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yo Texas! I'm coming for you :) Austin, Houston & Dallas shows at the beginning of the US/Canada tour!

tickets & info:
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What not San Antonio/.....Come on now we likes ya too :)
Amazing all the way !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ehhhh.... sounds fake.... like auto tuned or something....
You are one of my #1's ." When you got it flaunt It"!
I loved this, your voice is angelic hope to I'll be looking for more of your videos thanks for sharing
how do you get your bangs like that?! <3
guao que linda vos y cancion y la muchacha sabe cantar me gusta la cancion y su vos
Great Song. It don't like Taylor Swift but you should become a super star.
Fix Ho
Please tell me the way how to sing as U :]
amazing voice ... & beautiful smile
thx 4d vid
you so hotttttttt babe....
Your voice is so amazing. I like this version more than the original. Go Kina!!!
yea my mind was blown ryt out the it was gud...
ey, this is my first time hearing your music and i like. certainly blown away!*
im so jeliouse... i wish i could sing like that!!!:)
I think you or doing a grat no amazing thing her for the BIG C one of my familly membs daed of it.
no se ni lo que estas cantando pero igual te bes bonita como estas
Thanks is good, very touching song
Why did Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars sing this? You sing it so much better
wow so good i´m in shock you sing so beautifull¡'¡
you have a drummer? i am a drummer¡' ;)
Regarding your healthy mission may I suggest to you and your fans to check out the sites. Life Kraze and Fitocracy? They are both good choices to keep people motivated on making their good and positve choices.
ill definitely going to see u in concert!
hi i am shoaib pliz add me your frind
omg stop being so mean to her i bet u have dreams! SO BE NICE!
You have an amazing voice you should post some modern gospel music to draw more people to Christ.
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