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No one ever wants to be writing a review for the dude that yanked their tooth out. But OMG, this was as great as one can expect an oral surgeon's visit to be. Even on a Saturday morning, I was in and out in less than an hour. WITH sedation. Incredibly efficient office, didn't waste time, I did not feel one single thing, no pain after the procedure, and I wish all dental care was amazing as this. I absolutely could not have had a better experience getting rid of a painful broken tooth. And this is coming from a dental-phobe. Excellent, excellent care!
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I have been a patient of Dr Valinotti's for 14 years, and he is an excellent doctor. However, I had what was hands down the worst experience I have ever had with a medical professional today with PA Valerie Peck, and it actually induced a panic attack. I won't go into the specifics, but the only condition Dr. Valinotti treats me for is anxiety. I started to panic and she laughed at me, and I tried to leave and she insisted on doing an exam. By the time I left the office- I shook violently the whole time I was being "examined," and she laughed, I was having a full-blown panic attack. I really want to continue to see Dr. Valinotti but that experience with Valerie Peck really frightened me. There is something terrifying about being medically examined by a person who is laughing at you as you have a panic attack. There are some more private details I won't go into, but I would definitely recommend avoiding Valerie Peck. To top it all off, the necessary prescription that my visit was regarding was written wrong and unfillable. I am not sure if that was done deliberately, but it created another inconvenience in trying to obtain it.
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fter several long weeks of window shopping, I finally have my much coveted Kia Soul in Shadow! In my quest to save a few hundred bucks off a dirt-cheap vehicle, I visited every Kia dealer in a 100 mile range. Revolution Kia was the standout. There is no boiler room feel like many of the others, and no shenanigans with pricing like at the local dealership I will call Smorthtown Kia for the purposes of this review, where they tried to get me to pay $200 so they could take my credit application. or at Schmeagle, where they wanted a $1500 "dealer fee." Financing a new car after a divorce is no fun, but Revolution Kia treated me no differently than a prime purchaser, didn't make me feel bad about all the extra hoops they had to jump through to get me not just a loan but a favorable one, and instead of "you get what you get and you don't get upset," George drove all the way out to a far off dealership to obtain the car I wanted with a manual transmission. No complaint. He just happened to mention he'd driven it, and it was fun to drive. George made a remark about rolling out the red carpet but they really did- I had a cosigner, and paperwork took a long time to do on their end- read: I made a lot of work for them. Again, no complaints. They got me in the car same day, with minimal input and a pleasing, calm dealership to chill at while they did all the work. "Can I get you a coffee or tea or soda?" Comfortable, quiet dealership. Professional. And at the end of it, George walked my mom and me to my first brand-new car- and he'd managed to get me the one I wanted at a reasonable price, and it was shiny and clean and awesome. He could have skated off there, but we took a picture- which he does for all customers. Then he sat in with me and showed me all the features. Now I have the EXACT car I want thanks to George, a payment I can afford due to their credit wizards, they all-inned my insurance for me, cheaper than had I gotten it alone, and as I drove off, George reminded me 12 times to keep in touch, "we're always here for you." This is definitely unlike any other car buying experience. I think George is part car salesman, part therapist, part spa worker. I really hope I always love my Kia as much as I do now, because I definitely want to go back for my next car!
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