Hi all,  I  am using jquery and HTML 5 techniques (like File API, HistoryAPI) extensively in a project I am working on. 

I was wondering what tools I can use for 
a) quality assurance my javascript and front end code
b) unit testing my javascript and front end code

Let me share some background info.

If somebody asked me about this but for PHP, I would say, use PHPUnit for writing unit tests, use PHP CodeSniffer and then with the help of Phing and Jenkins, put this all into a single build process.

I basically want to know if something similar can be pulled off with javascript using Jenkins.

Do share your actual experiences. Please advise me on the most beginner-friendly ones. Thank you.

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Thank you for the suggestions. My javascript code is more for stuff like: 

a) when hover over something, something happens.
b) when drag n drop, something happens.

For code like these, how do I write such unit tests?
It's very difficult to use Unit Test for UI. You should apply unit test in data process or any other similar transaction . I think the only way for UI test is manual test instead of automation test.
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