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Kim L Johnson

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– Molten-sal. SCIENCE –                                            
    (For a brief, non-technical  explanation of the Utmost Importance of Ms. to Mankind,  see how We may "Reverse the Rise" of acidic CO2 with this Powerful but Simple Science:

¶ Endowed with the very best chemical and materials sciences for true Economic Enablement of Thorium and REE (Rare Earth Elements), "Ms. Science" also possesses the Best Basis for a number of industrial processes.  
Ms. Sci (rhyming with "Sci Fi" but already  proven) needn't limit herself to only unlocking Thorium's Full Potential via the very flexible Molten-sal. Reactor.  
A.K.A. MSR, when one accounts for All Aspects of Energy ( E ), such as E Costs, Safety, Sustainability and especially Clean Chemistry,  the Ms. Reactor simply Cannot Be Beat:
 •  Principal Ms. Fuel – readily-bred U-233, formed in-situ  from cheap Th-232 – just happens to be the Least Feasible of Fissile, Nuke-Weapon-Wise.
 •  Compared to all other Economic E Sources, Ms.' minimal wastes, effluents & esp. CAPEX  leave the Very Lightest Footprints of All.
 •  Most important, Ms.' Main E Feedstock – Thorium, on which even 1st-generation MSR can run to tune of 60% + – shall remain ~Forever Abundant~,  Even after the Sun should bloat and become far too Large for Life on Earth !
                 ( Two Excellent introductory docs on the MSR are referenced in Note 1 )

¶ Thus in addition to the super-cheap Process Heat and thus very Affordable Power that Ms. Sci's simple "On-the-Fly" (thus low-cost) Ms. Processing  can provide Mankind with, Ms. Science shall also give rise to a Broad Range of very Affordable Processes – ones which are super-capable of accomplishing All of the Following:      (especially iff  the West will collaborate)

1.  Make Mining & Processing in the West  Sustainable and  Profitable, especially for metals more "electro+" than Manganese (i.e. Cr/Mo, V/Nb/U, Ti/Zr/Th, and especially REE & Actinides):
Through clever but simple chemistry, fluid but ~anhydrous (water-free) reagents – activated by Ms. Sci at a mere ~200ºC and sans corrosión – very efficiently and effectively will:
. . . • Digest a wide range of REE & Related Ores – Oxides, Phosphates, Silicates, Sulfides and the like.
. . . • Separate the desired metals with superior non-aqueous / non-combustible chemistry.
. . . • Accomplish All the above environmentally, without having to:
. . . . . . . • Use equipment-corrosive aqueous acids
. . . . . . . • Generate significant quantities of ~toxic~ waste water and tailings.

2.  Transform Heavy "HCs" – Hydrocarbons like Coal, Tar e/or Heavy/sour crudes – simultaneously into HC Liquids, like: 
. . • Clean Diesel
. . • Affordable Jet Fuel
. . • Organic Solvents/Chemicals
Synthesizing such Liquids, which will command far more value than Coal & Tar, will be quite economic, thanks to Ms. Hydrocracking's ∑ Avoidance of:
. . . • Combustion of Carbon and CO2 Emissions
. . . • Release of Sulfur, Mercury and/or Lead into our Environment
. . . • High-temperature and endothermic chemistry, especially super-penalizing CO (which is what makes SynGas and any Fischer-Tropsch therefrom so CAPEX- e E- Wasteful!).

3.  Permanent Liqüefaction of Natural Gas, Ethane & other volatile Hydrocarbons  via low-cost "Ms. processing".  The novel "Ms. Lîqua" ProcessML for short – along with Low E. & surprisingly-Low CAPEX can convert NG & otr. Lights to:
. . . •  *High-value Liquid* Hydrocarbons – namely Naphtha
. . . •  *Hydrogen* Gas as an "on-demand" 11% ML by-product:  Perfect for compact & highly E. efficient "Ms. Hydrocracking".
Thanks to the Highly-branched  (="high octane") structures of the
"HN" (Highly-branched Naphtha) formed by Homogeneous ML Catalysts (∑-ly Fluid & Poison-proof ),
the "Beneficiated Market Values" (MV) for:     
(1) All such HN;  
(2) the various Valuable Monomers made Easily d'HN via Very low-cost Ms. Waste heat;  and
(3) the even more prized engineered Polymers  should fetch cêrca:
       (1) 10,   (2) 20-50,  and (3) 30-300 TIMES the "as-is" MV of
           whatever ~inconvenient~ low-density Gas !

