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I am a cranky, liberal, intersectional feminist who has no time for bullshit. Do not comment with unsolicited advice, 'splaining, derailments, unnecessary pedantry, bigotry, come-ons, or other assorted crap in my space. All such comments are at risk of deletion without warning, bitingly expletive-laden retorts, and/or blocking.

I owe you nothing. Freedom of speech is not a mandate to be heard.

Now if you can behave, come on in because there's cake and snark and geeklove.

I used to have several opt-in notify circles but G+ killed that. I do not run collections because they have poor functionality that I'm not going to rehash here.

Now that G+ doesn't let me see if a given person has me in circles or not - a sure-fire way to identify drive-by trolls - and has taken away my ability to limit comments to Extended Circles, all while still failing to grant users reasonable methods of controlling trolls, I have decided to set my posts to circles only for commenting. I'm just too tired to deal with endless bigots and bullshit. I apologize if this means nice people I don't have in circles can't comment anymore, but I'm just tired of it.

In fact I'm getting really sick of G+ in general and posting on FB more ( FB is evil, but functional. G+ is broken unless you're a straight white guy.

If you read this far and like geeky feminist romance, congratulations, here's a coupon for $1 off my novel Finding Gaia at Smashwords. It's also available at Amazon but they don't let me make coupons.

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Apparently it's a bit warm in Arizona:

Mind you, we regularly had temperatures like that when we lived in Las Vegas, and while we had some heat-related incidents (like the time we forgot some pull-top soup cans in the back of the car after a grocery trip and they 'sploded, but luckily were still in a plastic bag so the mess was mostly contained), we certainly never saw anything like this.

So did they just make better plastic bins there or something?

We watched Star Wars (like the proper one, the real first one, New Hope, in its proper unadulterated format because FFS Han not only shot first, he was the only one who shot) with Peo tonight. She's seen it before, obviously, but it's been awhile.

I enjoyed some good Vader snarking myself.

Like when he stops force-choking that dude in the meeting because Tarkin tells him to and Vader says, "As you wish." I said, "Aaaaaaaassss yoooooouuuuuuu wiiiiiiiiish" and Corran said I'm a very wrong sort of person so I said, "He's all in black. He could totally be the Dread Pirate Roberts."

And then Corran said that yeah they just get a new crew every once in awhile on the Death Star and nobody sees who's in the outfit...

And then later when Vader was fighting Obi Wan and Obi Wan said his bit about being more powerful than he could imagine blah blah I added, "Also, the floor is lava. PSYCHE."


And I normally would have said something about not acting like he doesn't like it but I was laughing too hard because Anakin is a dork.

#nerdparenting #homebasedMST3King #crossingthestreams 

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This is horrifying. Trigger warnings for all kinds of rape and sexual assault stories in the article.

Nutshell: once you consent to sex in North Carolina, dude gets to do whatever he wants to you and it's not assault/rape.

Me, to Peo: You have chosen wisely. Now an old crusty dude won't do bad things to you with a cup.

Peo: Huh?

Me: You haven't seen those movies yet.

Corran: We showed her the first one.

Me: Oh did we?

Corran: Yeah we figured after LotR that she could handle it.

Me: Oh.

Peo: What movie?

Me: Indiana Jones.

Peo: Oh. That movie about that box thing? And the snakes and why there had to be so many snakes?

[Corran and I dieded, the end]

#atheistparenting #thatboxthing #notculturallyrelevanttoatheistchild

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Onomatopoeia in several languages: how to eat, fart, rev an engine, and explode around the world. 

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Stolen from Facebook because this is clearly +Bruce Shark
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