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The holiday season is approaching, and here are Garbage Disposal tips for you to follow this Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.

Using Your Garbage Disposal Properly

The holiday season is upon us with great food, friends, and family. Great parties and getting together to enjoy holiday feasts. During the holidays, people use the garbage disposal to scrape turkey dinner scraps and other food off their plate and into the sink drain. Overloading your disposal with food particles should be avoided. Incorrect use can lead to garbage disposal damage, backed up drains, pipe leaks and disaster.

Rules for Garbage Disposal Use

You can avoid garbage disposal problems by following a few simple rules.

1. Always run cold water when using your diposal. When food waste into the sink drain, make sure to run water a few seconds before and after using to make sure you successfully get all of the food debris through the drainage system.

2. Do not put these food items into the garbage disposal. Chicken bones, coffee grinds, egg shells,cooking grease and lard. These foods can clog the drain or damage the disposal’s blades and cause a backup.

3. Clean, sharpen blades, and maintain your garbage disposal by running ice cubes through the system. This will scour the walls clean, sharpen the blades, and helps get rid of bad odors. Also, running a little bit of salt and dish soap down with the ice can also help clean the disposal. Cleaning and maintaining your disposal will keep you problem free in the future. If you end up experiencing clogs, leaks, strange sounds, or other damage problems call your local plumber immediately.

Garbage Disposal Tips

If you do experience garbage disposal trouble, call the Garbage Diposal King – King Rooter & Plumbing. Trying to repair the broken garbage disposal or clogged drain yourself could lead to further damage that will leave your sink broke and out of commission longer.


Call King Rooter & Plumbing or submit a request online for any of your garbage disposal plumbing, drain, or sewer repair needs, or to receive more information. Call to compare our rates, fast scheduling, and quality of service.

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Fall is upon us and the trees are settling in for the winter. This is a great time to do preventative maintenance in your home, and have your main sewer line cleaned. Cleaning your sewer pipes will prevent any sewer clogs or back ups during the winter time. Trees are looking for a source of water during the harsh Colorado winters, and one water source for trees is the sewer line that goes from your house to the city main. Roots getting into your pipes can clog your sewer line.

Here are some signs that you possibly need sewer or drain line maintenance.

Sign 1: Having gurgling sounds when flushing your toilet is a sign that the mainline is near a back up event.

Sign 2: Slow drains in your sinks, showers, and bathtubs can indicate a possible potential backup.

Sign 3: Having bad odors coming from sinks, toilets, and drains.

Sign 4: Finding water around the floor drain or in the shower that has dirt and debris around it means your pipes need immediate attention.

Cracked or broke sewer lines are other problems that can occur from not maintaining your sewer pipes. Roots seeking water will find any small cracks and grow into the pipe causing damage to your sewer line. Once roots get into the pipe, they grow, expand and press your pipe apart. Cleaning out any root growth is one good reason to have your sewer line properly maintained and cleaned in the fall and spring every year.

Sewer back ups and flooding of your property are potential problems. Nobody wants their sewer line backing up into their yard or inside the home. This can happen when your sewer is not properly maintained.


There are a few methods of drain and sewer line cleaning. The type used depends on the nature of the clogging problem.

Cabling: We use a standard cable which cuts the roots out and cleans the pipe.

Root-X: Root-X is a rooter killer. After tree roots are cut out, Root-X is used to help kill off any existing roots.

Hydro Jetting: Hydro Jetting the line in conjunction with a root cutter is a very thorough cleaning to remove any tough to remove roots or debris.

King Rooter & Plumbing recommends that you have you sewer line inspected and maintained on a regular basis. We also perform sewer camera inspections to determine what is clogging the pipe, and to make sure that there is no damage done to the line from roots being removed.

How to Take the Chill Out!

What should you do if a water pipe freezes?

You should make sure it never happens again! When the water freezes, it tries to expand inside the pipe. It pushes against the sides of the pipe, as well as any nearby valves, seams and faucets. The freezing action of the water is more than capable of rupturing any pipe.

Unfortunately, a water pipe may freeze even if you have taken precautions. Perhaps you lost electrical power for several hours, the temperature inside your house fell and the pipes froze. Or maybe you left on vacation, turned down the heat and weren't expecting an early blizzard. Or perhaps your heat tape quit working, and you didn't find out until you discovered none of the faucets worked.

Whatever the cause, it's important that you thaw out your pipe for two reasons:

1. You almost certainly need the water.
2. You should be at home when the pipe thaws, just in case the pipe and/or joint is ruptured.

Bear in mind that a frozen pipe doesn't leak - the water is ice. You'll discover you have a leak only after the ice melts. If you're not home, a ruptured pipe can cause a great deal of damage.

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