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Just sent out a bunch of invitations to participate in Google research! Want in on the fun? If you haven't already, fill out and we'll reach out to you when we've got a study for you!

Please reshare! :)
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Already signed up .... !! Just holler when i am needed :)
+AJ Kohn probably! Not totally sure what you mean by folks like you, but we look for all kinds of users to talk to: frequent Google+ers, along with infrequent and new users, and users of most other Google products, too! We do a lot of studies in the US, but also have offices around the world, so we love having people from other places in our databases, too :) We try to get a mix of super tech-savvy people and people who are new to computers and everyone in-between, just to get a diverse sample of people who use our products!
I've not heard anything about this.. But I'm from the UK. we seem to get everything last.
AJ Kohn
+Kimberly Johnson, I'd probably be best classified as an SEO and write a lot about search and have a number of friends (or acquaintances) who work at Google.
Signed up, completed survey, dropped your name.
+AJ Kohn what does SEO means? all I can found is Search Engine Optimization, but it seems you refer it as an occupation.
+Ivan Yudhi I've been hired before to do it as a one off task at a company before.. Didn't get paid much though, I guess if you're amazing at it, you could make it an occupation.
+Talmai Oliveira if you're selected to come in, you'll be compensated generously for your time! See the FAQ in my first comment for details :)
Pretty sure I filled this out...
+Kimberly Johnson I wasn't expecting any compensation but that's nice to know... :) I live close to Google HQ in Mountain View and have been always passionated by Google products.. that's why if someone is looking for volunteers to help make Google products better, I'd do it for free...

I actually taught one Google employee how to use Google+ before.. true story :p
Is this what you mean by google sketch-up :)
+Omar Belingheri we do research all over the world. You might not be contacted as frequently just because we do more research in the US than outside, but keep an eye on your inbox. We've definitely got researchers in Europe looking for participants, so they'll find you if you fill out this form! :)
+Omar Belingheri the Drive survey is probably unrelated :)
Now that you've filled out the form once, you're in our database, so you don't have to fill it out again! We're doing user studies all the time, but I'm not sure how often we do them in Italy, unfortunately. For any given study, we'll email a bunch of potential participants from the database and then pick ones who respond and are a good fit (sometimes we have specific needs for people who use or don't use certain Google products, depending on what we're testing). If someone participates in a study, we probably won't contact them again for awhile (we like to get a variety of participants), but if someone isn't selected to participate, we still might pull them from the database again a few months later, just depending on how many people we have in our database at that time.
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