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When I warned you earlier that I was coming back later with scary romance covers, this is the thing I was warning you about:

I've been reading back through this tumblr for the past couple of days and laughing myself silly, occasionally dragging poor Corran in on the pain.  The blogger is clearly very nerdy with MST3K and D&D references, which makes it all the sweeter.

I'm still going through but I made a list of some of my faves (it's usually the comment that wins): <--- This one is extra-awesome for the geekiness and tag. - Why is the CN tower coming out of her head?  I get that it's Toronto's phallus, but...meep.

All of this makes me so, so, so extra happy I paid a real artist for my cover.  I've seen much cheaper pitches around various romance blogs and clearly, you get what you pay for.  Thank you +Charles Dowd for being above this wretched nonsense!
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Heh, yes, I've seen some of those before.  There are some other good parody pages around too. :D
Here's another funny one, but for more personal reasons:

It amuses me because it reminds me of this album cover by a friend:

The thing is, Jerome's doing the hiding-behind-the-cards thing as a bit of an inside joke since The Roving Gamblers are the grownup version of the +Biscuit Brothers.  So in that case the pose is clever, funny, and pretty cool.

Not so much for the romance cover.  Sigh.