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April 20, 2012

My camera bag just got heavier... ;)


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Is this the IS version? The kit one that I have is much shaper than the 18-55 lens that comes with the camera, and the "macro" mode is fun even if it doesn't get up very close!
Nope +Liam Quin. This one is bare bones. Just needed to expand my range a bit. (Only had 18-55 kit lens and 50 1.8 :)
+Kimberly Hayworth it's much better than the 18-55 lens, have fun. I have it too.

I also have the 17-85 EF-S IS lens, which is much heavier and not quite as sharp, but a really useful workhorse. I got it used at a camera store in Raleigh, NC, when I was there on business :D

The f/1.8 50mm lens is fabulous too.
Thanks +Liam Quin :) I played around a bit with it today and really liked it. We're going to do some shooting around the Bay tomorrow so will post any usable shots I can come up with. I was thinking about renting a 10-20 mm at some point to start to try doing some lanscape photography. We'll see...
Oh and the meteor shower tomorrow! I wanted to try getting some long exposures of that.
+Kimberly Hayworth note that a long lens like 30mm needs a tripod (or at least a monopod).

I advise against renting any L-series lens. It's like driving a rangerover and then going back to the ford fiesta. ☺ I rented the 70-200 IS L and fell in love, alas, a love unrequited! :giggle:

With a narrower lens - even the 18-55 - you can join together multiple landscale photos (especially if you take them in manual mode so they all have the same exposure) e.g. using the free "hugin" program, although it's a rather different effect than the wide angle lenses.

+Satrio Damardjati no, I work in computers and have a Web site about old books ☺ I visited a camera store to buy a lens.
Buen objetivo... ¿Qué lente es?
ah...sorry +Liam Quin :) Doesn't "L" stand for "luxury" ;)?

It was interesting today as I'm not used to having to back up quite so much to get a shot. We're waiting for the meteor shower to get up to speed to try some long exposures. I'll go through and post what I come up with.

The 18-55 has become a bit like muscle memory at this point though. I know what shots I can (and can't ;) get with it. Still learning with the 75-300 and the borrowed 100 mm. The 50 1.8 is just my nemesis. Sometimes I can get great shots with it...others, not so much ;)
+Kimberly Hayworth I think the 50mm f/1.8 is like that - you can get a really shallow depth of field, of course, and some really neat foreground/background effects, but because it's so narrow it's really easy to take dud shots.

By the way, if your tripod is not sturdy, you can use the mirror lockup custom function to reduce vibrations, and weigh the tripod down.

Yes, L for luxury, but boy, they are also workhorses.
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