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Hi all, 

I am boning up on design patterns. And I was wondering to myself what design patterns does CakePHP adopt?

Turns out somebody asked the same question already.


I was hoping to get a more complete answer from the core team about this.

Hence I am posting it here.

Hopefully, any complete answer would benefit me and others who want to master CakePHP in all its glory.

Thank you.
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Great question! Here are a few, maybe others could provide any that may be missing (or suggest better examples):

- Front Controller
- Singleton/Multiton (ClassRegistry)
- Utility (Set/Hash)
- Factory (config)
- Strategy (routing, ACL)
- Delegate (dispatch)
- Observer (events)
- Decorator (component, behavior)
- Adaptor (datasource)
- Template method (callbacks)
- ActiveRecord (model)
+James Watts Great! I bought the book, "HEAD First Design Patterns" 

I am going to match the pattern you mentioned here with the ones in the book and see if your examples make sense to me.
+KimSia Sim I would highly recommend the book "Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software", written by a group of authors known as the gang of four.
+James Watts Added to my list of readings. The HEAD FIRST is easier on the eye for beginners like me.
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