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Note: Two years ago, my husband wrote a list of 8 things we learned in our 8 years of marriage and posted it on his Facebook status. Since we celebrated our 10th year (March 29), I thought I'd let ...
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Kimberley Reyes

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Okay, so I already shared with you the first part of the workshop I attended last March 22, at Insular Life building Makati. You may read more about it here: Part I.Make your own Kiddie Party The third and fourth part of the ...
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Kimberley Reyes

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This is a photo of a fun filled workshop by the Manila Workshops with speakers from The Event Architects. I could not really express how I LOVED not only the workshop but also the speakers, suppliers, and the staff of Manila ...
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Kimberley Reyes

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Kim is the blogger behind Mom On Duty. She writes about taking on life one day at a time, her stories as a fire officer's wife, motherhood and working from home. You will also read a lot about her passion for the travel, photography, music, languages and arts.
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