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Its been a min for me lol I was told this is accurate ...Well #ladies it 😏 #Women make #men #BELIKE #WTH 
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+María A I will let you know if I come thru
I decided along time ago I was not gonna blame ppl for them being who they are ......I decided to blame myself for me allowing them to take up space in my life with negativity. See one of the many blessings I have today is the peace of not being mad sad or confused about anyone. I don't have negative people in my life so I don't have negative experiences complain about that will take time away of me being positive. Also I try to see the good in everything. A negative outlook will produce a negative life and in turn bring more negativity around. That's why about 80% of my post are #encouragement ..Speak Well of others speak positive about yourself. #Truth #Life #Wisdom #KingDeandresmith #KDAS714 
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Ppl Love playing the victim always want you to be so caught up on what's going on with them ....Not for once considering there are millions of other ppl who would appreciate you time effort and energy......Sometimes life gives you a test you didn't study for and if you have ppl who support you value them b4 you end up watching them support somebody else....#Lifelesson #KINGDEANDRESMITH #KDAS714 
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+Boss Lady Moon true indeed...LOL 😂😂😂😂
Told yall I am not holding back anymore...PSA I Believe the the marriage bed is not defiled. So to all the women who want to behave like little girls and play games and lie and say you don't do this KICK ROCKS It's 2015 you will mess around a lose your dude...I done told yall dude's Not just me MEN LOVE Straight up woman. No man is looking for another problem to solve or any more hoops to jump thru....oh yeah how they kill all these black dude's....ladies in about few years it's gonna be a problem if ANYBODY HAS SOMEBODY TREAT THEM RIGHT.....Cause you gonna find Lust quicker than Love......#Goodnight and you Tellem #Draya #KINGDEANDRESMITH #Kdas714 
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+Nia Minor good gurl 😏👏
(PSA)So REAL QUICK LIKE I SEE I HAVE A BUNCH OF NEW FOLLOWERS ...That may have added me because they think I am just all Super religious let's be clear I'm not religious I'm spiritual there's a big difference just because I believe in God don't mean I won't cuss yo ass out don't mean I won't put you in your place don't me I'm finna be Ned Flanders and let you say whatever you want to say when you find out that I'm not as deep as you thought I should be. I said it before so I'll say it again I'm going to flirt with who I want to flirt with I'm going to call baby I want to call baby I'm going to be friends with who I want to be friends with I'm going to post what I want to post and I'm not finna go back and forth arguing with somebody on some internet gangsta stuff I'm just simply go delete you block you and appreciate the fact that you no longer bringing negativity in my life That being said Good luck IN LIFE .#THATMOMENTWHENPPLNEED2BCHECK #WHENPPLTHINKTHEYKNOWYOU
#Friendzoneaintalwayswhatyouthink #Suckas #Newpeople #dumpfunny #shenotyourgirl #low-key #wejustfriends #KDAS714 #KINGDEANDRESMITH 
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The HolySpirit can not Stay where there is no #PEACE ....GET YOUR PEACE BACK.....Sidebar...I miss my son ..But I will call him today #kdas714 #KingDeandresmith 
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#thatmomentwhen she ain't trying to hear it no mo #lol #chicks #BELIKE 😠😠😤😤😡😡👿👿😂😂 #Funny 
Bet you won't ask no mo huh ..#BELIKE #Funny #LOL #FOOD #greedy #girlfriendsbelike #shemad 
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+MsCosmicstar elder I bet she think twice....but if it's good then it's good 
#tbt ..I posted it 4 years ago but this was my mother and myself waiting to go to church on Easter. That house had so many memories I think I was 4 or 5 .....#me little DEON #throwbackthursday #80s #eastersuit #KingDeandresmith #kdas714 
It's been a min since I have done the whole #wcw so hear you go Ms Marleny ....I not afraid to admit I am in my flesh now ....she couldn't stand in front of me and I not try .....Sidebar don't like what I posts KICK ROCKS But deep down you know she Hella bad .......I am a face man butt when a women has the whole package BONUS...I Bet my #womancrushwednesday look better than yours....and if you waiting on the spiritual post from me well [GOD THANK YOU FOR MAKING SO MANY BEAUTIFUL WOMEN ON THIS BEAUTIFUL EARTH AND THANK YOU THAT I HAVE EYES AND THE GIFT OF SIGHT TO ENJOY LOOKING AT THEM...... #appreciation #gorgeous #crush #beautiful #thick #mytype #KINGDEANDRESMITH #KDAS714 
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Lol... ♥
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So no lie ...right um going in to Wal-Mart to go get me a big boy sprite and as I am walking in I hear [HEY RED SHIRT, So turn around and it some chick in a car on the passenger side. So I keep it playa and say hey how You doing...then she says what kind of Cologne you have on .... I am like OH SHIT Cause she big as Hell....NOW LOOK I LIKE Women I PROMISE I DO... I tell yall all the time I am a Face man ...BUT YOU CANT BE LOOKING LIKE A LINEBACKER....HELL NAW MAN ...SO I told her I don't have none on and got the he'll on quick....then while in WAL MART I caught this Muslim chick staring at me she had one of those head wrap things....I just smiled and kept walking But in my mind I was like [KEEP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT AND I'M GONNA HAVE YOU SCREAMING JESUS LOL 😜 #Truestory #myday #funny #walmart 
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Yep "WE" lol
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