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I just giggled at this for like a minute straight.
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That's a really big yellow kickstand =)
In non-Soviet Russia the bicycle rams you! :)
I dunno, it's close, but I see the tire bent a little bit.  Can't possibly be his.  :P
Well, in fact, it makes sense (or at least, it should).

First, a wheel needs to be very sturdy.

Second, it's much better to have external shell of a car crush in to absorb the impact, both for the car passengers and potential victims of a crash outside the car, than be very hard and cause much more damages to the internal structure of the car (and passengers) and the pedestrian or biker that comes into contact.
Plain and simple the car lost, it apparently has more damage
I bet it's moped car. Those explode if you run over a rock bigger than fist.
is the car made of paper?
ehh l0l whtz tht bicycle cost ?
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