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UPDATE Oct 24 2pm PDT:
Thank you ALL for your responses! I've closed the survey for now so we can analyze all the data you guys have provided us with! I've also posted explanations of the terms we asked about at .

===Original post preserved below===

Help make Google+ better!

Hello everyone! I'm on the Google+ User Experience Research team, and we're always on the lookout for what's confusing our users. We'd love to get your guys' thoughts on some features you may have encountered on Google+. So, whether you're a Google+ expert or novice, please take this short survey if you've got a few minutes! No need to look anything up - we're really interested in your intuition or best guess.

Here's the survey:

Thanks so much for your help! Your answers will help us make Google+ clear and usable for everyone. And feel free to re-share!

(link to this post: )
Help make Google+ better! Hello everyone! Here on the Google+ User Experience Research team, we're hoping to learn about some features that might be confusing to users. We've put together this...
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Yes. I am confused about how you do so well at Triple Town. ;)

In all seriousness, extended circles, block and ignore I'm a little rusty on. :)
Correct answers, I like that. ;)

+Aaron Wood hit it right on the head; those are the most confusing things.
All done... pretty easy :) where is the next one?!
+Logan Cate in usability studies (when we have users come in to talk to us about new designs and such), we ask users questions, but we tell them there are no "correct" answers and not to worry if they're unsure of something - because every so-called wrong answer is a helpful data point for us!

+Aaron Wood I'm telling you, build up a stock of coins and then splurge strategically!

Thanks, all!!
+Kimberly Johnson this made me laugh a lot, i didn't know there was right or wrong answers to a survey :)

Thanks so much for helping us out with this survey! Kimberly Johnson will post all the correct answers on her Google+ profile in a few days:
Hi!, I have a problem maybe you could help me :) I've added to my circles more than 4900 pepole. Now I can't add no more beacuse appears message informative that I have reached the maximum number of people that I can add to my circles, why? Thanks
Done -> And pleeeeeeease pimp up the API. A more sophisticated API is imo the key to G+ success.
Survey done. My biggest point of confusion with G+ is why the chat function works the way it does. I have to invite everyone individually to be able to chat?
have a google+ hangout tommorow with Cliff Baldridge
+Kimberly Johnson I love the sense of humor that Google has. It's nice to see, and it makes the company feel a bit more human. Plus, you guys are regularly available for interaction, through posts like this one or hangouts or any number of other ways.
+Alex Ross I have heard the term before, but what exactly in G+ terms is a power user?
+Kimberly Johnson Survey was easy enough, with the definitions held against all items questioned and the hints in the survey, but I question whether it really went into enough detail to improve G+?
You should make a multiple-choice-quizz out of these questions and give badges for experts!
+Jérémy Naegel that's the next step! This iteration us all about getting open-ende responses to inform the multiple choice choices :)
my answer to "what does incoming mean?" - DUCK!
This might be more of an overall Google thing but I think you should be able to combine accounts. I set up a + account for wife when it first came out. Then she set up a new one when she got her new android phone. So now she has 2 G+ accounts under her name. The one i set up that she can sign into with her hotmail and the one new one set up under her gmail. So her gmail account and her older more fleshed out G+ profile are under two seperate accounts which is kind of a bummer.
+Kimberly Johnson , now that facebook wants to fight energy wasting by using social in 2012 in cooperation with NRDC - wouldn't it be nice to stay champion in the green IT business ?
Could you open my docs this time ?
I'd love to be able to find my comments on posts (esp when 500 other people have also commented on it!).
Its a shame that you were unable to embed the Google form directly into G+. Fascinating potential.
nested circles, the ability to post public and exclude a circle, Fix the bug that makes it impossible to load some peoples profile posts (mine +Kathy Morlock and +Sherman Smith as far as i can tell) when posting from the stream the post i am trying to type on moves everytime the stream does, please allow it to pause.. increase notifications to real numbers past +9 and allow us to follow more than 5000 people :D
The ability to post public and exclude a/several circles. The ability to post limited to all our circles excluding one/several.
Survey completed. Happy pluskin here.
You should make a pop-up window and ask people that have just joined the site. Then you can also test if the users that fail to understand the features end up leaving the site.
Done. All very easy for those of us who live and breath Google. ;)

But I did go full Yegge with my rant at the end on the very misleading new 'hashtags' (which I maintain need to be called 'searchlinks').
+Tanner Campbell I agree. They almost already have a blogging solution. The two missing features are 1) Add rss 2) Allow me to share with people that have not logged in to Google+.
I'm 99% certain that this is a legitimate request from a Googler, but why +Kimberly Johnson does it not have more authority. Why is G+ asking — for example — how many people I have in my circles and my sex?

