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Kimberly Chapman

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I saved up paper route money (as in, a few dollars per week) for ages to be able to buy my very own Sony Walkman, which was about CDN$250.

I listened to it for over a decade every day before it crapped out.  I bought another one in university that had a mic in because I needed that for journalism school, and I listened to that last while walking when I was pregnant with Peo eight years ago.

So really, let's do the math on that...I bought two devices for less than CDN$500 over three decades and one of them is still operational, should I choose to use it.

In terms of cost comparison, that beats ipods and cellphones for music pretty handily.
I have to say that this is one of the more useful "kids react" videos -- because the kids actually give pretty good UX feedback. You can see which things are and aren't obvious for them to operate, which things do and don't make sense to them. (And some of them give explicit feedback which is actually more useful than I've heard from many adults) 

There's a lot to be said for handing your device to a kid and seeing what they do with it.

h/t +Jaime George.
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For cassette players you have to count the cost of the cassettes. I tended to buy albums on LP and tape them and play the tapes. So I was always buying boxes of blank 90 minute cassettes.
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Kimberly Chapman

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These are awesome!  Not for sensitive viewers, though...
Coloring Book Corruptions is a blog that showcases a wide variety of innocent children's coloring book pages that have been defaced and turned into something sinister. You can submit your own defac...
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I would totally draw things like this for Peo's abode when she's older!  MUAHAHAHAHAHH!

Besides, someone has to inherit all of these swear words I've been cross stitching lately...
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Kimberly Chapman

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It takes skill to turn people that gorgeous into such wretches.  Acting talent doesn't hurt either...
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Kimberly Chapman

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Peo wanted me to take these photos in hopes of an autoawesome, and now she wants me to post them and tell you all, "This is my daughter who appears to be doing a hula on a spinning thingymabob,"

This is from Friday at Phil's Ice House on Burnet.
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Lol nice!

We took some in hopes of car-washing auto-awesomeness.

Edit: woohoo! It just came through.
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Robin got mad at me because she was playing peek a boo and I wasn't paying attention.  So I paid attention and took photos.   #digitalparenting  
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She was looking for ribs.
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Kimberly Chapman

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If Robin Only Had a Hammer

She'd hammer all over the Thinkery baby pit.  Oh wait, she totally did that...

Also: washers on allthread continues to be awesome.

Also also: more fun poses and some amount of wood-chip noming in the cute coat +Kyla Myers gave her, which I now call her Technicolour Jawa coat.
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Aww! As the Japanese would say: KAWAI!
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Kimberly Chapman

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Via +God Emperor Lionel Lauer in the Nerdsmacked community.  Muahahahhaaahaha.
See what you did!

via (Private Share)
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I laughed. Wearing my lightning proof hat today.
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I thought Peo would dig this and it turns out she already knows about it, having read about it in multiple magazines and books lately.  I told her I just got to the fungus level in Plague Inc and she asked, "Can you make a cordycep fungus on PEOPLE?  Then stalks could grow out of people's heads and the world would be covered in zombies FOR REAL!"

She's terrifyingly enthusiastic about the possibility. O.o

#PeoApproved   #MuchToMyHorror   
Via +Michael Habib 
Zombie apocalypse ... not exactly but close.

Ophiocordyceps unilateralis is an entomopathogenic fungus predominantly found in tropical forest ecosystems. In order to increase its own fitness O. unilateralis utilizes the evolutionary trait of an extended phenotype to manipulate the behavioral patterns of an infected formicidae, specifically Camponotus leonardi of the tribe of campotini. The infected ants leave their canopy nest and foraging trails, heading for the forest floor in search of an area with a temperature and humidity level that is suitable for fungal growth. The infected ant will then use its mandible to affix themselves to a major vein on the underside of a leaf and eventually die. From Wikipedia

The zombie is a simple creature with simple tastes, enjoying leisurely walks on the beach, dining out with hordes of its friends, and every now and then having a good tumble down a flight of stairs. It behaves this way because the pathogen that has infected it doesn’t require complex behaviors in order to replicate — it commands a hungry, nearly indestructible vessel that can walk it right up to its next potential host.

But on our planet there exist zombified ants that undergo a decidedly more complex, and more disturbing, transformation at the hands of highly sophisticated parasitic fungi that assume control of the insects’ minds. What ensues between a host and a parasite with no brain of its own is a battle that is far stranger and far more methodical than anything ever dreamed up by Hollywood. (The zombifying fungus that attacks humans in the videogame The Last of Us comes close, but its real-life counterpart is much, much weirder. And you don’t have to pay 60 bucks to see it, which is nice.) | continue reading at wired

#zombies   #science  
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+Kimberly Chapman  No match for "ZOOGLEOMBIES.COM".
So feel free to grab it. ;)
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I should knit Peo a little Voldemort doll since I already told her we told him he could live in her closet.

This week's Eye Candy post from Casey shows off some fantastic projects that were made as part of the Harry Potter Knitting & Crochet House Cup!
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Those spring roses socks are pretty cool.  
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Don't mess with this heavyweight R2-D2. Why is this model so heavy? It's made entirely from chocolate.
That's a lot of chocolate! This R2-D2 was created from white chocolate by Pastry Chef Fernando Arreola at the hotel Fairmont San Jose.
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Now we know why the Jawas really picked him up. FONDUE.
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