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The full review video of the new KINGZONE S20 Smartphone.

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KINGZONE Group's Brand——PANCO,Global Sources Mobile Electronics Fair live report.
We are waiting for you here: Asia World-Expo, Hong Kong, Hall 7, 7S02
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2017 KINGZONE Global Sources Show Waiting For You!

Global Sources Mobile Electronics Fair will be on April 18 to 21, 2017, held in Hong Kong. KINGZONE will be invited to attend this as scheduled.Mobile Electronics, each year attracts numerous phone makers and buyers and tech enthusiasts from around the world. This year is no exception and many Chinese brands including KINGZONE are already getting their stalls ready.

KINGZONE have already booked their stand that will be located at the AsiaWorld Expo Hall 7 Booth 7S02, and their current product lines will be present at the show too, such as dual camera smartphone, 6.0-inch Max series, and 4.5-inch Mini series. As a smartphone manufacturer which integrates in R&D, production and sale, KINGZONE will bring the brand products to the show.

KINGZONE wins a good reputation with its stable performance, friendly experience and superior services. In the meanwhile, KINGZONE pays attention to the technological revolution and the change of customers’ demand, and develops new products constantly. KINGZONE will launch a series of competitive 3G, 4G smart products to overseas customers on this show.

• Date: April 18th to April 21st, 2017
• Booth: Hall 7, 7S02
• Address: Asia World-Expo, Hong Kong
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KINGZONE S3-review video-Touch fingerprint identification

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Evaluation of an ultra-thin shock-proof durable smartphone- KINGZONE S3

Today, KINGZONE releases a new ultra-thin shock-proof durable smartphone- KINGZONE S3. As we know, KINGZONE S3 is equipped with toughened 2.5D Arc-screen, optimize the design of the phone structure and strengthen it with the metal framework to improve the shock-proof ability greatly. Additionally, with 16GB big memory match to 0.2s fast fingerprint unlock system, KINGZONE S3 has obvious advantages on its price——US$64.99 Now, let me show you how attractive KINGZONE S3 is! As the following.

Evaluation of KINGZONE S3 1. Features: Super shock-proof durable smartphone, 0.2s fast fingerprint unlock system, 16 GB big memory;
2. Positioning: ultra-high cost-performance;
3. Target consumers: the persons who pursue utility;
4. Price: The price shows on the official website is US$64.99, Aliexpress will have a great promoting preferential price in March.

The appearance of KINGZONE S3: 2.5D Arc-screen, all-alloy framework, polyethylene material back cover, fingerprint-based unlock system.

On its design, KINGZONE S3 is equipped with 2.5D Arc-screen on the front size, in the meanwhile, the engineers strengthen the 2.5D Arc-screen to achieve the super shock-proof effect. For the framework, KINGZONE S3 adopts full metal design combine with CNC technology, let the whole mobile phone looks layering, its science and technology feeling is particularly effective, too.

Another point is worth mentioning that KINGZONE S3 is added a 0.2 second fingerprint to unlock button in the middle of back side, users can finish much operation through fingerprints, such as, unlocking the screen quickly, answering the phone, unlockapplications, switching to next song and so on, the convenient fingerprint system make the mobile operating more humanization. The perfect specification of KINGZONE S3: 5.0 inch mainstream screen size, 2600mAh polymer battery, 1+16GB big memory, 5MP+8MP cameras.

5.0 inch mainstream screen combines with the 2.5D Arc-screen on KINGZONE S3, so that it is so beautiful, concise, fashionable and full of intense design feeling.

In order to create a good experience, KINGZONE S3 is equipped with 2600mAh large commercial lithium-ion batteries, 16GB big memory, SONY 8MP HD rear camera and 5MP front camera. What’s more, KINGZONE S3 adds more functions on its cameras, such as voice photographing, gesture photographing and so on, also has different modes like skin-beautifying and HDR. Evaluation of KINGZONE S3: Concise and fashionable KINGZONE 2.1 OS

KINGZONE S3 matches with KINGZONE 2.1 OS, which is optimized base on Android 6.0, its interface is very simple and clean, there are 48 different languages for choosing, so simple and useful. KINGZONE S3 colorful back cover: many colors for choosing, just follow your heart.

What I am most interested in is the differences of the phones. In the “phone ocean”, it is not an easy thing to make any differences between phones, even the difference of colors. So colorful back covers will be a good choice for consumers. KINGZONE S3 has five different colors: yellow, black, blue, rose gold and champagne gold, you can choose your favorite color easily. It will be good if we can get several back covers in different colors for free. Haha, I am dreaming... Summary for the evaluation of KINGZONE S3 and my opinions.

As a smartphones brand manufacturer who concentrated on high quality in the last decade, KINGZONE products always have unique interpretation on their appearance design. Just like KINGZONE S3, on its appearance design, you can see its beauty and have a good hand feeling from its metal framework. The 5.0 inch mainstream screen and 0.2s fast fingerprint unlock system enhance its position from competitors in the same price. The most distinctive feature—— shock-proof and break-resistant, it can reduce our fear when the phones fall down. So it will be the first choice of the users who pursue high cost-performance. If you like this phone, you can visit Aliexpress to know more about it or you can visit the official website of KINGZONE (
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Display Photos of the Ultra-thin, Shock-proof of Mobile Phone —— KINGZONE S3

Established in 2005, KINGZONE has been professional in development of middle and high-end smart phone. It has broadly accepted by consumers based on the product concept of “Stylish ID, Exquisite Technology, Accurate Selling Point and High Quality”. Recently, KINGZONE launches the new product KINGZONE S3, which is highlighted with slimness ,high cost-efficiency, powerful durability and shocked-proof. Let’s enjoy the delicate photos of KINGZONE S3.

Concise and elegant front side, no lack of fashion!

All-alloy middle frame, trendy hollowing technology, you can feel that the layering, science and technology feeling is particularly effective.

0.2s fingerprint-based back unlock system, fast and user-friendly!

The back cover is made of polyethylene material, it will be more durable.

More colors for optional
KINGZONE S3 adopts 5.0″ HD screen, equipped with powerful and ultra-thin metal framework expressing strong sense of individual character. Its back cover is based on polyethylene which is durable material. It adopts 1.3GHz Quad-core chipset, front camera of 5MP and rear camera of 8MP are both SONY camera. It is supported by business style battery with capacity of 2600mAh and there are five colors you can choose. The official retail price is $ 64.99, which also can support the experience of 0.2s fingerprint-based unlock system. In my opinion, this is a high cost performance machine compared to other phones with the same configuration. It is said that KINGZONE will give more welfare policies during pre-sale period. The KINGZONE fans from oversea and those who pursue high cost performance will be benefited a lot this time. Let me tell you more about the welfare after I receive new product S3.

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The slimmest shock-proof smartphone,with outstanding effect,KINGZONE S3 smartphone review video

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Kingzone Z1 Plus smartphone review video,MT6753 1.3GHz OCTA-CORE 4G LTE,16GB ROM storage,2GB RAM.

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2016 Happy New Year. In order to meet the new year ,follow our official account,forward, comment on this information, @ three friends,we will be randomly selected 3 friends to send KINGZONE N5.

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2015 KINGZONE has made great progress. Total sales exceeded two million mark. N5 sales exceeded 500 thousand units. K2 sales exceeded 100 thousand units. To thank you for your support,we will be randomly selected friends to send K2 and N5. You just need to follow our official account,forward, comment on this information, @ two friends. Surprise will come to you!
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