I can't see how one could phish with the information requested, but I also know that I could create an identical survey although I have no affiliation with Google and I'm even name verified (though bacon knows why).
+Niels Langager Ellegaard the people can see it, whether they are in Google+ or not, but only if a post is "public"
RSS is a great idea and I would like to publish or share pdf-documents, like pictures or videos
Best part of the survey is that you can choose Gender: Other :P No but seriously, good survey, hope it helps :)
I wish I could squeeze the left and right panel to their half so that my stream gets more page space to display stories.
As G+ no Facebook, and has more posts that attract lots of text and reading, having more detail at every rows will reduce scrolling and may be a great boost for easy reading.

And, If that doesn't seem like fitting everyone's taste, how about giving them as an option such as "dense view" or "normal view"? I, by default, will go for a "dense view".

my two cents.
(ok, yes, i filled the survey as well)
+Kimberly Johnson The one feature that I would LOVE have would be to select a default stream. I find I'm losing out on a lot of posts from friends and family. I know I can click on that circle/stream but I sometimes forget to. :(
It would be great if like on facebook you could see who was on line so you could ask them for a chat or hangout. Also the ability to post public and exclude a circle or circle's.
concerning the PM feature i'd even go a step further than +Alex Ross ... it is not only confusing, but none-intuitive, illogical, impractical and downright dangerous ... it is the only thing i really dislike about G+ and i do feel very strongly about it ...

let me clarify my strong response ...

- none-intuitive and illogical ... it took me ages to figure out, how to send PMs at G+ and i only did it with the help of others ... i have talked to many G+ users and not one of them figured this feature out by himself they all needed help either from other people or they had to look it up in the help section ...

- impractical ... messages are not stored or searchable separately ... before i figured out a way with hashtags, it was almost impossible to find a particular message in my stream or profile at a later date ... and we are talking about days here ... i don't even want to think about finding a message that is a few months old ... i have to be able to quickly search my messages away from my stream and if possible by name or subject ...

- dangerous ... the system is an accident waiting to happen ... it is only a matter of time that you forget to delete the public in the recipient field and plaster a private message all over G+ ... it hasn't happened to me yet, but i know it has happened to others already ...

i'm sorry guys ... you are doing a magnificent job, but please fire the person who had the idea to integrate PMs into the stream and rectify his mistake quick!!! ... ;-) ...
when you are on someone's profile, usually that is the time when you want to message them or "post" to their stream. but there seems to be no way to do that -- if you want to send them a personal stream post, you have to click all the way back over to the stream button, and usually by the time i do this, i have forgotten what i wanted to share with them. orrrrrrr maybe i just dont know how to use G+ as well as i thought i did.
+Kimberly Johnson My biggest User Experience complaint: The Stream Bump while I am reading. Why after 4 months are we still having to find our place in a story we are reading because a new post/comment/whatever moves what was being read?
I follow a lot of people that put very good posts up. I don't have time to read them all at once. Can you make it so that we can save good posts then be able to read them later. With a lot of posts going up its very hard to find them later. What would be good is if you had a read post later button next to Comment and Share. Then on the top bar next to your name you could have read saved posts. This would bring up all the posts you have saved. I think this would be a great feature and I would find it very useful
How many of you guys have experienced people having trouble understanding Google+?
+Brittan Berry ... yes, that's another short coming of the c**p PM feature ...

+Eugene Smiley ... if you access G+ with the google chrome browser, try the g stream pause extension ... ...

