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new video: "make it go" - an original song. if you hate cancer like i do, please take a second to watch and share <3

download "make it go":

100% of your 99¢ goes to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and the fight to cure blood cancers.

Run Team Kina Live Benefit Show:
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amazing Kina. shared and downloaded
i think it's VERY nice of you to do this :D
nice to see how easy you sing. tnx
Really really good song, and you are a fantastic singer. Great voice and none of the vocal histrionics so common among female singers today. Really cool that you are donating the proceeds to research. Bravo all around Kina
can u plz add me on google+ I love your singing and my grandma's friend has cancer she really doesn't feel well. :(
Great song so i'm gonna help the cause and by one copy !
someone plz pray for my grandma's friend her name is Ginny and she has cancer right now :( plz?
I got your feeling! We just lost our father-in-law Last Aug, he had
lung cancer. Lucky, he had no pain for last stage and went to see god fast & peace!
Good Luck! Girl. Fully support
i just cant get enght of her voce
i know right i wish i could sing like that i really want to be a singer but i don't really know if I sound good
SO beautiful keep singing <3
thx Sally but I can't show it on u tube cuz im only a kid and my mom doesn't want me to show my face on here :( so now with that what do i do!? :(
Sounds good. Starting an all female label. Come be apart of something big.
nice....dead on, I applaud your stance and really will pray for what you are aiming for. You have a good heart, best of luck to you.
your sooooo rude IF U HAVE NOTHING NICE TO SAY DON'T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL! Gosh people have to be nice
+Kina Grannis You Have a very lovely voice. I wish you success in all you endeavors. Keep up the fight. Group Hug!
sarah x
Ignore tht comment. I think u have an AMAZING VOICE!!!! I sing like tht!!
YAY thx Sally I will do that! YAY ill do it next weekend!
Maybe people should think of all the good that cancer can do instead of focusing on the hate. Think positive!
Thank You! You brought tears to my eyes, & touched my Heart! Must add, Why are some of you so hateful with your comments?! Are you not HUMAN like the rest of us? A word to the wise, YOU may have cancer someday! Then, remember her strength and courage to offer her talent for a purpose!
good 4 u and actually "martin algate" this is the place for that...its the new Facebook
Kina, I admire your courage, stamina and really good musical talent. My son (23 yrs)has had NF (neurofibromatosis) had and some surgeries, constant pain, heavy narcotics - yet doesn't complain. I can relate to your pain and emotions. Have you ever considered bringing Jesus Christ in on this? Can you keep on doing what your doing, but give Him the reigns of control? He has the power and the plan that will turn this on for good - better than we can ever do on our own.
how beautiful your singing and good cause no entendi mu apenas estoy aprendiendo ingles pero me encanto good
Good tune and nice singing. your guitar performance is outstanding too.
keep the good stuff up.
Beautifully sung... If I had money I would donate but due to my circumstances I am afraid all I can do is say God bless you and may your talent bring light and healing to all those who are suffering of cancer or who are related to someone who is... --I---
u r a reely good has meening 2 me....a coupl of mi loved 1s wer diagnosed w/ cancer...but they wer strng and r now SURVIVORS
you got an amazing voice luv this song did u write it
Wow moving song and a great cause. Thanks for sharing.
know how you feel dad just passed from a rare blood cancer mom has bone cancer and my sister just started treatments have to be positive
that is so awesome please do more... YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I feel so bad for u Debbie i am going to pray. I hope they get better :(
Paul S
Downloading now. Keep up the great music. Really liked your singing with boyce avenue in fast car.
hotty stick to your dreams!!!!!lol
there are kids on here don't say that plz (im a kid)
Wow. That.... was... really good. Can empathize with the loss :(
I had cancer twice. Was diagnosed at 16 and then relapsed 10mo later (It was hodgkins Lymphoma stage 2 both times). Now I got lung and heart disease from the chemo and radiation and am doing all I can to prolong not needing the transplants for both lol. Cancer sucks so bad...
Have you ever thought about being on American Idol or The X Factor?? :)
Nice Taylor! You're very talented
Loved that! Love your singing. God bless you for supporting such a great cause. Downloading...
Why would you say you hate cancer? No one LOVES cancer.
wonderful!, and i Like u guitar....
thast awesome your really good
wow that was great good job. i hate cancer too
Really powerful song and performance. Thank you.
amazing, put it on youtube and then email everybody u no to send this to everyone they no, and it will keep on going on.
sounds good!! might need just alittle Nashville tweek***
Thanks Kina n all d best keep up d gud work...
please simplify through google account fast double click donation process and I will be happy to participate. Otherwise I lost 3 minutes of my time an patience to find the way to help you
You r amazing! I can tell that you will get very far in life!
you sound soooooooooooooooo AWSOM you should be a fambouse singeer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I had throat cancer. I had to have my voice box removed. I haven't spoken one word for 12 years. You haven't been tested until you teach 2 teenagers to drive. I had to go on Medicaid "share of Cost" I have to pay $140 monthly to the Dr. I have to have my medicine reach $1,000/month to have medicaid cover them. I want an operation that would enable me to have a voice but it isn't covered. There is no help for people with throat cancer.
that is so pretty my great grandma dies from cancer so i respect people who do that keep going and never quite because one day u will be the girl every one knows and loves so keep on the path u r on with the singing because it will get u so far in t\life good luck and i will show our song and name to every one so they will find out who u r
+Kina Grannis Qué bonita voz, espero que por lo menos traduzcas del español al ingles para que puedas leer este honesto abrazo y felicitaciones por tu voz y tu talento, es la primera vez que te escucho...
this song makes me have cancer
yay thx maybe next weekend i will do it cuz first i have to practice a song that i'm gonna sing thx so much for inspiring me! :)
You have an amazing voice and i think its wonderful what you are doing my cousin is a cancer survivor.
Brought it before I finished watching this video <3
Unlike the Canadian Cancer Society that takes 99% of the donation to benefit the members who work for their organization.
Great singer, great song and a great cause.
i thought it was beautiful and i hate cancer two
AWESOME i want to hear more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OMJ ur so good and i hate cancer and all other deasise
I will watch your video becuase i am fighting for people not to die because of cancer of any other type and because my grandma die from it so thanks for makeing this video and thanks for fighting for CANCER donate now 99 cents a day!!!p.s remeber know matter what happens God and Jesus is always with you know matter what happens in your life and they will all love you !!!!
nice !!!! now watch mine :) - if seasons change...alaska version of alterbridge rock!
that which we hate we attract - this is a universal paradox - fear not the cancer - for dis-ease is part of who we are and what we must experience...
You are a Truly inspiring and beautiful person... Thank you for following your heart... And for singing such a wonderful song !
There is a cure for cancer, or at least ones that work much better than what is largely practiced. The problem is that the cancer industry has gotten so huge and had so much money invested that it is 'to big to fail'.
I really like this song! Thank you for sharing it with everyone. My brother is dieing of rectal cancer and this kind of touches me. He visited me for a week and the day he was leaving I realized that I may never see him again. So, thank you.
i realy like the song. i think a worthy topic and cause. warren thorne, mildura; victoria;australia.
realy very nice vioce
don't want to hear songs that are not published
I really the song and what a powerful voice she has. I look forward to hearing more for on the future. Sincerely Your Alphonso.
Nice song.. Totally worth it. Keep it up and more power to your team Kina. (^^,)
loved it keep it up dont let ur dream go fight for it
but ur hair style~~...
Great cause. Succes for the project and keep inspiring
Loved it! (Impressive instrumentalist ;p)
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