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My contribution for #FigurativeArtFriday sponsored by the lovely and talented +Maude McDonald and +Melodie Douglas
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Kimberly, such a sensual and emotive work! Love this vignette. Wonderful composition and your light values are superb!
i am absolultey agree with Maude! Kimberly this is such a sensuall emotive and very beautiful work!
Thank you +Maude McDonald and +Mikko Tyllinen. Many don't get my nudes, in fact they have to be told its a nude, let alone grasp an understanding of what I'm conveying. I guess it comes from the way society now sees the nude human form as sex and perversion...
Just remember what Michelangelo told the church when they first complained about the nudes he was painting in the Sistine Chapel... (paraphrased) "I am painting them in the same manner in which God created them".
There is nothing "sexual or perverted" about this. I do see pornographic art, and I know it when I see it. There is a huge difference.
This is beautiful.
I absolutely love this Kimberly ! wonderful to peer upon !
Kimberly, this is a wonderful and rare view of that area of the body. It is so beautiful, and goes so great with this mellow music that I'm listening to on Spotify. So lovely! By the way, I see that as a woman, even if it was meant to be a
I am glad that you are enjoying Matthew! Part of what I love about this composition is that to the viewer it can be either a man or a woman and that adds intrigue to sensuality of it. So if it's a woman you envision...
I'm so glad you said that Kimberly. I didn't want anyone thinking I was saying that about a I didn't want to hurt your feelings either...I wouldn't want to do that for nothing dear Kimberly.
Lol Matthew. Thank you for considering my feelings, I appreciate that as much a your kind words about my work. :)
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