+Mark Deacon ... just create an empty circle, call it read later (or whatever you like best) and share all articles you'd like to read at a later date with this circle ... you can then access them in your list of circle streams in the left hand menu
+Kimberly Johnson The fact that you're actually conversing with people here is one of the most important aspects of Google+, and one of many that will make it a winner in the future. Keep up the great work!
I'd like to see them improve the text it gets from any URLs you add. Most times it seems to grab menu text.
Glad to see this... Pretty much everyone i know doesn't know these terms.
I am very confused by the +USERNAME message feature also and put this in the "what confuses you?" box in the survey. I know that if I start a post with +USERNAME and then share only with USERNAME, it will be like a message. But I only do this with one or two people who have circled me and who I know check G+ a lot, because I don't know things like "what kind of notification, if any, does USERNAME get?" or "if USERNAME is not circling me, do they still see the message?"

"it is only a matter of time that you forget to delete the public in the recipient field and plaster a private message all over G+"

I did this too once, and the message in question contained very private information. I deleted it within about three seconds, I have no idea who or what was able to see it during that time though.
It is generally a very good policy not to send/post anything online anywhere anytime that one would be embarrassed by. ;)
+Jens Graikowski The same answer I get every time this comes up. I have enough Chrome extensions. I don't need another slowing down or destablising Chrome. I have to reboot Chrome 3-4 times a day as it is.
survey done. This is one of the things that makes G+ so great. People from Google put posts up and chat with us. Will you +Kimberly Johnson ever have time to read them all.
Survey completed. Your survey has prompted me to look into Google+'s features that I haven't tried as yet. Thanks.
Thanks for this! So great to see this kind of user experience research going on!
I just wished that there was a better way to refer to some posts to check on them later. Sometime they are videos so there are no keywords to use them in search.
Something similar to star in gmail or reader. I check my stream with the mobile app and some post i would like to read them or watch them at home when I have a little bit more time and screen real estate.
hey +Kimberly Johnson I was thinking about the multiple hats I use in real life and wondering if Google+ could enable different profile picture for each circle I interact with? As a photographer, as a student or as a consultant I wish I the profile photo could change automatically when I'm sharing stuff with these different circles :)
+José Sá One method is to share them to yourself with a unique hashtag. Then later all you have to do is click that hashtag for all of those shared posts to be shown to you. Such as, for example, #JoseSaSharedToReadLater
I'd like Edit circle ,remove or add more people after post created .Please add this feature...
I've just filled and sent the survey results :)
When reading a post that has a lot of comments on it (like this one), I sometimes click on a name to view a commenter profile. When I click "back" after reading through the profile, I want to go back to exactly where I was in the original post and continue reading comments, but it always takes me back to the top of the post and I have to search through it again. This happens in other areas of Google+ too. It would be nice to return to the exact spot you were reading from when you click the "back" button. Obviously not critical to Google+, but anything that makes it easier to use and more intuitive would be nice.
Done, it was great! I hope you get a lot of good suggestions out of it.
Just filled out the survey and thought of something to add just now. Is it possible to +1 a single photo when you are viewing an album. I can't seem to find it if it's an option.
Not confusing, but plenty of frustration and yes I have sent this feedback to the G+ unknown Wizard of Oz, but if there is a specific person to send to, please let me know.

I got post and re-post of the nipple image yesterday as others posted in solidarity. While I believe in the beauty of body as art, the definition of art (as it should be I suppose) is a subjective one. By virtue of being in a photography circle, I get things ranging from the tastefully done lingerie shot to thong shots to an image of a guy with a penis on his head and a shirt denigrating FB. Welcome to my stream, how's yours??? I spent a lot of time uncircling and blocking yesterday.

