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Kimberly Waugh
ERYT 500 Registered Yoga Teacher Trainer, Hosting Training Retreats in Central America
ERYT 500 Registered Yoga Teacher Trainer, Hosting Training Retreats in Central America

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Yantrasana......feeling stuck? Lean over to the other side, turn your leg inward to straighten ! Tuck your head under your arm then rotate open....😊✨

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Get your blanket to gain more length in your torso, access the strength of your shoulders, feel more ability in lift off and benefit from more depth of breath. 

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You are going to sweat and feel your body. Your muscles will strain and the stories of your life held within the tension will rise to the surface and bubble out with your sweat...your body will tell you stories and bring old patterns to the surface....from the shadow parts they will move out and become exposed. The moment of empowerment will come. Your sweat will trickle away the layers that have subdued your power...your own salt will heal old wounds and leave you seasoned, stronger, lighter, more clear from burning out the illusions the old stories told you. You will rest ...recover....and feel more will move forward and influence others to do the same.

Come:April 22 Yoga Teacher Training

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Hi friends, here are a few ideas for sharing yoga postures that stretch the side of the body.

Side body Actions:

Press the feet apart to engage the muscles that abduct the legs away from the midline

Pressing the arms away from the midline calls to action the muscles in the sides of the torso (the obliques, the lats, the triceps

chair pose - turn the palms away from the midline and open the feet about hip width apart to feel the muscular action in the legs

pidgeon - with opposite hand to knee, press the knee out….use your finger tips on the other hand to press down and move into the twist with your breath guiding the movement

triangle - with the top arm stretching alongside of the ear and towards the front leg *get fancy and work in an arm position that matches Parighasana gate pose

half moon (ardha chandrasana) - with the arm alongside of the ear and towards the front of the mat *get fancy and lift the bottom arm too

Add to the practice:
revolved half moon
side plank (vasisthasana) with the arm reached by the ear
gate pose (parighasana)
firelog (agnistimbhasana)
revolved head to knee pose parivrtta janusirsasana
(upavisthasana konasana) *bend one knee, hold opposite hand to the shin/ankle on the bent leg then reach the other arm overhead towards the opposite foot

Downward dog: as you pull your feet apart feel how the outer edge of your legs and hips engage

Forward bend: with your hands, press the mid sides of your shins in and press your upper inner thighs apart…feel how the outer hips become active

Twists: in order to get more deeply in the outer hip press the front knee out,
the rotation creates more strength in the outer hip

create the action of pulling apart and feel what happens in the legs

pressing the arms outer shoulder, chest and into the lats

as you press down through the feet keep your thighs broadening

pushing down through the feet gives you something to reach from

elongate the side of your body

breathe and lengthen both sides of your torso

let your breath get out to the periphery….the side of your body

take another breath..feel if it can get out to your hips

Imagine the breath to be a horizontal movement of air that widens your body
feel the sides of your body

let the awareness of the side of your body guide your breath


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There are two parts of the brain that play a key role in stress and serve the functions of emotions and cognitive reasoning. There is a ‘thinking brain’ and a ‘feeling brain’ which function together as a Psycho-Emotional system that links together the…

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10 Ways to Cue the Breath in a Yoga Class

💫 Influence stability in your posture by breathing in…energy moves down into the foundation of your legs and feet exhaling and energy rises upward from the ground through your body extending out through the crown of your head…creating length and a subtle lightness

💫 Build energy with a full inhale…create a sense of steadiness with a long smooth exhale

💫 Cultivate a base of calm by resting your mind on your breath
with each inhale gain width and breadth, with each exhale increase length and depth by pressing downward into your foundation

💫 Recover your connection to your breath
💫 Establish presence with a cycle of breath
💫 Let the movement of your breath be uninterrupted
💫 Reaffirm your intention for you practice with a full inhale and exhale
💫 With your breath guiding the movements of your body….

💫 Let your breath be a conversation that moves through your body…..each successive breath taking you to a new place in the posture

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Prakasha and Vimarsha A great truth in the traditions of yoga: We are energetic, conscious beings with an unlimited creative power. Consciousness = life, energy, Prana (prana = first form) This creative power is tangible in the breath. Nadi Shodna = sun…

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Shristi = cycles of creation… Yoga is a continual process of creation and discovery of who we are and how we want to live our lives. ‘Who we are Becoming’ = desire + will (intention + and action) …Creative Potential is Limitless… The mystery of the…

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Radiant Life Yoga School offers 200 hour yoga teacher training retreats  well as 300 hour advanced yoga studies courses and continuing education opportunities for teachers. All programs exceed the educational standards established by Yoga Alliance. The…
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