I...think I may just be in love here. A dual-mag, short-barreled bull-pup tactical shotgun? This thing is like a Shadowrunner's wet dream. I'm not personally keen on crossbar safeties, but could perhaps learn to make an exception here...

A few of my favourite (over the top) quotes from the review:

On the 14+1 round capacity (assuming 2¾ shells in use)

"It’s hard to imagine a self-defense problem whose solution requires fifteen shotgun blasts. But one man’s excess is another man’s reassurance."

On the aformentioned +1 ammo capacity

"Let’s assume you keep one in the pipe, as God intended."

On the versatility afforded by a dual magazine system

"You could load the KSG with a mix of lethal and less lethal rounds. What are you meshugga?"
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