I'm no prude (after all, I was in a rock band on the road for 10 years and dressed as Elvira for Halloween), but when one is not able to control what images come through to the feed at any given time (yes I use plus minus but if someone posts to public, plus minus is useless), it gets hard to take an innocous peek at work because God forbid any of these images pop up. I would love a way to filter IMAGES so they don't keep appearing in the stream. I can mute the orginal poster, but if everyone re-posts I'm doing the same work over and over and over. . .
Ada M
Done. Felt more like a quiz then a survey... :)
What currently frustrates me most about google+ is the very limited feature set for uploading/organizing and sharing photos and albums. I mean, if you know how flickr and facebook handle this, jow can you not be frustrated?
Also filled out the survey. One question. Lots of my friend still use FB. Both the beta version and the old one. I'm trying of persuade them to change to Google, but by natural reasons, due to old habits, well organized friend network etc, feels reluctant to switch. So. I have to post on two pages now. I know there are possibilities to, sort of, link Gogle to FB and vice versa so we can se each others posts. But how do we do that?
Alex T
+Kimberly Johnson , please, add the possibility to make the fonts bigger..The current font of the posts is tiny. I have a problem with my sight. I think many people with vision problems will appreciate this. Actually, it's a must for a social app.
Survey filled. One thing comes to my mind however - I use G+ in my native language, Polish. Some of the words you ask about are rather new (aren't they even neologisms?) and I wasn't completely sure what exactly you were asking about... Anyway, I'm happy I could support G+ at least a little =)
Looking forward to the updates (survey completed).
Some parts of the survey make no sense, e.g. you HAVE TO speak English to fill the survey. Believe me that English is NOT NECESSARY to use the service! Not at all!
+Mark Deacon ... you are very welcome ... it is great to see that there are still people here who appreciate any help given ... ;-) ...

+Eugene Smiley ... yes ... i'm doing mind reader classes right now ... when i'm finished with them i'll be able to know these kind of information without anybody telling me ... until then i'd appreciate, not getting snapped at by people i'm trying to help and who don't have the manners to at least shut their mouth (don't touch their keyboards) when they don't like the help for any reason ... every time i fall into the trap of talking to a nym i regret it and now G+ is going to allow more of you in ... that's going to be fun! ...
Great survey +Kimberly Johnson I find a lot of people still confused by a lot of what some of these things are and why they are used... thank you :)
In addition to the "standard view" of a stream, I would like to be able to see a "compact" view that only has the first one or two lines of a post (without the photos, videos, etc.) that you could scan down and then expand the ones you want to see.
Don't let Facebook know about how to ACTUALLY listen to users. I'd really rather they just keep their teenagers on their network.
I just took the felt more like a test...I hope I passed. :D
I would like to see the ability to share a post with myself and have the comments tag along for the ride. Sometimes comments are even better than the original post.
I'd like to see simple features on Google+ mobile that Google can easily implement with a lot of value add: +Vic Gundotra +Punit Soni +Robert Scoble

1. A top news circle which intelligently provides only today's most viewed/searched news in google

2. Integration with google+ games on the mobile versions :-)

3. Top keywords cloud view for the day.
Done the survey :-). The most annoying thing for me is that when you click on something (say a post or a profile) that takes you away from the stream (so NOT A PHOTO - as they pop up on top) then when you hit the back button you end up at the top of the stream and not where you left it. It should stop the stream and take you back to where you left the stream.
I filled it out, and now am sharing widely.
I have added +Kimberly Johnson to my PARENTING circle which is for people who help children grow and mature, and also are parents to adults, to help us ALL grow and mature.
was that a test or a survey? It felt like a test, and I get test anxiety. Thanks for that
I not now have time for Games, but some time in future will want to play. Meanwhile all the game gifts I got are totally buried in the MORE distant history, because we cannot capture the link into some future use bookmark area.
In the survey questions who we are ... I think a statistic which might be helpful is which browser we are using, via what ISP, with or without add-ons or plug-ins which are specific to G+ experience. This because how G+ works is somewhat dependent on our browser, and also if we have an ISP which interferes with what we do. Most users unable to detect ISP shenanigans, but useful statistic might be people having particular problems vs. which combination browser or other dimensions.
Filled in and completed! I enjoyed doing it too. Not quite sure what that says about me but there ya go! LOL
You know what I'd like? I'd like to be able to "not" a circle in my stream. Right now I can look at all circles, or an individual circle in my stream, but can't (to my knowledge) look at several circles but not some others.
+matt wartell I don't think the survey is associated with your account. That makes your answers anonymous... but it means they have to ask you things they already "know".
It would be nice if Google Translate was somehow integrated into Google+
Then it would redefine social media and actually make it international so anyone can converse with anyone, right here on the site.
I am often interested to particular parts of someones public postings or shares. But not on all. Same as yours +Kimberly Johnson . I am interested in news from Google but I am not realy interested in Galapagos or other stuff like this. Therefore I have you and others in my circles, but also I have a very "noisy" stream.

