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Thought-provoking and very entertaining talk
h/t +Sy Bernot

The connectome is where nature meets nurture.
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I love TED talks and I love all things about the brain. I'm saving this to my desktop to when there isn't any commotion in the room. Thanks!
I'm not quite done watching this, I'm only about a third of the way through, but so far this is very, very interesting! If I didn't have such a weak stomach, I'd go do some biosciences and go do some of this stuff.

I wish! If only I had a brain ...

Also, it would seem I have a hybrid Spaghetti-Waffle brain.
If technology ever gets developed to make this possible, there better be an API. We need to be about to pull our memories from our brains and load em up into +Gina Trapani's +ThinkUp Web App. Then we can see our archived memories. Forgetting may just become a thing of the past.
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