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Via +Jerry Nguyen.  And yeah, this is pretty much what I've been going through with the school, except on this latest round I chickened out/tried to be mature and go directly to the school head, and got brushed off.

So sick of this crap.
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I'm already tense for what my daughters will face in the future. I glad that you sent something to the school head! There are too many people who would sit back and not do anything about it.

As an aside: I'm totally similar to the editor/husband in the article. My advice on "what's appropriate" should probably be taken with a giant salt lick.
I think that people are often confronted with similar situations but 1) don't know how to respond or 2) just shake their heads in disbelief. 
Telling the story, sharing the story helps others speak up as well as to be cautious about how they phrase things (mis-wording, I think or hope,  often takes place out of social habit rather than from personal beliefs)
I do understand the comments on the post about possibly just trying to get more dads involved, but I don't think that excuses the principals response.
I was struggling with some gender issues with my 9 year old step daughter earlier this year, and I probably over-stepped my bounds a bit with her mother, but I'm not sorry I did. I wanted the kids to get involved in a sport because none of them had ever had any team activities, and because I thought it would help them make friends since we were new in town. Soccer was open for registration, and I thought that would be a good intro sport. My daughter, however, told me that she thought she should be a cheerleader, because "that's what girls do". I might have let her if she hadn't said that, and followed it up with something like "mom says girls have long hair". Instead I called her mother and told her Charly was playing soccer and she better encourage her, and not fill her up with nonsense.
Lucky for me, Charly loves soccer now.
To be honest Karen read to much into it, another thing would have been if she offered to help and the school would reply that they wanted/preferred dads.

Also the other parents and the principals are a bunch of puritans that want to ignore the fact that half of the populations has penises.

Said, I wish I had that sort of activity in my school,  launching pumpkins with a trébuchet sounds awesome..