A perfect solution would the suggestion from Rob Morris of "Transparent/Public circles" which we can follow without receiving the other public stuff we wantn't to have in our streams. Short description here:
(Could also a perfect solution for specific transparent game circles +Punit Soni )

Original post of Rob Morris here:
I would be pleased it you could kindly expand the "Research" in other languages, such as Japanese etc. thank you
I took the survey and I really only had one question that I was having a hard time with but I did some testing of my own and I found the answer,
Done. Would like to be able to comment on peoples comments as well as get an overview as per #Philip thrift 
There I did it. I've been on here for a little while.
One interesting thing is the huddle and google talk can be integrated. Why I have two messenger?
I was curious about some terms. I really want an explanation next week. The idea is very good! I hope this network will not die, because I love Google+.
Hello all! Thanks so much for taking the survey and for your feedback here. Remember that the best place to submit general feedback is by using the "Send feedback" tool in the bottom-right of every page. We've got a whole team of people looking at feedback that comes in that way - I love reading their summaries!
And of course we'll be looking at the suggestions you sent in via the survey as well :)

+Stefano Sargentini you're right that the circle limit right now is about 5000. Not sure if/when that will change, unfortunately.

+Kenneth Scott not sure about games issues - use the send feedback tool to report the issue if you haven't already!

+Robert Gilmour right now we're focusing on getting a variety of opinions from people, in order to identify which terms are most confusing. We'll drill down more specifically in another iteration of this survey..

+Timothy Pham I have the same issue, wanting to go to a default stream. I'm hoping we'll address it soon, but one geeky workaround: bookmark your favorite stream in your browser (the URL's different), and go to that instead of regular .

+Brittan Berry agreed that posting to an individual from their profile isn't very intuitive. you could use the sharebox in the black bar at the top of the window, but we need a better solution here!

+George Williams haha, I'm working on conversing - I'm actually in Asia right now - went to bed right after I posted this and woke up to over a hundred new comments!

+Amilcar Aristides Monteiro agreed that different profile pictures for different circles would be cool (I've also heard suggestions for different profile info, or names), but I haven't been able to figure out what should happen if you put someone in two circles - something I do a lot!

+Bill Goodrich not possible to +1 a photo from the album view right now. known issue and I hope we'll have a fix soon!

+Alexander Tundakov thanks for the feedback about font size. You can increase font size in your browser directly (View->Zoom in on Chrome, or just ctrl+ (PC) or cmd+ (MAC)). Things end up a little misaligned, but it may be a decent fix in the meantime.

+Mateusz Garczyński +P. Sperling +daigo sugiura yes, I was wondering if this would be confusing - we're focused on the English words now, and we'll look at translations into other languages later!

+Alister Macintyre you're right that browser info mgiht be helpful for specific issues - the "Send feedback" button in the lower-right tracks this automatically, helping us identify bugs. For these questions I had for you guys about words we use in the Google+ interface, I didn't consider browser info relevant :)

+matt wartell: We ask those background questions to check for correlations - for example, if we find that our "power users" (who visit Google+ often and have lots of people in their circles) are having trouble with certain terms, then we know we have a big problem! Or if it's just new users, we can adjust our welcome experience or sign up flow to make these thing clearer upfront.
Landscape mode for the iPhone. 
Hey +Dusty Haynes oops, I misinterpreted something I saw - I've edited my comment. Sorry about that! You're right that the experience is a little weird right now, having to invite everyone... hopefully we'll have a fix soon!
This survey should probably have an area for suggestions, or to explain issues other than confusion, for example: I have plenty of real world friends who I've got mutually circled, but I don't know their email, I feel like I should be able to send them chat invites without having to know their Gmail addresses.
i really hope you guys make hangouts better . they are little better than skype right now . i'm still using other video chat sites when i want to establish a video chatroom for friends to join in .
Survey done. Easy questions.
+Kimberly Johnson If you are reading this, below are some confusing elements (especially for newbies).
1. When you post using the comment box, you have to click the link --> +Add circles or people to share with... -->. Then a drop-down menu appears with your named circles, including the 3 general circles, i.e. your circles, extended circles, public. After selecting which circles you want to share your post, the drop-down menu still covers the Share button. You have to click "outside" the drop-down menu area for the menu to disappear, revealing the Share button. Then you can finally click the Share button... not very elegant as far as I'm concerned.

