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Kimberly Crawley
Infosec writer, + developer of Hackers Vs Banksters. Infosec Patreon: Game:
Infosec writer, + developer of Hackers Vs Banksters. Infosec Patreon: Game:

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I proposed to Rob... and he said yes! The wedding is tentatively on July 16th.



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Rob and I at Rockling's for Valentine's Day... Ain't we cute?

#ValentinesDay #Brantford

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Are Windows Registry cleaners safe or useful? I did an experiment.

Thanks +AlienVault

#infosec #Windows #Windows10

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For Rob on #ValentinesDay. I might be a bit hyped about #Persona5.


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Al Jarreau was pretty much my favourite singer. Learning about his death today made me cry. Here's one of my favourite songs of his. Enjoy!


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I'm Kim Crawley, and I write and research information security.

I'm published in CIO, CSO, Computerworld, SC Magazine, 2600 Magazine, and Tripwire and Alienvault's corporate blogs.

At least once a month or two, I publish an original article to my Medium. I do that for free.

Unfortunately, my writing and research income isn't enough to live on.

I'm super appreciate of my Patreon supporters, such as +Kathryn Huxtable.

Support a woman who writes about information security. Thank you!

And if you cannot contribute to my Patreon, please share this post and get the word out. I really appreciate it!

#infosec #informationsecurity #cybersecurity #tech

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+SUBWAY Restaurants:

Supporters of a pedophile, worker abuse, and VOMIT SANDWICHES.

Worry about food safety!

#food #Subway #fastfood

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Can women and gender studies, political science, or the military lead to a cyber security career? It worked for them!

My latest article is here.

#infosec #informationsecurity #tech #cybersecurity

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Rob and me at the ZZZBTFD show Friday night. He's a tireless audio worker, I couldn't help much.

+quieky #Brantford

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Important information for American households with immigrants, and people who are targeted by Islamophobia in Herr Trump's New World Order.

Thank you, +ACLU of Washington

#TrumpBan #immigrants #islamophobia
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