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Great news indeed, #RedDwarf  lives!
Red Dwarf Series XI and XII Announced!
As the entire population of the world obsesses over the birth of a baby in London, 3 million light years away in a substantial space vessel belonging to the Jupiter Mining Corporation, 4 hopeless smegheads prepare for more adventures.
Red Dwarf Series XI and XII
Recording starts late October 2015.
12 new episodes.
Broadcast on Dave in the UK, and no doubt on many other channels globally.
Shed loads of Smeg Ups
Original cast (they couldn't get anyone decent to do it)
Original writer (Doug-Chief of Comedy Police-Naylor)
About 18 kilos of rubber, 12 H's, a lot of hair extensions, sequins, Vindaloo and a new smeg hammer.

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I don't use #drugs , although I do sometimes use the most deadly drug of them all - #alcohol . Maybe I should switch to something less damaging, like #heroin  or #cocaine . Or the safest drug of them all - #marijuana . Oh well, I think I'll remain drug free, but here is proof that the #drug   #war  as it stands is not just #evil , it's evil and stupid and has to stop.  It's interesting also that the only reason they seem to think heroin is worse than alcohol are things caused entirely by it being illegal.

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Way to answer a question about God, Mr Fry. Outstanding. 

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"Confronted with ‪#‎Klein‬’s powerful argument in ‪#‎ThisChangesEverything‬, ‪#‎liberal‬ ‪#‎pundits‬ have rushed to rein in her arguments so that her ideas are less in conflict with the system. Even where the issue is ‪#‎planetary‬ ‪#‎ecological‬ ‪#‎catastrophe‬, imperiling hundreds of millions of people, future generations, civilization, and the human species itself, the inviolable rule remains the same: the permanency of ‪#‎capitalism‬ is not to be questioned."

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"' #American   #Sniper ,' like the big-budget feature films pumped out in Germany during the Nazi era to exalt deformed values of #militarism   racial self-glorification and #state   #violence  , is a piece of #propaganda , a tawdry commercial for the #crimes  of #empire ."

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#US   #healthcare  in rather #hilarious  form. Well... you know, in the laughing while you sink kind of way. 

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Ah yes, the home of the brave and the land of the free, wearing the heroic white hat... right? 

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The #future  of our #energy   #generation   #infrastructure  is also our present, if we're sane enough to abandon horrible old approaches like #coal  and #oil . 

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Since the #USA  isn't at #war  - it hasn't declared war on any nation since 1941 -  these aren't even #warcrimes  - they're #crimes  against #humanity . Why is nobody standing in front of a war crimes tribunal as we speak, in fact?

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If you have a conservative friend who goes on and on about deficit spending, make them read my earlier posting about "outcomes" from stretches of GOP vs democratic rule. For him to actually believe that republicans are more "fiscally prudent" shows only one thing, that he prefers comfy mantras over actual facts.  Indeed, there are ZERO legitimate conservative metrics under which the Republican Party should be considered preferable.  That is... zero...

...including "defense at the border!"  Or military readiness. Or even deregulation of obsolete and onerous government agencies.  At this point, given the almost universally wretched outcomes from GOP governance... and the mixed-but-vastly-better record of outcomes from dems... the fact that the GOP exists at all, and has not been replaced by an honest buckley-goldwater-style party of moderate skepticism-toward-big-government, is a testimony not to logic or reason -- but a kind of frenzied religion.
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