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I'm super excited to return to +James Dearsley's show. If you've never seen the Midweek Marketing Mix you definitely want to tune in next week!
The Mid Week Marketing Mix - bringing you the latest social and digital marketing news by the most influential and/or opinionated guests.

On Wednesday we will be joined by +Kimberly Reynolds  (CEO of  and Marketing Manager for +Social Media Examiner) and +Vincenzo Landino  (Digital Strategist at Broadsuite and host of #MCEOtalk); both will be giving us an insight into what is new and exciting in the social media world.

Our special guest

Special guest+Eric Enge from +Stone Temple Consulting  will be talking about the latest edition (3rd edition) of The Art of SEO which he co-authored with +Stephan Spencer and +Jessie Stricchiola   ( The book covers all of the latest Google updates and takes a look at the future of the SEO industry. Eric will also be sharing his thoughts on recent SEO news.


Usually there are 3 or 4 segments, each between 10 to 15 minutes long. Depending on the guests we have on we may cover topics such as :

1/ Social Media marketing news
2/ SEO/Content Marketing news
3/ PPC or other paid advertising
4/ Special Guest slot – book launch, influential website owner or influencer

Practicalities - Asking Questions or commenting: For Google+

When watching this Hangout on Google+ you will see a small square with diagonal arrow above the head of the panel. Do Click that and it will open the video in a new window. Then you will be able to comment on the discussions on the event page.  #MarketingMix #HOA  
This Hangout On Air is hosted by James Dearsley. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
The Mid Week Marketing Mix
Wed, April 22, 12:00 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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Thanks so much for sharing this +Kimberly Reynolds - looking forward to a catch up.....
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Kimberly Reynolds

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Excellent post from ProBlogger. I especially love how Google+ pulls in this huge picture! Now I want to share it on Facebook to see what the preview looks like there! that I look at this on mobile, my enthusiasm has waned. The picture looks awesome on desktop, but mobile? Not so much. 
In a perfect world, we could all take amazing photos, edit them scrupulously, and somehow manage to have enough props ...
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a h/t to +Myles Brock for this - you may like this one. Thanks +Kimberly Reynolds nice share
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Kimberly Reynolds

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I'm super excited to share this opportunity with my Social Media Mentors community!

The Social Media Marketing Society from +Social Media Examiner is going to be such an invaluable resource for both newbies and pros alike.

Please take a minute to check out the video from the CEO, +Michael Stelzner.

Then...join me on the Founders List!
The Social Media Marketing Society (from Social Media Examiner) is a place where marketers can discover the latest social media marketing techniques.
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Kimberly Reynolds

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"The Bible is the earliest identifiable source of the great conceptual discoveries essential for civilization: equality before the law, sanctity of life, dignity of the individual, individual and communal responsibility, peace as an ideal, love as the foundation of justice." -Paul Johnson 
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Im scandanavian dreamer, love you Kim, the rest is lifes drama, lets ride 
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Kimberly Reynolds

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Juvenile Diabetes needs to be eradicated.

So, the weekend didn't start out exactly the way we had planned. Instead of Legoland with her siblings, Sara got an ambulance ride to Rady's Children's Hospital.

I still can't wrap my head around the fact that yesterday morning she was fine and by 10pm she was in critical condition. Diabetic Ketoacidosis. They think her insulin pump failed. 7 years of diabetes and we were still totally unprepared for this. I had no idea that it could go downhill so fast.

The good news is that she is on the mend. Chest pains are gone, breathing normally again. The vomiting and stomach pain are gone. Her ketones are still insanely high, but getting better. Her blood pressure needs to go up and her blood sugar needs to come down.

The staff at Rady's is unbelievable. Sara is getting such good care.

Thank you for the prayers. They are working. God is good. I thank him for empowering these doctors and nurses to save lives. Less than 100 years ago, Sara would have slipped into a coma and never woken up.

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speedy recovery
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Kimberly Reynolds

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One of my favorite memories from #SMMW15:  Social Beach!  With one of my favorite people in the world:  +Heather Dopson.  
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How are you all...i'm nyoman from bali if you vacantion to bali and need transport for pick up droop off and one day trip show bali island please contact me...thank you so much
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Kimberly Reynolds

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Did you know that that the majority of people that self-report abuse as a child don't actually turn to drugs?

Did you know that abusing drugs is a choice--just like not abusing drugs is also a choice?

Did you know that the "war on drugs" is not being waged on children, rather on adults who make adult choices?

More importantly, did you know that the "war on drugs" is as much a figment of the Progressive imagination as the "war on women"?

I sympathize with people that are abused, especially since I am one of them. However, drug use (the precursor to abuse) is a choice. At what point does personal accountability come into play? Personal responsibility for our actions?

Maybe it's time to stop with the victim mentality in America and start making good choices.
Did you know?
Powerful interview with Johann Hari, author of Chasing the Scream. This will completely change the way you look at the war on drugs:
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Kimberly Reynolds

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My quote from a pretty graphic.  :)
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+Kimberly Reynolds I'm reminded of a joke I once heard, concerning a conversation with The Almighty, wherein the interviewer asks God:

Lord, with so many differing faiths amongst the various peoples of the world, it's difficult to know who is right, and will be saved, and who his wrong, to be damned forever. Care to clear up the confusion for us, down here?

To which, God replies:

All of the various religions, denominations, and sects contain part of "The Ultimate Truth", and the faithful of those shall be saved...All, that is, except one. Their doctrine of faith is completely false, has nothing to do with me, and all of its adherents are headed straight to Hell...Which one...? Well, that's for me to know, and you to find out.

Makes about as much sense as anything else I've ever heard. 
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I don't understand how Hillary Clinton has become the face of women's empowerment. Isn't she the one who blamed her husband's affair on the other woman?  Not once, but twice?
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Yea. I agree. 
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Great post by +Bizzabo  I'm a huge fan of their app...and their amazing team! 

#smmw15   #eventmarketing  
Learn from the best: How Social Media Marketing World constructed an effective event marketing campaign to attract attednees to their world class marketing event.
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Thanks for sharing, Kim!
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I got to preview the new TV series #ADTheSeries--and it was good! Maybe even really good.  Trust me, I'm as surprised as you. 

I was NOT a fan of Son of God or the other mini-series they did (though they guy they cast as Satan was genius).  In fact, I didn't get past the first episode.  I did go see Son of God when it was released in the theaters and that was a mistake.

Plus, I felt kind of uncomfortable with such a hottie playing the part of Jesus.  I just don't want to go there when thinking about God.  The fact that I was feeling a little unbiblical about my saviour was not even the worst part of that series.  The acting was bad, the dialogue was worse and the costume/make-up was just wrong.  For instance, I'm pretty sure Mary, mother of Jesus, did not have access to Botox. 

Anyway, when offered the chance to preview the first episode, I almost passed.  I'm not sure what prompted me to watch it, but I did..and I'm glad I did!  It really filled in some holes in the story--not in a change the Bible kind of way--just some extra scenes to make the characters more relatable and give us a glimpse of what it must have been like to wait for three days to see if Jesus was legit or if he had duped his disciples.

My recommendation:  Watch the 1st episode of AD and see what you think.   #ADTheSeries premieres April 5 at 9/8c on @NBC.
Premieres Easter Sunday, April 5 at 9/8c on NBC. From Executive Producers Mark Burnett and Roma Downey comes the next chapter of the epic story
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50 Game Changing Elite Entrepreneurs--like Instagram Expert +Sue B. Zimmerman--share The Playbook to Building a Brand and starting a Movement.  

Click here to access for FREE:
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Hello +francis oguguo
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