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This cropped up in my feed today, where Heroica boards are used to create an intro adventure for more traditional tabletop role-playing games.

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Another recent Flickr find—although decidedly smaller in scale—that I suspect I'll be using for inspiration in the near future is this mountain peak from dodonna27's Custom Heroica Terrain album ( A lot of times I've seen regular (and vastly more plentiful) 1×2 jumper plates used as spaces not because they best serve the map, but due to an individual's inventory. Which is fine as far as that goes, but I have in mind some house rules for those sort of plates regarding hero movement, and to just use them willy-nilly doesn't work for me.

Something like this though, where they very nicely convey a narrow path leading to the peak of the mountain…that I like very much. I can see a variant of this becoming an objective room of sorts for the Barresh Highlands if I ever get around to making that part of the map.

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I am of multiple minds concerning this gigantic Heroica map made by Flickr user kaitain for a convention game. One one hand, I have to respect the amount of effort and planning that went into this massive build. On the other hand, due to the scale alone it tips over the line of being far, far too detailed  and non-modular for my personal tastes, even though most of the details do seem to have been kept far enough from the main play pathways as to not overly interfere, unlike some other highly detailed maps I have seen.

All that being said, even if it's not the sort of map I'd care to play on on a regular basis—although I do admit, it'd be a hell of a fun con game—there's a lot of cool things in the album ( to check out as inspiration. Some of my favourites include:

• More examples of brick built trees, especially those using tiles and cheese wedges (

• A couple of cool brick built microscale dragons, which might need scaled down a bit to use on standard Heroica maps, but offer some nice inspiration factor for more giant monsters. (

Overall, there's a lot to look over here in this extensive album, and I suspect I'll be returning to it regularly for some inspiration.

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I stumbled across the online portfolio for one of the artists who did concept work for the Heroica line. Some of this I have seen before in things like the Art of Heroica .PDF and other promo images LEGO put out, but there's some stuff here I hadn't seen before, including early map/board concepts and some other interesting bits.

You can find the site here—the link below is just to one of the images as the site involved apparently doesn't allow for G+ to put up a snazzy image with a direct link:

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Latest Bricklink bounty is in—now I definitely have little reason to not work on Seldaan Village anymore.

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I've seen various bits of the different builder series of videos LEGO has posted before, but to be honest their YouTube channel is such a mess I never keep track of them for very long. That's why I'm glad I ran across this blog post listing quite a few of the more handy microscale building tip videos that would certainly apply to Heroica scale builds.

After checking out the tree related one I'm definitely thinking of redoing some of my Waldurk tiles in this style, as well as rethinking my overall ideas of simplicity versus detail in Heroica map boards. I love the stark simplicity of the standard Heroica style overall, but maybe a bit of a "Heroica+" style for my own boards might suite my personal tastes better—perhaps at least enough for me to get around to finishing my Seldaan Village map.

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So while I was doing some random Google Image searching for some inspiration—like I really need anymore Heroica related notions running through my head without getting some of my existing ideas onto paper/screen/brick, but I digress—I ran across this Egyptian desert themed custom map, which is one of my favourite versions of this theme I've found so far. The size is comparable to most of the official sets, and the design adheres well to the LEGO minimalist Heroica aesthetic, something I've been having issues with lately working on my own custom Seldaan Village map sections. The rules also blend well with the stock ruleset, although there's a part of me that wants something a little more interesting from the traps, both rules wise and design wise.

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Hmm, interesting. I could see the cobra here being a lot more Heroica friendly than the large Ninjago snakes for use as a giant snake monster. May have to see about picking up a few copies of this guy for just that purpose…

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Via +The Brothers Brick

This brick built raven look like it would make a pretty good Roc ( or other large avian giant monster. Part of me wants to modify the head a bit to have distinct eyes of some sort, but that may be a bit tricky at this scale considering the other parts involved. The fact that the wings can be posed either at rest or in flight though is a bit of genius design.

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So I'm starting to get back some of the motivation needed to actually post some more of my custom rules and other digressive ramblings, but I haven't quite made the time yet to clear off my photo bench. In the meantime, I found an interesting four part discussion on an overall framework for changes written by someone who overthinks Heroica almost as much as I do.
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