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Awesome Charleston Wedding by Charleston Wedding Photographers © King Street Studios!
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Perfect. Just beautiful!! Even the music could not be more appropriate.
Spectacular video love this service!
Another great one! And good music. :)
The best made wedding video I ever saw! Very professional and artistic!
That's the lifetime experience, elegant and glamorous. Well done.
Just excellent, production, for a loving couple
Just jumping jubilant...JOY FULL  .very well done....Thank you for inviting us all    Congrats on not only capturing the moment but exuding it..
Great photos. Transitions were a little too quick and often for my taste.
what a beautiful couple! Great pictures and nice video :)
Leia D
Jeez, i really love your work . Keep them coming. =)
Congratulations to Caroline & Ryan:) Nice video!
Really like it! Very nice shots, nice music! Beautiful couple! Many happy years to them and much success to you guys!
Great photography, great music, great use of Animoto. Really tells the whole story beautifully in under 4 minutes.
What a great memory for the bride and groom and generations to follow.
Beautiful shots - I love the emotions captured! The music fit perfectly with the mood of the wedding/reception.
Incredibly creative wedding photos composed in a youtube video with great music, action, love and a real wedding story! Yes, it really attracted our attention! 
Great compilation and music is a perfect match
nicely done Todd. like the Bruno Mars track
Wow!  great video, very exciting!
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