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yesterday I met an astronaut :)
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better that than an asteroid :-)
Oh great! Who was the astronaut have you met since last yesterday?
Cool. Although I think I would not do well in space.
good that you talked
DId he coming out a rocket in your pants?
where you met the astronaut?
Was her ass out of this world? I've used that one too. Hope you got the hook up bro. It's never worked for me.
I'm a astronaut.... Seriously, why would I lie about space?
Did he promise you the moon and the stars ?
great good for you, I want to know one.
because one is already conosco me but I do not see much
Astronaut or just someone with their head in the clouds. :P
I would like to meet Kina Grannis ;)
I subscribe 2 ur youtube channel also
And todat you'll be taking off. B-)
Do you like The Beatles? When did you meet an astronaut? What was the name of the astronaut?
tell me more! tell me more! does he have a car?
I thought they didn't have astronauts anymore...
They do Vi.....I have one in my circle.....and good for you Kina
Ron P K
i don't know who you are.. you're fading away
I feel that astronauts are not respected enough, so I'm glad to see you mention your meeting.
Dat Ha
hi, l'm 7 and I love jour songs. Raphael, France xxxxx
no you did not today i saw pigs fly
yeahhh watever stop acting coollll which ur not
i got to u r profile ., do u like indian folk song/classical., any i like u r profile ecpt tickets., we can share music if frds'
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