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Kim L Johnson
Works at "Molten-salt" Engineer for Affordably-sustainable "Ms." Energy, Metals e Químicos
Attended University of Texas at Austin – MS in ChemE
Lives in St Paul MN (3M)
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Chemical Engineer specializing in development of Chemical/Mineral Feedstocks, Raw Materials and Molten Salt Reactors with simple *in-situ* processing that will ensure mankind Energy, RMs and Chemicals that are truly *Affordable* for Incredibly Far into the Future.
  • "Molten-salt" Engineer for Affordably-sustainable "Ms." Energy, Metals e Químicos
    St Paul, Minnesota, 2008 - present
  • 3M
    Process Dev. Specialist, 1989 - 2003
  • Dow Chemical Company
    Ag Products Chem Engineer, 1988 - 1989
  • Honeywell
    Lithium/SF6 Torpedo Chem Specialist – Phoenix AZ, 1982 - 1988
  • Celanese
    Texas, 1981 - 1982
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St Paul MN (3M)
Michigan - Phoenix, Arizona - Corpus Christi TX - Austin, Texas - Provo, Utah - Mato Grosso, Brasil - Rio Grande do Sul - Riverside CA - Ramstein, Germany - Washington DC - Boise, Idaho - Presque Isle ME - Florida
Contact Information
612.424.2082 -- gVoice
8614 Jenner Ln S Cottage Grove, Minnesota 55016
"Molten-salt" Engineer for *Affordably* Sustainable "Ms." Energy, Chem's & HCs

My speciality is the development of sustainable feeds, fuels and energy, and my aim is to spawn a slew of new industries throughout the West. 

Through the affordable Chemistry and Catalysis of Fluorides, Chlorides, and similar anhydrous but Liquid technologies – the West can build up novel, lucrative enterprises like truly-sustainable energy from fluid-phase Thorium reactors.  My personal goals include countering several very serious challenges to America, the West and western economies in general... 

But the best Defense to such challenges – severe enough to eviscerate whatever atrophied economic muscles remain, should we fail to wake up fast – is for the West to develop Molten Salts:

  1. Here is my briefest intro to Molten Salt Science:   "Saving the West with Ms. Science."
  2. Watch a quick 10-slide introduction to Molten Salt Science.  In addition to enabling the West with affordable Heat & Power from Ms. Reactors, Ms. Sci shall facilitate a number of Industrial Processes that should become highly profitable more quickly than China can copy!
  3. In January 2011 China publicly expressed its intentions to Control Molten Salt Reactor technology Globally.
      (Download for better graphics, and check out the Endlink for a quick "Ms. Chem" tutorial.)
  4. The Response of the Dept of Energy to the obvious global "Ms. Ambitions" of America's main competitor (China) is baffling to most observers outside of the DoE Bureaucracy...
    (also peruse resources in the appendix!)
  5. Fate of the US is tied to Rare Earths and Thorium.  Feel free to add your Two Bits to this thread on G+.
  6. Summary of the Thorium Energy Alliance strategy for the US to lead an Industrial Renaissance in the West. 

With a true passion for developing sustainable technologies for Chemicals and especially Energy, I know that if we fail to develop these very do-able technologies – which China is doing while I type – that no western manufacturer will be able to compete with the Sino Competition in the near future.

Regarding my "industrial" background, after I earned my M.S. in Chem Engineering and "cut my teeth" at Honeywell for 6 years (coming up with new chemicals, RMs and processes for high-temp "Fluoride Energy" systems), 3M Company recruited and moved me & my family (of 6 back then) to Minnesota. 

For 13 years I really enjoyed developing a number of Energetic & Fluorochemical products at 3M.  
I also invented and implemented (in 3M manufacturing facilities) numerous new & improved chemical processes. Several of such processes won 3M-Corp Manufacturing Awards, and three were granted US+ patents for significantly reduced costs & environmental footprint.

  • University of Texas at Austin – MS in ChemE
  • Brigham Young University (BYU) Provo UT – BS in ChemE/Chemistry
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Kim L Johnson

Shared publicly  - 
Hey, thanks/ Obrigadão +Brazilianpepper por adding-me back!
Since you're obviously very media-sávi, would U (e os otr.aí) know or know of anyone aí or wherever who'd love working e/o liaisoning "na seguinte téc (e política) área:" (where there will be Lots of Jobs soon [senão /otherwise o West de falhar, fracassar, etc!]) !!
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Brazilianpepper's profile photoKim L Johnson's profile photo
Ó Puxa Pimentobrás,  I myself am not looking for a position but simply "putting out feelers" para brasileiros  (e otr.) who would seriously enjoy Participating in "Ms. Science"**, seja isso por fazer só "Networking", Política, Parceria e/o até Emprêgo... 
**Ms. Sci Details:
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Kim L Johnson

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Shortly after returning March 16 from our visit with April Dawn e família in Wichita KS,  minha linda espôsa +Claudia Johnson shot these em nóssa casa!
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A very healthy and intelligent guy, so I know.
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Kim L Johnson

