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Lytro Summer Tour

July 12-14 San Diego, Comic-Con International
July 20-22 Seattle, Bite of Seattle
July 26-28 Somerset, WI, Soundtown Music and Camping Festival
August 3-5, Chicago, Lollapalooza
August 17-19 NYC, International Fringe Fest
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Sounds like fun! How do you like your Lycos, I meant Lytro so far?
It's great +Shang Heng Wei :) Still in the process of learning how best to shoot with it though. I just got a light tent so am looking forward to trying to do some macro shots with better lighting.
Can you show what the tent looks like? Would love to see it!
Right now it's in a bunch of small, individual boxes ;) I had no idea so much assembly would be required when I got it. Maybe I'll  put it together and use it for my 366 image tonight.
Yeah! Looking forward to seeing your collection of boxes :)
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