool on its own or as a Starter Kit with tape and staples:

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Eucalyptus glaucescens 'Tingiringi Gum' looking it's best this time of year. Peeling bark & creamy white flowers.
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