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Kim Schulz
Friendly and funny computer geek with BBQ tendencies
Friendly and funny computer geek with BBQ tendencies

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I would love to see a "favorites category" feature in smartlauncher pro. Basically a folder that combines the most X activated apps (X being configurable). It should duplicate the icons of the apps so it would still be possible to have the apps in their normal categories.
Alternatively it could simply be a category where the apps you drag there will be both there and in the normal category (so like above but with no usage-related add/remove of apps in the category - only manually)

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A photo of the storm Urd, hitting the south of Denmark 

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How often do you contribute to google maps when traveling/eating out/visiting new places? 
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Every time
More than half of the times
Less that half of the times

I recently became level 4 local guide.... Google gave me 100gb drive space for that. Not bad though it is just for one year. 

when doing icon edit then I can see that one of the icons in the proposed ones is "grayscale". Would it be possible to tell smart launcher to use this particular icon if there is no icon available in the selected icon set ? 

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An interesting article about the use of convolution in NLP. Well written and easy to understand for everyone. 

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It would be cool if you could make it possible to assign icons double tap to open a folder. Right now it is possible to create a folder and then assign a second function(shortcut, generic app etc) to its double tap action. I want it the other way around ☺️
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