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Hello my Google+ friends! I'll be doing my very first G+ Hangout this Friday at 6PM PST! I'll be playing a couple songs, answering questions, and filling you in on everything that's been going on. Come say hi!

<3 Kina
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did you write something on the back of your hand?
share experiences and answer my questions, if you could?
minh thich cach trang diem cua ban
no rat hop voi ban do
Sounds like this is going to be a good hangout
I love youuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 You are beutiful!
Andy He
You are beutiful!
nice song and beautiful girl
where are you from?I want to make friend with you!you ok?
le rosy
I'm from VN, and u?
Im set to learn english.I write not good can edit watches as misspelled are not
Is there some words in you hand?
My vocabulary is understood less.i listen to a brief but accurate identification is the word that I'm not sure
Nice!! I'm from Mexico!! but I'll be looking forward for your hangout. It'll be a good and funny opportunity to practice my English :) good night!
you are very pretty and beautiful voice .... I want to be a friend near you
Kina.....whether I should share the experience with you? where you come from?
oh.looks like you are learning to speak English
ur voice is very sweet.
Hope I can make it! If not I'll see you in Ann Arbor! =)
Rick TheDarkness - why my voice is very sweet? I DO NOT SAY TO YOU! :p
Have fun! I am thinking of doing one this weekend as well. I tried last week and got confused! It looks like a blast! Just be you! :-)
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i'll try to catch ur hangout miss
hope ur hangout will be a great fun
o nice what r u doing my 4rnd
kina I do hope i can be there at 6:00pm
I'm Sure You Did This For Networking and for people to enjoy,not for people to try to marry you,lol (pathetic) but down to business,will any of those songs be yours?and what shall we expect to do?and if I can't make it due to my schedule is there going to be another group session?if so when?...
Hey Kina ur Fans love u ...................... and they always in a que of Fan List .......................
your very hot and i would like to meet you and you have a nice smial and i cant spell that good so please dont lath.
BRAVO KG! A... `Je ne sais quoi` of French creativity in your video `in your arms` I forward right away to my friends in Paris! I`m sure our Petits Confettis will love you!:-)
great listen all of you..
I like to posts random hits too! # oldies classic#R&B Sole&SlowJam#Mixtape#westcoast
nice pic.. And you r 2gread...but i am jocking.. hahahahahaha
Sounds like fun :) hopefully I make it in, I've never been in a hangout and it sounds like fun 
hai dear very niceeeeeeeeeeeeeee n cutie voice
Adam H.
is a new users of the google should not know many utilities of google Move again of your my will help me case
ko myo
hi, you are beautiful girl.
hi myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy friend.nice.................
Roy Cox
Sounds good to me,if u play as good as u look should be great!!
wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww , u r realy activ :d
just a "bit" late for europe :'( 3am or 4 I don't know,,
hi !
hi kina. how r u, i hope everything are oc.................
hiiiiiiii, have a good day!
Can't wait for the hangout. You have a beautiful voice!
Sounds great & like fun- C Ya there
great going so many comments.......hope these people turn up tooooo:P
Hi am new here and have added you to my page
hi i want to be your friend please add me & help me to know about yours.
I have no idea who you are. Do you like penguins?
it is realy nice that we meet here
I have 3 in one question. The one you say goodnight to, Valentine among others songs, drew inspiration in which to make them, my country Brazil when you come here, where you took so much beauty girl and sympathy?
i wud luv to hangout wid u fo real :P
I would like hearing your voice
My best friend Lavanya is like ur biggest fan!!!! Pls write to her it would mean a lot
+Jana Ross I m not a singer and know very little about music except listening it, what I m going to say is, the way you found your odds and still try to sing, that spirit is just awesome.. good luck.
cool should I bring my harmonica's
Hello Princess!
asked a question to God
I asked him what HE thought of you
And you know what HE said
For He did not say anything
HE only smiled
Well, not so much beauty had words before
A big kiss in your heart
+Kina Grannis See if you can snuggle up to someone at Google and get permission to do a Hangout on Air. That means an unlimited number of people can watch, plus the 9 others who get to participate. Otherwise you may end up with 9 of the people who always comment that you're hot but have nothing of substance to say.
đây là người nước nào vậy ta
In April 2011, Grannis launched her first world tour. She performed in the eastern regions of Canada, continuing down the eastern and southern regions of the United States. She continued in May through the northwest region of North America back up to British Columbia, and ending in Los Angeles. Shows in Europe and southeast Asia followed into the fall of 2011.
hi kina where are you from?
+Kina Grannis know you have fans in Brazil, I am one, I want to participate this hangout, at least to say hi to!!!
(+Kina Grannis saiba que você tem fãs no Brasil, eu sou um deles, quero participar desse hangout, para dizer pelo menos um oi)
Kina I am such a fan. I have watched your youtube videos for almost 2 years now! I'm a musical artist my self, just trying to get out there. Any advice? Oh and please come to SLC, Utah! I live in this boring old place and I'm sure you'd lighten it up!
Tran Cu
He mieng ho rang
OhMyGosh!!! I can join that!!! Love you!!!
Tran Cu
Moi ho rang lanh
yes she is great looking with nice voice the place you at,where is you too
it issssssssssss funny
Я ни хрена не понял что тут написано,а девушка симпатичная!
hi kina,this is ubaldo from brazil,in salvador,bahia, thankyou very much to send mail for me,you luck so nice
i talk to late.
hi kina grannis you ra very nice .most somting for a
S Reyna
what does that say? I think it said may the force be with u kina
I will look at ur video ok Want to jion Kina with me?
She is an awesome singer
I hope somebody can record this for later viewing.
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Hi Kina..I like the way you gave the kiss..nice voice keep going dear
Nic kina....hiii guyzzz wtsup...???
woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwww u r lookin so cute....nice pic!!!!i like it
woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwww u r lookin so cute....nice pic!!!!i like it
woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwww u r lookin so cute....nice pic!!!!i like it
woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwww u r lookin so cute....nice pic!!!!i like it
Hi I am here from Cambodia. How are you getting on ?
Hi I am here from Cambodia. How are you getting on ?
Hi I am here from Cambodia. How are you getting on ?
Hi I am here from Cambodia. How are you getting on ?
Your beautiful I'll be there!
Damn to bad i didnt see this earlier to get in da hangout
based on the comments others have done,it sounds like hangout is an entairtainment prog.isnt it?sorry im not familiar wiyh it coz im here in the Phil.tnx by the way for the post in my account..God bless u Ms Kina..
When is the next one? Lol
Love In Your Arms. Really nice. Congratulations.
love in your arms.really nice.
My contact. Number. Is 8797438036 please contact me
hi how aer you to day nice to meet nice day god lock
hi i m from india . how are you getting on?
hey ... nice to look your photo .

good ..
Hay Baby may you do me firend y/n y to give me youq name
Hey i wish i could go but im in New Zealand so ill just say hey and nice to meet you KIna and ill pop in from time to time bye Kina.
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