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Kimberly Bikowski (Chasing Kids and Dreams)
A mother of two and coach striving to live a healthy life and set a positive example one day at a time.
A mother of two and coach striving to live a healthy life and set a positive example one day at a time.

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My life is run off of a to-do list, I am on Facebook A LOT for my challenge groups and am accessible to anyone 24/7 all through my phone. There are a ton of upsides to being mobile but the downsides are starting to outweigh the positives.

If you're like me and wanting to learn how to be Hands Free, I'd love to have you in my next online group. Together we'll walk though the book and keep each other accountable in all areas of our lives.  For more information stop by

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It's so easy to shy away from things you don't feel 100% prepared for but the truth is...will you ever feel prepared? Instead of waiting for the 'right time', start working on your goal now. Don't let valuable time pass. These bits of doubt will continue to run through your head but it's up to you to make a conscious effort to stop them.

My next remote challenge group will focus on starting where you are and moving forward NOT looking backwards. If you're interested or want more information, visit or

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One of my goals for 2015 was to work on me so that I'm mentally and physically strong. I am hosting my FIRST I Love ME challenge group where we will not only focus on nutrition and exercise but on creating a mentally stronger us. Each challenger will receive UNTIL TODAY! by Iyanla Vanzant.

The group will start on February 23 and run for 6 weeks.

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Anyone else a fan of rice crispy treats? I love them but each one is 140 cal and I usually can't just stick with one so...I decided to find a healthier option.

These Kamut treats with drizzled dark chocolate are 96 cal each and without the dark chocolate 83 calories.

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I'm always looking for a cheap, fast and healthy after dinner treat.  These were so easy to make if you're wanting something sweet and salty.

Each bit comes to about 50 calories depending upon the type of peanut butter and chocolate you use.

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For the past 4 weeks, I've had an amazing group of women in my first It's All Good Group.  Before the challenge started most told me they felt unmotivated, defeated or lost.
What do they feel now? 
Motivated, excited to exercise and accountable to a group.

Break out your old workouts or start a new one, we're going for ROUND 2.  Join my 'It's All Good' group for accountability and motivation! You'll receive daily tips, meal plans and coaching for 6 weeks.

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I have a lot of people who want the benefits of Shakeology but aren't into shakes.  I personally love having a shake every morning but for those who don't there are so many other options for using Shakeology such as these delicious bars that are perfect for on the run or an afternoon treat.

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I've been struggling to not snack at night.  There's something about having a bit of something sweet or salty after dinner.  When I asked people on my page the times the struggle the most, I found I am not alone.  I made it my mission to find yummy treats even for those of us who are looking to stay on a healthy track.

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How many of these sound like you?
1. I completed multiple programs but now they're sitting on a shelf.
2. I'm training for something but want to add in cross training.
3. I get bored with just one program.
4. I've plateaued with my current program.

All of these are completely normal.  There are not many of us who can do the same workout day after day without either getting bored or plateauing. I'd love to pull together a hybrid schedule for you.

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This was my first time using quinoa for a breakfast food and it turned out really well.  These muffins are a great go-to snack when you're in a rush or on the go.  The fresh cranberries add a tartness against the sweet muffin.
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