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ok Australia... I found several of these on the beach in Melbourne today. WHAT IS THIS? (hand there for scale)

note: it is COMPLETELY clear. and the consistency of jello.
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I don't even know. But if it attaches itself to your brain stem and takes control of your mind, it better not mess with the singing part of your brain or we're gonna fight.
I think this is Sea cucumbers...
i think, that is jelly fish, right?
Luan Lam
Transparent seaslug? Ah, well... You're making a nice creature for April Fool! :D
maybe...The little boy, she's dropped jaelrireul
it's a kind of jelly fish, don't step on them
Get a ball, throw it at it, and yell "WHATEVER YOU ARE, I CHOOSE YOU!". Maybe it's a Pokemon.
ヾ(。;゜▽゜)ノOh!it is my tooth! thank you!
aha! thanks for the answers everyone. apparently is a conical sand snail egg sac? crazy.
O.o seriously wth is that
it's earthworm shit
@Kina, are you sure it's not a mouth-guard? What is that?
Maybe a rolled up jelly fish??? ewww mental picture :)
It...throughout and I don't know...I was scary
They show up often on the beach in Coronado, Ca too!
That looks like the thing from X-Men. Where the Guy was turning into water
it is called JONK in india,, keep away from it, otherwise it will suck your
as i know if you touch that kind of thing its very itchy and if you scratch it your skin will turn red ... dont touch it.
I think it must be a jelly fish,I wouldn't touch it just in case!
Don't touch! I heard there is One kind of Jellyfish in Austraila that will kill you in minutes! Seriously!
I think its some kind of ameba!
+Antonio Gimbernat what's the name of it? Jellyfish? seems no eyes, no mouth...
i live in iran ,I have been seen in Iran
Terry M
we, aussies, call them jelly fish...but I think you are right in that it is a egg.....good to throw at people :)
maybe a jellyfish got slid or somebody cut it
what is this????????????????????
What actually is that thing??
+Kina Grannis what a shame i just found out from +Cam Meadows that you are in Melbourne as we had #thewalkdownunder for +Google Australia today in Melbourne and would of love for you to be a part of our Photo Walk.
I hope that your having a Great time Down Under
They are totally harmless... pick them up and throw them back into the sea. They are not jelly fish.
when i was a kid we called them shark shit and throw them at friends they are harmless jellyfish
Rose T
+Anthony Vandewerdt is correct, it's harmless and you can pick them up, but it's squishy and yukky to tread upon.. lol So let the tide take them back to where they came from. :) and welcome to Melbourne +Kina Grannis .. and a shame we missed you today on #thewalkdownunder
Wow... And eww and gross, and disgusting, and, and... Interesting!
monswaster?! sooo interesting...
hiiiiii this is victor have a greatday
I'm not saying it's Aliens, but... It's Aliens !
its a Sea Gooseberry, or Pleurobrachia pileus, type of jellyfish (:
its pieces of jellyfish :)
It's juvenile sea cucumber I think..we called it "gamat" in Malaysia..
never seen nythg of dis luks interesting ^_^
shri D
I think this is simple water drop on sand..
dont wast tme... its now almost 4 hrs now.. :) we all r investing the same.. called specialist
take a couple of it and carry to some sea biologist..
omg... whos jobless enough to "+1" the first 100 or smthin comments!?
shri D
ok thks ..Julie Simmons Collins .. u r answer shows confidence ..
it looks cute.i wud lyk to placed it in my fish tank..
I've seen square shaped ones in florida on the beach. They are little jelly fish.
u were in melbourne today! what? i could've seen you!!!
Nav H.
jellyfish. my casting net is always full of jelly like this. at night when you touch the jelly, it lights up green.
the organisms that live inside shells..very sure..
I LIVED IN MELB FOR 10 years, and I still don't know what it is.
any leaving organism cannot be transperent...
Not sure what it is but it looks very cool
shri D
humm kina lets take this refreshment for u ::)))))
one day young boy bandu drunk heavily and
come to home..
he want to hide this fact from his parent so
he keep quite and open his laptop and sit quietly.
after some time his dad come and says to bandu directly..
"Bandu u have drunk again...???????"
Bandu says" NO dad .. really i did not drunk..."..
dad get angry and say...
"heiiii, then why u have open my suitcase in front of u..."

well you see I've been eating nothing but clear gelatin...
Whatever it is, leave it alone. See no evil, hear no evil. LOL.
may be leech...:P :P
Mr T
yep, they great on a sandwich
Ah call that weird we have glowing lobsters in the Irish sea from all the nuclear waste and chemical weapons dumped in no seriously no joke
Asad Md
its a new gel from AXE lol
sausage jellies
One of the common sights on our beaches at this time often confuses people. I’m talking about the sausage-shaped masses of jelly that wash ashore.

Rather than being stranded sea jellies (some people still call them jelly fish) these are egg masses laid by predatory snails that live in the sand.Other sand snails lay thin, leathery egg masses that look like a collar made of sand.