In summary, the surprisingly low-cost Process Heat and Power (ca. and 2.4¢ per kW-hr), the Sustainable Mining, plus the Freedom ~Forever~ from Foreign Oil – all of which Ms. Science shall make not merely Possible but highly Affordable to boot – shall rejuvenate the West Far Faster than all other feasible technologies, "artificial" non-market policies and/or gov't subsidies!
-------------  -------------  -------------  -------------  -------------  -------------  
Note 1:
Two great intro's to "LFTR" {Lîfter"}, the Liquid-Fluoride Thorium Reactor:
• Weinberg Foundation’s 6/2013 Summary on Ms. Reactors: 

For more on multiple and oft-complex aspects of Molten-salt Science, check out:

 • our Strategy for getting Industry On-Board And Aligned with Ms. Science, which you will Find in the First Link (after the first few paragraphs) of this "About" page: 

• the below G+ thread on "Learning about the best Thorium Chemistry..." 
Be sure to please read about the global threat of CHINA coming to Control the MSR,  to which Real Threat the U.S. "government" is either ObLîvious  or InDifferent.   (whatever the case, should China come to Win such control, the US Gov't will quickly become ∑ IRRÉLEVANT on the World Stage...)
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The article takes some liberties projecting deaths, but explains the use of heavy fuels
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Kim L Johnson

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Of especial interest to Minnesotans living near My town of Cottage Grove,
this Ace-HW store shall offer a Much >% d'Items "MadeInUSA“ than what the Low-paying ~100%-Sino-importer Menards has to offer !!
Due to some setbacks with merchandise and construction, Burggraf’s Ace Hardware pushed back its opening until after the new year.The first day will be Jan. 4, about a week later than initially expected. A grand opening will be held in the spring, franchise owner Steve Burggraf said. The store is fully...
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Kim L Johnson

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an Éxcellent Writeup by Earth&Sky about the Pro's e Con's of the gradual-to-Rápid migration of Spruce trees & the like into the Northern Tundra of Alaska.
The article is, IMHO, Well worth Your reading!
⏳ ⌛ 😀 !! 
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Kim L Johnson

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PayPal-founder (conservative but pragmatic) Peter Thiel (said "teel") on Monday 10/31 gave a Terrific Talk on what America needs for "Political Leadership".
I heartily Feel that Dr Tiel Truly tells us and the US about some Súper-important Remedies for Many of America's Maladies !!
–Kim L Johnson 
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Kim L Johnson

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Peter T's practical Pragmaticism here blew me away !
PS: did Anyone here know that Thiel has given at Least $2 Million to the M.I.T.-based "Ms. Science" startup Trans-Atomic Power ?? 
The New York Times reported over the weekend that, despite a growing number of women who’ve come forward in the last week claiming that Donald Trump has groped or assaulted them, billionaire ...
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Happy Birthday +Kim L Johnson ! :-)
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Kim L Johnson

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to Gents (e a Senhóras asWell) who Care que América Nót be left behind in the Industrial Dust:
• Check out the Sôbering comments about "Russia" inthe Comments to the excellent article by the founder of Mothers for Nuclear...

In addition to China's already-Chilling "Industrial Strategy", that of the former Soviet Union to monopolize the Planet's "U Supply Chain" – in contrast to the US's Total (∑) LACK of pràgmátic industrial policies – is Yet another Nail  in America's Economic Cóffin.
CC: +Matt BenDaniel (thanks 4 the notification Matt!)
+John Kutsch +jim kennedy +George Langworth +Andres Onu 
I've always cared about taking care of our planet. I grew up in the '80s with Save the Whales posters in my room and wearing Nature Conservancy T-shirts of rainforests. I wanted to do everything I could to help “Save the Earth.” As I gained independence, I continued to build my life around ...
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Kim L Johnson

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Friends & family,
this "Treasure on 21st CenturyTheater" was too Good to "Not to Share" con Friends e Família.
Thanks for posting, +Kim Nilsson ! !
Also Cc'g: Mg Prsn (c/o +J Palumbo ), +Andres Onu, +John Kutsch, +George Langworth+jim kennedy, +Chris Verkruissen +Chris Potgieter +Gerhardus Potgieter 
177 film critics each submitting their 10 favourites, boils down to single Top 100 list.
Article on has the Top 10. The rest is linked here.
Definitely worth watching.
According to 177 critics, including this one, they are.
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Kim L Johnson

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Last night I – with Interest – followed the following "Science Segment"
on our local PBS (Pub. Broadcast Service) affiliate here in Minnesota ! (!):
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Kim L Johnson

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Friends & Colleagues:
Here is Kim's Take on whether "China intends to own All the World's" (What-Ever, INDUSTRIALLY):
11Dec2016 Lara,
I particularly liked your Last line:
. . “China’s new strategy appears not to limit rare earth exports, but rather to extend its reach beyond its own borders such that even the non-Chinese production, is actually Chinese production.”