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Cool e mui True Facts on Radiation were shared /solo 1 week ago by +The Energy Collective!
Please see Dr. Hargraves' concise brochure, which is now sharable as a Great-to-Read article below, "Radiation: The Facts" .
Cc: +Robert Hargraves, +Derek Scott, +Alex Cannara  
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He references a report on Chernobyl children and criticizes their projections. Out of the 8000 kids who got thyroid cancer only fifteen died." Well that source only talks about 4000 child thyroid cancers of which only 15 died because nearly all of the kids had their thyroids removed or maybe irradiated. Not exactly the stuff of happy childhoods. I can't find where the report suggests that 100,000 thyroid cancers would be expected normally. It looks like bull what he says on that point. The report is pretty clear. Radio active iodine equals kids with cancer that all needed operations. The ones that didn't get operations died.
The on the A-bomb he says the cancers attributed to the bomb would have mostly happened anyway. It seems convincing enough. Out of 38K  people you get 10K cancers but "expect" 9K cancers (because that's how many were out of town that day) so therefore only 1K increase due to residences present during blast vs. not present. But it doesn't gel with me. US mortality on cancer is  around 150 per 100K or 15 per 10K. So if they were removed from the situation entirely and living in the US,  you could expect about 60 deaths total from the same 38K sized group. So nine thousand is high. Very high.  Even the one thousand sounds high. Then again when the "total lifetime risk" of getting cancer in the States is pegged at 40% the rates are all low compared to that. Still the original report gives 10 thousand a-bomb cancers and he splits that into two arbitrary groups that he subtracts to get a fraction of the fatalities. Nice technique but more than a little suspect.
It looks to me the low doses he is talking about are the sort you would get from a crooks tube not from breathing particles into your blood stream.  How do you measure exposure of a 2 micron cesium particles stuck in a narrow vessel in the liver?  The whole body does thing doesn't make sense to me either because the radioactive elements I ingest are going to be dust sized particles doing their half-life on my lung not on the other side of my skin. Just like the iodine in the children's thyroids.
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Kim L Johnson

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Hey +Сергей Кулик +Wanda Ignacio dos Santos +Wanda Ignacio dos Santos,
Today/Hoje be sure /assegúre-se
to Have a Happy Birthday ou Feliz Aniversário !!
Do you know /conhecem quaisquer /any Chemists or Engineers who like /que gostam das Tecnical Áreas in que I work? (You can check out /conferir my Profile/ Pérfil or link below para saber more!)
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Kim L Johnson

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I am so saddened by what just befell NPR Science Correspondent Miles O'Brien !!
NPR's v Best Sci Guy had to loose the lower 2/3's of his Left Arm so that doctors could save his life:
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Kim L Johnson

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..but change the processing to MSR and similar Technologies.
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Kim L Johnson

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the Relentless Rise of Carbon Dioxide 
   Chem-abbreviated as CO2, this rather ~Acidic~ and definitely over-produced  Waste soon finds its Way into our Planet's Oceans.
 The most alarming thing to me here is that CO2 has already begun to inhibit formation of crystalline CaCO3 (Calcium carbonate = Crustacean Skin), causing the survival rate of numerous sea creatures to drop precipitously.  
Here is the Impending Crisis:
   • Krill, the most important crustacean for Mankind, constitute the Very Foundation of the Sea-Food Chain,  and Krill-based Sea Food has provided cêrca 25%  of Human Protein for a long long time...
   • Should we fail to reverse the ever-accelerating rate of dumping Acidic CO2 sans Abandôn to our shared Biosphere, humankind can expect severe suffering, widespread and within ~20 years, and to see many of our poorest perishing from Want of Protein...

    • Fortunately there exists a Technology that can ameliorate our otherwise-Unavoidable Plight (link #1).  Even Luckier for the West, the US's own DoD (Dept of Defense), apparently the only Federal entity with any Long-term Vision (in stark contrast to the D o E ), is working diligently to sponsor & pass some super-Clever Legislation (link #2).
    The new law will enable the above-mentioned Tech to be R&D'd and scaled up (far faster than DoE is ever capable of), being done so hopefully a bit more efficiently than bureaucratic (but far richer) China is doing as we speak.
1. !
2. (at Long Last!)
The relentless rise of carbon dioxide is now at 397.22 ppm. 

Learn more:

#NASA   #climatechange   #CO2  
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+Kim L Johnson it's not going to happen...I like LFTR too...but commissioning reactors goes on for 60 years and they won't build new till then
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Kim L Johnson

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to +Mike Conley visiting Hawaii while bedecked I bet in lots o'Green like below!  Hoping U'r havin' a nice Hot Hawaiian Saint Pat's Day down there, I'm sharing 4 Ur BD Cheer and that of the Molten-salt Community  at Large!!
   Cc: +Cavan Stone +Efrain Torres Tirado +Canon Bryan +Joseph Brewer +Matt BenDaniel Stephen J Colvin +Bryan Elliott +Justin Fischer +Eddie Gonzalez +Eddie Gonzalez +Phil Grupe +Siren Hakimi +Bryan Hallez +charles holden +Charles Holden +Walter Horsting +Gordon McDowell +Phil Sergent +Shawn H. Wachter +Rod Miller +Stephen Boyd +Sergius Tunes +SAMUEL TUNES +Russell Tunes +Ondrej Chvala +Eric Meyer +Eric Robinson +Eve Spengler 
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Kim L Johnson

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Obrigado +Eric Robinson pelo Aviso! (for.the Warning)
We busy Engenheiros canNot afford a perdêr much tempo during These (Accelerating) Times!
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Six minutes in.  And I'm bored.  
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Kim L Johnson

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Anyone Aqui recognize which Composer wrote this lovely impromptu ??
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