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if you missed it--here's the new official music video for my song "without me"!! enjoy and spread the love <3

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nice song..1st time hear this song n i really love your voice...
this is amazing!!!!
you always do the most creative things for your music videos!!! They arent just you singing, they have a meaning and artistry.
and your voice always makes it better!!
lol I just watched this yesterday! I really like the vid!
Tim Lee
Without me...  Love
没有我 no love
余振 you typed a double negative which means you like the song XD
wow this song is beautiful :)
Great voice! Pretty Kina! Love the MV concept:)
Cool concept -- but I couldn't stop thinking of Dexter/blood splatter trails from all the yarn stretched across the room. Heh
Very creative! I feel like this took a lot of time to make..
Love the simple complexity (if that makes sense) of this video. All those newspaper artciles must've been a pain!
A man in china individuals concerned about you.
good voice 我喜欢!
I love your music video and i like your voice by the way:)
Way te go ghurl......<3
always always always love your songs
i love it and yes a subscribed to it too
Who makes your videos?  Is most of the conception your ideas?
The sweetest of all of all  Lovely Kinda
i like ur song. by the way, your fine!
heeeeey.... not only fine, she's pretty and her voice too....LOL
just jk
This is one of my favorite songs on the Album.
great concept. Is this in any way an allusion to the "string of fate" belief? I saw a cool art installation about it, but I can't seem to find a link for it.
you a a gifted woman,keep on keeping on
O my G! I love it! Love the way all the news stories make up the lyrics to the song. <3
very very nice song;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; I love that;;;;;;;
Very good music. I love your music. Your voice is slightly husky, yet attractive. I just like your voice.
I feel like Kina Grannis and Katniss Everdeen have a conncetion! lol
Hey I have a lyrics I want to sell it Please help me  
I like you, who you think you Bytabm night invasion sleep Nmybrh
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