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What do AC electricity, Tesla cars, radio, robotics, remote controls, electric motors, and lasers have in common?

Dreams...."My brain is only a receiver. In the universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength, inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know it exists." Nikolai Tesla

Tesla was not just an inventor, he boggled people's minds, especially Thomas Edison who gets most of the US credit for electricity. The reason Tesla blew people's minds were not just his inventions, but how he came to invent most things...he received them in his dreams.

Back in this time period, taking advantage of your dream state was not unusual; even Edison tried to copy Tesla's methods, but he couldn't replicate them, because for some reason, Tesla was wired in.

Just like you he was wired in, and likely only slept a few hours a day, and from those dreams came most of his inventions, if not all. Yet most of us are like Edison, letting our egos get in the way of the reception of knowledge.

Reminds me of a poem I wrote a long time ago, with the line:

"I know what I know, because it is known." 

Discoveries are all around us, not just in reality, but in our dreams.

Next time you want to stop sleeping because it interrupts your productivity, remember that not only is it not healthy, you are missing a connection...

To something, inexplicable, ineffable, and amazing. Yes, much of your dreams are stories you are telling yourself to get closure on your days.

Yet in those other dreams - beyond your ego trying to make sense of what happened today - come the most amazing insights, if you choose to remember and honor that place of learning.

Tesla was a scientific thinker, one who tested his theories diligently.

He knew the power of dreams connected him to this core of knowledge, and that his brain is the receiver.

So much of what we learn is trying to make us the projector, which as we all know makes you see only your view of reality. 

Remember you are a receiver, and give yourself time and practice to receive. Going for walks, being quiet, dreaming, and meditation are just some of the ways you can access this...

But the best way is to get out of the way of what you are receiving, leave your ego at the door, and open yourself to the knowledge connecting to you at all times.

Ever read how people like Steve Jobs get their inspirations in a flash of thought, a moment, an epiphany?

These moments are happening every day, if you take yourself out of the way and listen to what is being sent to you, the receiver.

That beautiful Tesla you're driving likely came from a dream a long time ago.

Remember to dream, it's part of your beauty, awake or asleep.
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Kin Enriquez

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Kin Enriquez

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Nikola Tesla, one of the greatest inventors of all time, and the true "father" of electricity, his works metaphorically represented the infinite power that exist inside of all of us. Suppressed by the financial elite, his findings were sabotaged for the gain of corporate interest, and he was ostracized for having the vision to bring free energy to the world. Let us never forget this illuminated dreamer, for his insights may indeed still hold the key to humanity's survival. #FreeEnergy #Tesla
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Kin Enriquez

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Kin Enriquez

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Pulling out some more photos from trips taken last year. Rice Terraces in the Cordilleras, Luzon, April 2013.
#philippines #Luzon
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The Gamma Function - Factorials Unchained

We all learn in high school mathematics about factorials, e.g.  4! = 4(3)(2)(1) = 24.  But, what is the factorial of, say, 4.2?

Mathematicians have extended the concept of factorials to include fractional numbers, and even negative numbers. It’s called the Gamma function, and it was discovered by Leonard Euler in 1729.  With the gamma function, we can confidently say that 4.2! = 2.42397… Gamma is used extensively in more advanced mathematics, and in statistics.

These graphs show the values of the first few factorials, along with the corresponding gamma function. (for technical reasons, the gamma function is offset by 1 from the factorial – e.g., gamma(3) = 2!).

More on gamma is here:

#mathematics #statistics
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