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Anyone who plays, or wants to play Planetside 2 on PS4 can join The Crimson Order, a military outfit for the elite! We will fight to stop the rebel threat and regain control. Join The Crimson Order today!
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What? Retiring?! #pittsburghsteelers  better find a good replacement because this, this isnt gonna work.
He let off millions of dollars for "other interests", i hope he is having fun, cause i'm not.
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Lupe's new album just dropped! Tetsuo & Youth
This is one of the best in my opinion. If you havent heard it yet, go catch it now at your choice retailer. No more than $30
If you dont know Lupe Fiasco, go check him out now along with this album. 
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How Santa Works
For all of those Santa Non-believers, here is full proof fact about how Santa makes it around the world in one night.

No, not my information although I did think about alot of this before researching it. I guess great minds DO think alike. :)
Santa\'s journey around the world takes some amazing technology in order for him to make it around the world in one night. Learn about Santa\'s journey.
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lol XD
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You can say the Pittsburgh vs. Browns game was a...Kick in the face!
Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown should stick to football – his hurdling skills leave much to be desired.
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This is sadly true
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Yes, all american muscle cars. They are more like sports cars now (sadly. I really love the classic muscle cars) but nonetheless, they are still great. Ford, Dodge, and Chevrolet have got their new 2015 cars out and the best of each are shown here. Take a peek and see how much muscle you can handle. 
In my opinion (and it is also a fact) Ford has the #1 best out of the three. I have been in love with mustangs since i was little and they are still the King of the Streets.
When Ford, Chevy, and Dodge get together, consider it 'Murica-on'Murica violence. Find out the winner and see photos at Car and Driver.
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Playstation Turns 20 - IGN News:
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+Brian Orton I admire what you are trying to say, but your grammar hurts my eyes...
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Happy Veterans day!

Richard Overton is currently the oldest living veteran in the United States. He begin his day with whiskey in his coffee, he smokes cigars (though he does not swallow the smoke), drives his old Ford Truck and Chevy Monte Carlo transporting widows to church, and he still does yard work.
Heres the kicker, he is 108 years old.

Read more at the following link 
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Wow And a very happy birthday to you my dear friend
God Bless
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Nice! Destiny sold more day 1 copies than now Destiny is number 1 while GTA is number 2 on the list!

Play Xbox in a WEB BROWSER? - Inside Gaming Daily:
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Destiny was available on last gen and current gen (Which has no new games coming out) its logical.
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I like the v10 better but an Audi R8 is still and Audi R8.
Audi R8 V10 V8 as tested by Top Gear 
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