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The Google+ Public Stream is a somewhat terrifying place. That's all I'm saying.
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I have to agree with you and sorry if I am flooded your streamline
You're showing up in it. I agree. ;)
How do you get to the Public stream? I don't see it on the list on the left.
I like clicking on my circles one at a time. This lets me focus on the more targeted streams (for me) as well as seeing the flooded ones!
I'm going to regret asking this... where is the public stream?
I thought clicking stream was just all your circles at the same time.
Certainly, I only seem to get people in my circles...
Clicking on the word Stream displays posts by the people you have circled. I believe it also includes "Incoming" and maybe even people in your "extended circles." Hm. Anyone have a link to a nice article explaining how this works?
Look deep enough into the chaos of the stream, and eventually it looks back...
I was under the impression it was just those in your circles.
Stream is just all of your circles. You can also click the Google+ logo at the top left or the home button and they all get you the same thing.

Stream does not show the people who aren't in your circles.
nope it's not as far as I know it displays on everyone time unless G+ have fixed this privacy already.
There are ten million users on G+. If it was everyone and you opened the "Stream" link, you wouldn't recognize anybody.
no, of course it´s "just" the people in all of your circles, but that´s what i interpreted Kim talking about.

Unless i´m missing something there´s no real "public" stream for every single g+ user.
There's a lot of confusion about circles. People think by clicking on a circle they only see things posted to that circle but it's false. Circles are a one way street. It only filters where YOU send things. You will see EVERYTHING the people you've added to circles posts to the public stream. It cannot (as currently designed) filter what your read because those people don't know where you put them. Thus, you see all public posts.
Selecting a Circle shows everything/anything posted by folk in that Circle, unless their post was Limited.
Oh gawd now I'm confusticated.
Yes but you are only seeing the posts from the people (public or limited) that are in THAT circle. On the other hand if someone in that circle has shared something with a circle that they haven't included you in, you won't see that.
Seth is correct. If you click "mountain climbing" you will only see what the people in that circle has posted. IF they have posted to a circle where they have incluced you, OR posted to their open circle or extended one.
Yeah. Thanks for clearing that up for me. <<wink>>
What I came up with (early on, last weekend, before I heaved a mighty shrug) was a boolean system that would include some RFEs. But the UI would be user hostile.
+1 Micke sh
+Micke sh but...and it's a big but...that doesn't mean the posts will have anything whatsoever to do with mountain climbing which means circles are not that effective when it comes to reading. It's only good for posting. At this point anyway. We needz filters...perhaps sparks for circles.
That's why my circles are not so much based on topics of interest, but rather based on how I might know or relate to them. I have my online community, my LinkedIN friends who came over here through me etc.. I also have my QuickBooks circle which are essentially colleagues who like me, consult with companies on QuickBooks.
1st circle was everybody, so I could drag out the noisies
2nd was for folk who almost never post, say, youtube and funny animated gifs (LowNoise)

I realized that I was circling by negation, like "Not Often".
That's a better game plan. Thanks fellas. Makes more sense. Family circle (not circus) means family members...not family related topics. One for work is for co-workers..not necessarily always about work per se. By George I think he's got it!
* Folk I want to follow for some reason (maybe cuz they talk about X or Y, or maybe cuz I relate to them for Z).
* Folk who don't do this that or the other thing (like post really, really, really often).
Don't forget to include me in your Nerd Herd - I have the website to prove I belong there :-)
Done. Nerds herded...
Hey, do you think we need the ability to filter according to topic like we do with hashtags on twitter? I think it's powerful for certain things like events...i.e. SWSX, Oscars, World Series, etc. Even if it's just to block anything related to it. Another example would be to block anything related to the bloody RedSox
Q: how come I've never come across "nerd herding" b4 this here?
I've used cat herding ... and heh maybe came up with "nailing jello to a wall" (tech_docs in R&D) but heh ... schweet.
I think that would be a great feature. Click that little Send Feedback box at your bottom right and suggest it!
Filtering requires some sorta data. SemWeb &tc.
What's more likely is using natural language analysis to tag according to folksonomy. (In the works in at least 1 lab I know, probably several.)

Next, I'd guess, is something like "Similar to" in Twitter, to suggest plussers with similar Post streams.
Why the death of it? That's why it has Circles and Twitter has Lists
Well then I wouldn't wander into it after dark if I were you.
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