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Family Search 52 Stories Week 7
This week's question again involves education. Describe your family legacy regarding education. Do you come from a long line of scholars? Were you the first to earn a degree? Are your forging a new legacy with your own children? The first question made me c...

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Seeing the City
St. Louis is blessed with many unique, beautiful, quirky and fun communities. It is amazing how few of them I have really seen. But I crossed one of them off the list when I visited The Grove yesterday with a photographer friend. The district is located bet...

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Family Search 52 Stories Week 6
This week's question is: In childhood, did you share a bedroom with siblings or have a room to yourself? What kinds of things did you collect and display in your own little corner of the world? From the time that I was born I shared sleeping quarters with m...

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Family Search 52 Stories Week 5
As I mentioned earlier, I skipped the 52 Stories project in February as I was writing every day for the Family History Writing Challenge. As that extended a bit into March, I am just now getting back to 52 Stories.  Maybe I should rename mine the 47 Stories...

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March Came in Like a Lamb
The old idiom is that March comes in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb. That has not been the case this year, with the temperature hitting 74 degrees last Saturday. We have already been under tornado watches/warnings twice in the past couple of weeks. T...

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Küblers to America
Büsserach, Switzerland Thus ends the chronicle of my branch of the Kübler family from Büsserach, Switzerland to America. I've traveled to Büsserach and walked the villages, inhaled the mountain air and seen the beautiful  countryside through my own eyes. I'...

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Family History Writing Challenge Day 29
Note: Technically the writing challenge was for 28 days, but I haven't finished the story yet so I will be continuing. It seemed simplest to keep the same name for the subsequent blog posts. After three weeks in the hospital following his car accident, Roy ...

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Family History Writing Challenge Day 28
Kubler's Dairy Queen Roy continued to work for the trucking company in Des Moines for about a decade, but his constant travel and entertainment commitments took their toll on the family. Eventually he quit and tried other pursuits, including selling record-...

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Family History Writing Challenge Day 27
Catherine with Joseph and Kimberly Following Kenneth's birth, Catherine experienced a couple of miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy, resulting in the removal of one ovary and all but a piece of her second ovary. The doctor told her that she had a chance i...

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Family History Writing Challenge Day 26
Catherine with her arm around LeRoy, her nephew Danny Wambaugh and Kathleen in the chair While Roy was away serving his country, Catherine did the best she could at their home in Cincinnati. Unable to work due to the presence of two small children, she surv...
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