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Kimberly Devitt
Social Media Consultant and Digital Marketing Strategist
Social Media Consultant and Digital Marketing Strategist
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What's your New Year's Resolution? 

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5 Tips for an Unplugged Vacation - In our digital world, we have access to almost everything at the touch of our fingertips. The Internet has enhanced virtually every aspect of our lives. Social media, text messaging and e-mails are just a few of the tools that have allowed us to stay connected. However, the same interconnectivity that keeps us in constant contact with one another can also be the wedge that drives us apart. Family time is incredibly important, but it can be tough to accompl...

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My 60-day health challenge is halfway finished and I’ve had several people ask me how it’s going thus far. The short answer is, well, it’s going!

I’ve had cravings for pizza and I’ve had dreams about bagels. I have replaced caramel macchiatos with Arbonne protein shakes in the morning. I’ve pushed myself so hard at kickboxing and glute camp that I’ve felt like I was going to pass out. At times, I have even felt like throwing in the towel. I have had setbacks, but I haven’t given up. Competitors don’t quit.

Here’s what I have learned during the first half of my 60-day health challenge:

#NeverQuit   #Motivation   #60DayChallenge   #Health  

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6 Corn Maze Adventures to Explore - An October tradition for many Americans, corn mazes provide a fun and educational alternative to chilling haunted houses. As the warm summer months melt away to a cooler crisp, Fall sweater weather provides ideal temperatures for family adventures in the field. Have you ever explored a corn maze? Each corn maze has a unique design, featuring twisting pathways surrounded by towering corn stalks. For those seeking to navigate a corn maze for the first time,...

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Just Updated:
All the Most Current Logos for the Most Popular Social Networks

Previously this resource contained only the logos for Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedI, Instagram and YouTube. I've now updated and expanded the assets to include:

- The most current +Google+ logo
- Meerkat
- Vine
- Ello
- Periscope
- Medium
- Blogger
- Tumblr
- Reddit
- Vimeo
- Flickr

Download the full set here:

These assets are 100% free and don't require any sort of credit or attribution. I wouldn't be opposed to being credited though. ;)

I'm now in the process of updating my social media icon set as well as all the assets that my email subscribers have access to. I've got this down to a science at this point so it should all happen pretty quickly. 

Let's just hope none of the other networks decide it's time for a #branding  update. lol

#socialmedia   #logos  

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Enter for the chance to win a week-long vacation at a Jellystone Park of your choice in a Winnebago Brave vehicle! Register now for your chance to win:

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For those of you interested, here's the conference guide for the 2015 Florida Blogger & Social Media Conference Presented by Ford. Honored to have +Carolyn Capern +Greg Trujillo and +Thomas E. Hanna | presenting, amid a field of incredible speakers. And, this year at #flblogcon sees the addition of a pre-party at the Blue Man Group! As well as Tijuana Flats for lunch, Florida Dairy Farmer ice cream and yogurt parfaits, Seminole pride Noble Juices, and many other great partners who help make this event happen. Oh, and this year's theme is "The Next Step." So, what is #thenextstep  for your blogging?

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Don't miss this Quick Guide to Chicago’s Lakeshore Drive for tips on what to do and see!

Chicago is a bustling city with thousands of activities and attractions for singles, couples and families alike. From food to arts to festivals and more – the Windy City has a little something for everyone. Planning a trip to Chicago? Your trip would not…
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