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I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that I have the only atheistic six-year-old in Texas who is trying to use the excuse of needing to practice her Arabic homework to get out of tidying her room.
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It's actually not bad. We usually wouldn't make her clean like this. But she's still got tons of stuff in the spare room that was taken away in past cleaning failures, so we're giving her those boxes to sort into her actual room so Corran's brother can come visit and use that room, and for general prep for a home inspection for adoption.

The problem is more that she's getting boxes of stuff she hasn't seen in months (close to a year for one box) so it's like Christmas in there, which isn't conducive to putting the stuff away.
sounds like goodwill needs some new donations.
LOL. Wouldn't you luv to turn the clock back? Altho' its kinda like for me when I decide to clear out my stuff.
I routinely threaten to Goodwill her excess if she doesn't keep it out of my way. But in actual fact, we save baby toys/clothes for the next kid. But after that one, yes, extraneous stuff will be Goodwilled. Heck, a significant proportion of the clothes came from there in the first place...
Maybe she want's keep all her stuff even the stuff she;s out grown?
Fiona: The opposite: she's keen to divest of things she otherwise loves to avoid having to tidy them. She doesn't fully glean the permanence of giving things away. We do let her choose to put baby stuff away, though.

Robbie: Not yet. We're trying to adopt.
Well, I wish you good luck getting the room tidy and, obviously, with the adoption.,..on the plus side she'll probably nail Arabic before the rest of her class.
I knew a family that had a "toy jail" calendar in the family room, where all toys except bed-friends were stored. The children took turns marking off the previous day, and checking the calendar for "parolees".