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yesterday I met an astronaut :)
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better that than an asteroid :-)
Oh great! Who was the astronaut have you met since last yesterday?
Cool. Although I think I would not do well in space.
good that you talked
DId he coming out a rocket in your pants?
where you met the astronaut?
Did he promise you the moon and the stars ?
great good for you, I want to know one.
because one is already conosco me but I do not see much
Astronaut or just someone with their head in the clouds. :P
I would like to meet Kina Grannis ;)
I subscribe 2 ur youtube channel also
And todat you'll be taking off. B-)
Do you like The Beatles? When did you meet an astronaut? What was the name of the astronaut?
tell me more! tell me more! does he have a car?
I thought they didn't have astronauts anymore...
They do Vi.....I have one in my circle.....and good for you Kina
Ron P K
i don't know who you are.. you're fading away
I feel that astronauts are not respected enough, so I'm glad to see you mention your meeting.
Dat Ha
hi, l'm 7 and I love jour songs. Raphael, France xxxxx
no you did not today i saw pigs fly
yeahhh watever stop acting coollll which ur not
i got to u r profile ., do u like indian folk song/classical., any i like u r profile ecpt tickets., we can share music if frds'
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