2. Since Google already knows a lot about us and our relationships, i.e. be they family, friends, business associates, classmates, etc., why can't Google automate the circle creation??? Google should program an algorithm or just buy that claims to automagically organize your friends. Manually organizing your circles is a PITA, and people are naturally lazy. I've used Katango in Facebook, and it's amazing how it "knows" how to automatically organize my friends and family based on relationships. Manual circle creation is the Achilles Heel of Google+. It is downright confusing for newbies. +Sergey Brin in the Web 2.0 interview with +John Battelle said he initially thought Google+ would be too complicated with all those circles (and presumably confusing). If a genius like +Sergey Brin thought it was complicated (and presumably confusing), how much more for ordinary folks like us?

I have more, but am afraid you may not even care to read.
+Tegid Foel wow, you're right. I'd never thought of that. I wonder why it sounds so wrong my native ear. I guess I should have just said "y'all's" but I think it has an uncomfortable number of apostrophes.

+Monty Montz thanks for the feedback - I'm reading all of it! I'm specifically focused on individual words right now that might be confusing, but will be looking at features and behaviors as well. In the meantime, using the "Send feedback" tool in the lower-right of every page is probably the best way to get your suggestions heard.
+Whit Johnson same thing - I didn't want to put a whole open-ended "suggestions" box in the survey because that's what the "send feedback" tool is for! Plus the people who look at that are way better at compiling and distributing the feedback than I am :)
If a post is shared then the resulting post does not contain a direct link to the original. That makes it difficult to browse old posts.
I have a feeling the people who complete this survey will be more knowledgeable about Google+ than people who opt not to.
+Beej Nodora yep, you're absolutely right. looking over some of the responses, it's clear that the people who filled out the survey are by and large on Google+ way more and have more people in their circles than we know average users do. Unsurprising, given that such "power users" are more likely to follow strangers like me :)
When I post something, it will only go to PEOPLE WHO CIRCLED ME.

This is confusing.

