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Hi Anthony, been lurking for a while. Love your writing.

1) You have a typo at 

"Focusing on clean will at best leave you with bad code. Focusing on delivering business value will leave to at worst good code.."

Good business value leads to two outcomes: Excellent code or clean code.

Clean code leads to two outcomes: Excellent code or bad code.

It should be

"Focusing either on clean code or high business value can lead to excellent code. However, the worst case scenario on high business value is good code while the worst case scenario on clean code is bad code"

2) I *love* the DIRTI process and that you break it up into 2 separate loops. DIR to address the lack of understanding of the problem space and therefore increase chances of high business value. RTI to address the code cleanliness issues.

I only want to add that Dan North has a presentation at infoq where he argues the same weakness of TDD like you did here. He spoke of how he saw highly productive teams doing the spike-and-stabilize. They wrote code first as prototype and they were willing to throw the prototype away and redo from scratch. This is the spike -- similar to your DIR.

The stabilize is where the unit tests and TDD stuff comes in. Analogous to your RTI.

Your DIR loop can be strengthened by allowing the possibility of writing throw-away prototypes.

Perhaps a DIR-T where T stands for throw away so you can develop from scratch with better understanding.

In my personal experience, T happens quite often precisely because tackling an unfamiliar problem space leads more often than not poor assumptions and these poor assumptions may get accidentally built into your initial architectural design. 

Nothing less than a rewrite can remove these damaging assumptions.

Of course, I don't mean every iteration of the DIR loop must end with a throwaway. But due to behavioral psychology phenomena like sunk cost fallacy and the Endowment effect, T should be explicitly be made known as a possible tactic in the early DIR cycle.

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I am re-doing HW3 for CS169.1x. Inviting Nidhin Pattaniyil to help me.

Any live group tutorial for the HW1.1 of CS169.2x?

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+Jose Diaz-Gonzalez and Jose Lorenzo Rodriguez  helped me at the cakephp irc channel regarding cdn issues with cakephp. Just wanted to say that I have solved it and wrote a Plugin for it. and state the issue. state the Plugin I wrote

Thank you guys!~

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I had this issue while developing on cakephp. I needed to reconstruct a url while removing selected query parameters.

Anyone had the same issue before?

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In research for my book Evolve!, I identified three primary sources of motivation in high-innovation companies: mastery, membership, and meaning. Another M, money, turned out to be a distant fourth. Money acted as a scorecard, but it did not get people up-and-at 'em for the daily work, nor did it help people go home every day with a feeling of fulfillment.

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I have posted this at the unofficial backbone community. Did not get much attention. Hope to get more help here.

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I wanted to know if there is a way that is similar to $this->Auth->allow() but only for all logged in users.

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I have a question regarding the use of backbone with uploading of file.

I have drafted the question here.
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