The sausage jellies are produced by either the Conical Sand Snail Polinices conicus or the Sordid Sand Snail Polinices sordidus while sand collars are produced by either the Common Sand Snail Polinices didymus or the Zoned Sand Snail Sinum zonale.
Turdus translucis - Australian Translucent sea-turd...
You don't want to know what it is. Do you want to know why?
hahaha! I love it how something so common to us (melbournians) can be interesting to someone else :)
this is transprent jelly..
It's a clump of hair gel some femme bloke dropped when re-primping his hair having mussed it up "swimming" in the sea!
iv been wondering the same thing all my life and I live in Australia @_@
maybe it's from a "sperm whale"....[do not touch]
Brainslugs. Put them into right ear or we will have to kill you.
thats really cool i wounder what it is?
looks like a jelly worm a new an undiscovered species. You should keep it and take it to a local university. Darran might be right it could be a jelly fish paddie........thanks for posting
A type of jellyfish, many people call these jelly blubbers
i think it's a sea cucumber, we often call it "teripang" in Indonesia. some people said that it's so delicious
I seen somthing just like that but instead it was in a cicular shape. I thought it would be a dead part of a jellyfish
Its a dead jellyfish u can find hundreds at the shore.
Don't worry they don't sting 
I see these all the time they are moon jellies 
a baby jelly fish see those all the time
hi dost
LOL. I'm from Melbourne Australia. Jelly fish. Good for fights when throwing sand is banned.
its a invisible jelly fish i play wit those when im at the da beach!
what is this?
its very bad :(
Khuda B N jne kaise -2 rishte bna dete h
kb kisse kahan N jane kaise mila dete h
jinko hm kbhi jante B nhi the unko hi sbse pyara dost Bna dete h.
Yuck. In Hobart there are MILLIONS. But otherwise, no clue. Add me plz!
Khuda B N jne kaise -2 rishte bna dete h
kb kisse kahan N jane kaise mila dete h
jinko hm kbhi jante B nhi the unko hi sbse pyara dost Bna dete h.
We found one on Pensacola beach last Sunday - Gulf of Mexico
Its a harmless dead jellyfish. Pick it up and squeeze it
Enjoy the revitalising smooth cool feeling as it fullfills your skins thirst as you gently rub it on deminishing the harmfull rays.
i think it is a advertisment to get people talking
don't touch it might sting you..... but what do i know thats just what i think it is
Your Melbourne beach experience won't be complete until you've stepped on one of those and had it ooze out between your toes. It's squishy goodness. Don't worry, it is harmless.
Omg its snail eggs. Special people. if you read the comments and seen that somebody had actually did the research and follow the link you would know what it is.
I've seen them on a beach close to Melbourne. I think they're kind of a jellyfish, but they are completely harmless. We used to throw them at each other screwing around and such...
It's.....a......Jellyfish tentacle........So Do NOT Touch it!
someone’s shit?
Cari S.
they look simalair to the jellyfish we saw in fl
No clue what it is,but it sure is strange looking
As it's in Australia, there's a good chance that it can kill you ;) Beyond that, I dunno.
jt js a jelly fish,very common on clean sandy beaches, welcome to australia
It looked to me like a reaching out to one another with no harm in mind! I like it!
wouldnt try to even think lol
It looks to me like a (dead) jellyfish without its membrane... when I lived in the panhandle of Florida, we'd have several of these wash up on shore after a vicious storm.
Bet it's just a wierd shaped ice cube
it looks like one of those clear unharmfull jellyfish
It is a phenomenon known as lazy water
Aren't they a type of Jellyfish? We had them on the beach in Pacifica, California, but they had a tinge of blue.
Yeah! Jellies, they get torn up in the surf and washed onto the beach in high tide. Not sure what kind that one is, in Northern California we see moon jellies that have very light sting so touching doesn't irritate. Australia has many varieties including box which really hurt, be careful :)
Nope, just a dead jellyfish and nothing more.
I believe it is a baby jellyfish. No joke.
It's a moon jellyfish. They have little stings on the bottom of the bell, but are almost completely harmless. 
Clear jello a 2 year old droped
Only one way to find out ... POKE IT !!
Science champion me part jelly fish;)
What +Lynn Tieu said :))
Here are some more choice references:
(1) >> As a child, I used to love standing on the jellyfish washed up onto the beach and feeling them squelch through my toes. You know the jellyfish- those clear, crescent shaped wobbly jelly shapes.
(2) >> They are the egg sacs of predatory sand snails, either the conical sand snail (Polinices conicus) or the moon snail (Polinices sordidus), both of which are common to this area. Each sac contains thousands of eggs, which are visible if you look closely. They begin washing up on beaches from November and can be found as late as March. The snails are only a quarter of the size of their egg sacs, which are produced under incredible pressure inside the snail's shell and then expelled in a single, explosive laying.
-- Cheers :))
Me encanta q le das un toque especial a cosas q nosotros vemos tan sencillas,,me gusta tu forma de ver el mundo,,,
snail eggs... I have seen them on the beaches in Southern California
Mmmm Maybe it is.............
An animals home or something but you keep on finding it thow right?
:||: parellal deep sea shit |rising.| from where the living animals are clear,to excuse pressure.
I think that it's some type of jellyfish. I saw them when I went to North Carolina last year
Heyy guyss. These are conical sand snail egg sacks. You can check them out by googling conical sand snail eggs (google images)
it may also be leaden snail eggs :)
its a jelly fish but if its a red or pink color its still alive but if its clear its dead
maybe a piece of a jellyfish idk
Plz post comment if u find the name of this....really looking gud!!!
drum roll pls..... this is the 500th comment!!!
WHAT IS THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
whatever it is, it doesn't seem to be alive
Lol... I've always jokingly called this 'shark poo' but I think if you look closely you can see specks of something contained within, I think these are a cluster of jellyfish eggs.
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