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Laughing so much at these reviews!  They're amazing.

This pen is great. I bought it for all my female friends and relatives. It enabled them, finally, to write things.

I simply couldn't get them to work. Every time I tried to write, all that came out was flowery poetry about the tyranny of the male gender (awkward, being a male), and my resentments against Patriarchal marketing trying to capitalize upon the feminine identity by perpetuating stereotypes.

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Balderdash, purple has been, and ever shall be, the color of queens, kings, and prose. Vive le ancien regime.
"This is the most uncomfortable tampon I have ever used. Honestly, I don't know what Bic was thinking. Don't recommend."

Laugh a minute,what will men do ?:-)
The sexist pen. What will they come up with next?
Mark C
Warning: No man should use this pen. They may find themselves writing down their emotions and personal thoughts to share with others.
As many corporate structures are hierarchical, what if the project manager responsible for this idea, or this project, was not a man?  It seems like people are just assuming that this idea came from a man, isn't that in and of itself sexist? If that's what sexism entails. (I don't own any stock in this company, so I have no need to spend my time writing possible reasons for this approach on behalf of Bic)    
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