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I am a cranky, liberal, intersectional feminist who has no time for bullshit. Do not comment with unsolicited advice, 'splaining, derailments, unnecessary pedantry, bigotry, come-ons, or other assorted crap in my space. All such comments are at risk of deletion without warning, bitingly expletive-laden retorts, and/or blocking.

I owe you nothing. Freedom of speech is not a mandate to be heard.

Now if you can behave, come on in because there's cake and snark and geeklove.

I used to have several opt-in notify circles but G+ killed that. I do not run collections because they have poor functionality that I'm not going to rehash here.

Now that G+ doesn't let me see if a given person has me in circles or not - a sure-fire way to identify drive-by trolls - and has taken away my ability to limit comments to Extended Circles, all while still failing to grant users reasonable methods of controlling trolls, I have decided to set my posts to circles only for commenting. I'm just too tired to deal with endless bigots and bullshit. I apologize if this means nice people I don't have in circles can't comment anymore, but I'm just tired of it.

In fact I'm getting really sick of G+ in general and posting on FB more ( FB is evil, but functional. G+ is broken unless you're a straight white guy.

If you read this far and like geeky feminist romance, congratulations, here's a coupon for $1 off my novel Finding Gaia at Smashwords. It's also available at Amazon but they don't let me make coupons.

Promotional price: $3.99
Coupon Code: AC26H
Expires: December 31, 2018

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Meryl Streep hates Trump. Now this horrible totally-not-made-up attack on Sweden. ABBA is from Sweden. Meryl Streep was in the "Mamma Mia!" movie.

* waves hands frantically


more hand waving

no, really, so much hand waving

really pretty much a Kermit flail at this point

because Kermit couldn't save the Swedish Chef from Meryl Streep *

Incredibly heart-moving graphic below is by my friend Luci Crossman on Facebook. I'm sure we'll all be changing our avatars any second now, and eating so many meatballs of solidarity.


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I had no idea either!
"For more than 10 years Morojo and Ackerman were an inseparable, intellectually compatible dream duo, and 1939 was an especially big year for the pair: they started their first major zine together, jointly financed the publication of teenage Ray Bradbury’s first sci-fi zine, and attended the first-ever World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon) wearing 'futuristicostumes' straight out of the 1936 H.G. Wells movie Things to Come — the FIRST FAN COSTUMES EVER WORN IN RECORDED HISTORY.

"Handsome Forrie cut a dashing figure in his giant shoulder pads and breeches, tiny Morojo’s ball gown converted into a ROMPER with a CAPE, and every other attendee who wasn’t busy hatin’ on ‘em for out-fanning the rest of the world started planning their own costumes for next year."

I had no idea!

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This makes me very sad. It's cool on camera but....sigh.
Man points camera at ice – seconds later he captures the impossible on film as a piece of glacier the size of the Lower Manhattan falls into the ocean.

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I'd just ask +Geoffrey Snyder.

The second image is one I made for the person on FB who shared this. I'm really enjoying the peekaboo Jesus meme on FB...
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Seriously. Go read it. Right now. DO IT.

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Three years ago today I dragged the kids with me to do volunteering for the cake show with +Kyla Myers. I had no idea at the time that we'd end up moving to England!
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I'm trying to urge I'm a women's group involved with to do more outreach to get a more diverse membership. As in, we have only one woman of colour, and I get a lot of excuses like "Cambridge isn't very diverse" which isn't true.

Do any of my fellow activists here know of a good guide I could read (after cake show but I'm posting this now while it's in my head) on how to attract diversity without being pandering? I also don't want to put the one woman of colour in the position of having to recruit. I am trying to be careful of tokenism, and our group is genuinely welcoming to diversity so we really do want more women to come try us out. We just don't know where to start.

So far my group's only idea is to hang our posters in more varied locations to make sure it's not just our own haunts.

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