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Transcription blog post.

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Transcription: death by sitting ?
I know the title sounds a bit dramatic, but there are serious health risks associated with inactivity and in particular sitting
down for long periods of time. Of course, being in the transcription profession, sitting down for long periods of time is what us...

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Taking the plunge to Windows 10
I was a bit concerned about upgrading to Windows 10 in case some or all of my software that I use for providing transcription services wouldn't work anymore.  However, I did want to upgrade to Windows 10 before the free time period expired... obviously free...

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This is great for quickly noting things down! 
I wanted an app for taking basic textual notes that I would actually want to use during a conversation, so I made it! 

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Transcription Services: 3 key ways to get clients
On occasion I am asked for my advice on how to get clients by people starting a transcription services business and transcribers that need to boost their client base.  I can only speak from my own experience of setting up and running King Audio Transcriptio...

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Emergency chocolate craving satisfied by this innocent bunny at the transcription hub of King Audio Transcription & Typing Services. 😜 Have a great long weekend 😊

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Interview recordings: iPhone / smartphone - potential problems
Many people who
are studying for a Masters or PhD degree at some point need to conduct
interviews as part of their research thesis or dissertation. This can be a
daunting prospect, especially when thinking about what equipment to use to record
the interview...

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How to format copy time function in ExpressScribe transcription
When using the copy time Hot Key function in ExpressScribe it is easy to format how the time appears in your transcript in the following way.  In the ExpressScribe interface click Options > display As you can  see in the image, under the Time Format section...
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