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'Senna' -- Opened Friday in New York and Los Angeles

This film documents the story of legendary Brazilian Formula One racing car champion Ayrton Senna who began racing at age 24 and died on the track within 10 years time.

[+] Pros: Heart-stopping racing action. A historical look at one of racing's most beloved figures combined with some interesting history of Formula One. Interesting project when you consider it's made from 15,000 hours of newsreel footage gathered from 10 countries.

[-] Cons: Director Asif Kapadia wanted to structure it like a three act, but it's difficult to create a satisfying narrative and really get inside the protagonist 's psyche when you're drawing only from newsreel footage.



Video Clip: Director Asif Kapadia talks about the structure of the film and some of his goals.
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looking forward to seeing this.
always wanted to drive a Formula One car
hmm really, leaked on piratebay last year
Very nice doc + Alain Prost is very funny! ;)
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