So if I post to my FRIENDS circle, only those FRIENDS who have circled ME will get it? But how can I know which of my FRIENDS has circled me? I have to go look one-by-one?
I'm taking the survey now. I was made to understand that there would be beer at the end.
Done ! With a certain sens of humour and a revealed secret in my last answer ;)
Improvements to link handling for people with multiple logins; this post, for example, was linked to by another Google+ post; that link assumes that the identity it goes to is the default login, not the current login, so it swaps identities by the time I get there; if I +1, I +1 as the wrong person. That's a pretty tiny audience, though, IMO.
instead of remembering non html codes for things like italics or bold, simply add a text edit button. Also the ability to change time or date a post is posted ( past or future instead of just the present). MUCH more ability to change a post after it's posted other than just the text. I love that you can change text but I'd like to be able to change links, change or add photos, change who it is shared with. A few default settings for circles to share with. Ability to rearrange photos wo going to picassa and the choice of a cover or 1st image. Choose the account it is associated with and incorporate blogger. Ability to import a blog so we can leave other blogs. Lastly a photo resize tool so we are not sharing a full size image unless we want to. love that you listen. love the lock ability. I'll be glad when more people use it. Oh and when we add our FB email to post to FB it's only the 1st line w. NO photos.
It is difficult for the user to guess that ignoring and blocking are not the same thing.
* The pages that allow me to ignore do not mention blocking
* The pages that allow me to block do not mention ignoring
hi +Kimberly Johnson,
many comments. I would like to see just those of my circles. or ... the circles of my circles. this would be an improvement!
We need to be able to send out a post pertinent only to a specific circle, but also (and separately) be able to also decide who sees it while visiting your page. For instance, I may not want to clutter up a stream specific to photography with off topic stuff, but would like the person to be able to see it if he/she visits my page. That way people in (circles I choose) can also see my other interests.
Please review my page it has many different Ideas on there from registered hashmarks, a live map created by photographs taken based on location and time, to a queue for your posts. Also please review the #googleplusmockups search, I have tagged all of my ideas in this area. Is there a hash tag that I could use to post my ideas that would have you and the google team review?
Done, maybe it's possible to make this survey also in different languages?
+Kimberly Johnson here's one i forgot in my feedback: when posts are shared with users and not circles, maybe an small icon of their avatar should be shown instead of limited. that would clear it up for the user HOW limited it really is
I took the survey and flunked it I think.
+Arman Shirzadi i doubt that will ever happen. that would break the expected privacy of a user posting to a thread. removing users or circles with access to a thread might be ok, but adding more circles can compromise the contents
Couple things not on the survey, that I'd like, Kimberly:
1. An "extended circle" for each of my circles, not just the sum of all my circles. For instance, if I want other photographers, besides those in my photography circle, to see something, an "extended photography circle."
2. A "static" feed; don't jump an old post up to the top of the feed just because it's gotten new comments.
3. A list of people I've blocked, so, should I choose to do so in the future, I can decide to unblock them again.
4. A "follow" circle for people I might want to look at on occasion, but not actually see in my regular feed. (I had one person, who was in a couple of circles, who literally posted 100 pieces of art in 10 minutes; on my work computer, it's kind of dicey what extensions I can add on to control stuff like that.)
5. Beyond "muting" posts, a way to block selective posts, ie, like FB lets people block posts about games. (I hope we don't need that here!)
Make the picture albums drag and drop, so if you forget to put a photo into a certain album, you can just drag and drop it into another album.
+Charles Vaz no need in mentioning ppl that dont have you in their circles. for two weeks now, Plus introduced a new feature that limits from who you receive mentions. * unfortunately* it defaulted to extended circle, from what it previously was of Anyone.
so if anyone doesnt have you in their circles, they wont receive your mention... SUCKS, i know!
+Al Kordesch this here is Google+, not Facebook. there isn't a concept of friendship. only those that want to read posts that you share with them will, no mater how you classify them.
still, if you share something with someone hasnt circled you back, and you share something with them, the post will still be available on their Incoming.
+Kimberly Johnson not sure what you guys plan for the future, but i would love to see my Stream work more like emails or GReader.
To be able to mark posts as read, and filter those with unread. when new comments on those post popup, the post would come back and show the latest comments.... just like gmail does when you archive a thread.
I took the survey. I failed. I want my money refunded.
+Kimberly Johnson Did the survey. There is absolutely nothing confusing about G+. But you guys really need to fix the "error changing circle membership" bug. I haven't been able to circle anyone in weeks...
When someone uses + to respond to a person in a long thread, then it is difficult to find the original message.
+Niels Langager Ellegaard I was just thinking that! We need a "see parent" feature here - not necessarily threaded replies, but parent, and/or quoting facility.
+Lisa Rowe That is a good idea. Perhaps the parent post could be visible in the popup that appears when you hover over the "+name". If the parent author has posted several times, then Google+ could use posting timestamps to find the correct the parent post
By the way, I shared this post with a circle that only contains myself. Can other people see my named under "877 shares" in Kimberlys post? That would be a (minor) privacy problem.
Great to see G+ research team taking initiative to gather users' feedback +Kimberly Johnson! Although this survey is not comprehensive to cover all aspects of users' experience, I presume more feedback surveys will come ;)?

A feedback on the survey form by the way (sorry, occupational habit!): an explanation paragraph before Question 6 would be good to prepare respondents on what to expect in Question 6 - 15. I see you have modified the introduction paragraph to mention this, maybe repeat the explanation again before Question 6?
While I think it's a good idea to ask users, I have to say:

I posted about 15-20 issues with the feedback tool at the bottom right corner, with things that I'd like to have optimized.
Before I'm going to invest even more time filling in surveys, I'd like to see what happened to all these...
Hi, you need exclusion circles on this site. Add an extra field below the share post form, to add circles that don't get the share - and the Circle labels should be shown in "Red" to contrast with the "Green" colored circle labels that do get the share.
Done, hope we all can make G+ more better. I thinks its already better than FB... only that there are still much more friends of mine... :( but maybe in future :D
in reality, the biggest thing that needs to change is that Google+ needs to work with all Google products as it seems feasible to.
new to this concept (social networking) and facinated by how it may evolve. I am just jumping in, thrashing around (I hope I dont break it) - I hope it is ok to learn along with you!
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