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Kimberly Chapman

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Comments Now Restricted

Due to excessive trolling/spam, all of my posts are now set to allow comments from Extended Circles only.  If problems continue, I may change this to Your Circles only.

I apologize for this inconvenience to innocent people.  If I could set restrictions by post I would, but G+ doesn't allow that at this time.

eta, I am also not participating in Collections at this time.  If this makes you not want to follow me, I am entirely happy to not meet you.  See for an explanation if you need it.
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+Kimberly Chapman FWIW I dropped to a single circle, "Comments enabled", quite some time back.  I'm liberal at adding people to it, but equally so at removing them.

It also makes managing whether or not comments are or aren't enabled easier, as well as tracking people I don't particularly care to have commenting.

Sanity may not have improved, but appearance of sanity has.

And agreement on your choice of favorite G+ paladin.

Kimberly Chapman

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Because I am beset by pedants and joke-explainers: yes, the title is meant to be wrong.

Wear sunscreen.  We know people who have died way too early because of melanomas.
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Interesting factoid: Vitamin D deficiency makes you sunburn easily, and sunblock also blocks vitamin D production. I personally got into a terrible feedback loop of needing stronger and stronger sunblock -- meanwhile becoming ill with what I assumed was a completely unrelated health problem.

Kimberly Chapman

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The last one broke my heart and mended it, all at once

Kimberly Chapman

Shared publicly  - +Madame Tussauds London has a big Star Wars thing and they're trying to get nerdy parents like me in...but the Leia is "slave Leia" while the male characters all get to have battles or hang out in the canteen before shooting first?

I'm supposed to take my nine year old daughter to that?  Why, so she can feel like yet again the boys get to play while the girls are objects of bound lust?


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+Sarah Lester see this is the thing precisely...I've looked at how much it costs (including the train cost down there from Cambridge) and what they've got that I, as an old nerd, have actually heard of, and always said, "Meh."

Then I hear they've got a Star Wars thing you can actually interact with on some level and I thought, "Hrm, maybe?"

Then I go watch the video and I'm all into the craft of it and starting to warm to the idea...

...and then realize that apparently men get to play, women are for T&A.

Kimberly Chapman

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I blame +Karen Price entirely for this.

Okay probably +Charles C. Dowd a little bit too, for the comic version Peo drew.

But mostly Karen for showing me that Hugh Jackman thing in the first place.

#bacon   #baconpancakes   #videosbymykid  
Some of you may be aware by now that I have a slight fandom for Hugh Jackman and Wolverine. So it would not be that surprising that my friends would make sure I was aware of this: I didn't even rea...
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+Charles C. Dowd's offer to babysit is accepted.

Kimberly Chapman

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I'm going to need Corran to read this to me later since it's over my head.
I laughed.

The City of Austin will probably buy it for their staff.

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I saw that, too. Hilarious.

Kimberly Chapman

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“And did they do it with "pride"?”
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Awww +Bruce Shark you're a monster like Grover is a monster.  :)



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Kimberly Chapman

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Part of why we're working to make the move here permanent is because so much of the country looks like this.

Still working my way through the Dorset vacation photos for blogging over at the Monkeyloo, but we went to Lacock Abbey because Harry Potter reasons, so that'll be coming soon.  And while I was all getting the girls to pose like they were at Hogwarts, Robin discovered the joy of a rope swing and you will die in a melted puddle of goo when I get around to posting the pictures of her happy face.
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Even if she doesn't come back to train, definitely come back and visit, though it would be more fun to have her train.  Not sure what sort of presence SD has on G+, but we had seven youth students earn their black belts last weekend.  Amethyst, William, Quincy, Aidan, Zane, Paul, and Ian.  But there is a Peo-shaped void in the dojo!

Most any style that bills itself as "traditional Japanese karate" should be pretty similar to what we do.  I've always been of the opinion that the instructors and the way the school treats students is more important than the style question, especially with children.  I wound up at Sun Dragon because I loved the community and the schools that were the most similar to what I had done before stylistically didn't float my boat in terms of their philosophy and community.  But definitely get in touch with Sensei, because she may be able to get some info about schools in your area from the extended Seido network.  Even though there's no Seido near you, they may know someone who knows someone.  

Good to hear from you and please pass along my best to Peo.  

Kimberly Chapman

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The UK version of Red Nose Day was a couple of months back but you can still donate here if a US donation isn't feasible for you:

I actually already donate to several of the charities for the US one directly.  Which reminds me, I guess I should switch my decades-long Foster Parents Plan International sponsorship to the UK soon...

Kimberly Chapman

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Motherhood Is...

Me, to Robin just now: No thank you.  No.  Really, no.  You eat it.  I don't want it.  No thank you, Robin, I do not want the cake from your pants.
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And mine.  But it makes libraries a frugal option!

Kimberly Chapman

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OMG I aspire to be a Baba Yaga one day.

I like the previous one on the link as well, about getting over someone who has been poisonous to you.  I should try that when thinking about the nasty head of ACE Academy who called me names to my face when I stood up for the right of my daughter to not have medical marketing in her homework folder.  Because I still haven't made the big public post about that, which I keep promising to do, in part because I wish I could just forget about the whole ugliness.
You know I just had to share this with you all. 

I adore Baba Yaga. She's scary, but she's here to help.



Dear Baba Yaga,
I find myself in a relationship that is generally socially unacceptable. A whole community of people actively frowns upon the idea of us being together. How can I learn to give fewer fucks about what these people think?

I give you this cauldron : open it, & out of it comes a laugh, an enormous laugh with the power of wind, it winds around you and the humans who frown, it wraps around yr love, it is so loud & thick that you must close yr eyes & ears, it lasts for a day & a night. .When it is done & gone, you look around again–what do you see? The land has been blasted by it, it has changed everything, & no one remembers what happened before it stormed the village.
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I actually wrote most of the post the night after the horrible meeting as a catharsis but also to accurately record details that I knew would later be clouded by memory gaps.

Then a few weeks later I did go back and turn it into proper, grammatical prose.  I meant to then have Corran read it over for tone and as an extra check against any potentially libel claims, but then we got wrapped up in the flurry of coming to the UK and I haven't dug it back out.

Part of me wants to let it die, but part of me also wants to warn prospective parents of some of the school's uglier truths.  It's not wholly a bad school, but there are some poisonous elements that parents should know about in order to make fully informed decisions.  Further, the school makes a lot of promises to very desperate parents and if your child is too young, those promises aren't fulfilled for many years and they don't tell you that.  This is a common topic of frustrated discussions between parents, and there ought to be more public discussion but as with any social institution, there's a lot of pressure and fear to only speak positively about the school.  I will be attacked if I speak out, even though so many will silently agree with me.

So I lose sleep over it.  In fact tonight I'll have to do something else to put it out of my head before I try to sleep or else I'll lay there all night fretting over it.

It's tempting to let it go.  It's also tempting to get it done.  But I'm tired and busy so...yeah.

Kimberly Chapman

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+Karen Schumacher won the guessing game, this is a holder for piping tips!

But yes, also for mini Daleks.
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Talk to Irene/board and if you want me to write a "please bring your stuff" pitch on the FB group I will. :)
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