China has the Strategy to ultimately “Own ALL REEs” in addition to gaining Virtual CONTRÔL over Most of industrially “Essential Chemicals & Metals” – Globally and already, los Sinos make & control like Over 90%+ of HF & FluoroChemicals, 90%+ of Aluminum metal & alloys, etc...!

⇾ ⇾ this Sino Strategy is at ∑(tôtal) Ódds with the últimate “Industrial Sovereignty” (i.e., economic Survival) of the West and of “ROW” – Rest of World [those Outside of China].

However and Fôrtunately, there are some Solutions, which Fixes for our Sórry industrial state lie a couple-of-URL levels after the Following (which shows how Smart Sino leaders Really are):
–Kim / “Chem” E.
CC: +jim kennedy, +John Kutsch, +Lee Anderson(reàlment. Móttern), +Andres Onu, +Willie Zenk, +Cody Christianson, (e Many more...)
China's new policies is to actively purchase global assets containing rare earths. This begs the question as to whether China will own all active mines.
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Kim L Johnson

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One of my trusted connections on Linkd-In has sufficient "Insider Insight" to indicate that Energy-&-more innovator Peter Thiel will Likely advise Prez-elect Trump – i Certainly hope that the Don does so where Pragmatic Peter has repeatedly lamented that our County is falling Dangerously behind: in Superior Science (i.e., Molten-sal. Sci, to which Thiel has given Many $ Millions) for the Safest, Most-affordably Nuclear Energy: !! 
Peter Thiel has agreed to join Donald Trump's presidential transition team, according to multiple sources close to the situation. Thiel, a venture capitalist and hedge fund manager who also serves on
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As much as i disagree with Donald Trump if Thiel can get us moving toward a molten salt thorium reactor future some good will have come of this.
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Kim L Johnson

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Besides Canada's Carbon Quandary, this 3-part article's Third part speaks of sevére Supply-Chain headaches that Today's manufacturers are suffering thru..

"Part 3" du article sheds Light on the present Véry few choices of Lithium-Battery and Auto-Airbag suppliers.
  And about Airbags is mentioned that Takata practically "monopolizes" that Automotive Market:
    •  Can any Google-Plus'r aquí  identify just Who the next Two Biggest Air-Baggers be ??

Cc: +***** (Jayde Kowalis), +Caroline Kowallis
PM Justin Trudeau gave Canada two years to cut carbon emissions, Mark Carney is being pushed out and Samsung has a supplier problem.
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"...Carmakers have also turned to Japan’s Daicel and Germany’s ZF Friedrichshafen for replacement inflators. And China’s Ningbo Joyson Electronic, a leading global auto parts supplier, sees an opening: It’s buying air bag maker Key Safety Systems..."
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Kim L Johnson

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Peter Thiel -- who is... (pls wait to comment 'til I've Deleted this parenthética Fráse, meaning I'm Done Éditing... ) 
"Metro was a marvel when it opened in 1976, and today it’s an embarrassing safety hazard."
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My speciality is the development of sustainable feeds, fuels and energy, and my aim is to spawn a slew of new industries throughout the West. 

Through the affordable Chemistry and Catalysis of Fluorides, Chlorides, and similar anhydrous but Liquid technologies – the West can build up novel, lucrative enterprises like truly-sustainable energy from fluid-phase Thorium reactors.  My personal goals include countering several very serious challenges to America, the West and western economies in general... 

But the best Defense to such challenges – severe enough to eviscerate whatever atrophied economic muscles remain, should we fail to wake up fast – is for the West to develop Molten Salts:

  1. Kim's Quick (10-slide) Intro to Molten-sal. Science, which folder contains 3 docs that begin with "Ms. Scī.";  open the Ms.Sci version most compatible with your  device.   Besides that fact that:
    • Ms. Science is Fully capable of providing Heat & Power that be
      {Sustainable and finally affordable} , 
    • She shall enable the Profitability of even Sustainable Industrial processes "Quicker than China can copy!"

  2. Here is my briefest Tech Intro to Ms. Sci: 
                 "Saving the West with Ms. Science".

  3. China – in late January 2011 – publicly expressed Her intentions to gain Global control  of Ms. E. Technologies.  (some Suggs:  Download my pdf for Bétter graphics; for a cool OnLine "Ms. Chem"  Tutorial, see this Sôbering article's EndLink...)

  4. See the Unexpected Response of the U.S. Department of Energy  to the Global "Ms. Ambitions" of America's principal competitor China.  DoE actions in response to China's request for U.S. Assistance to achieve Solely Sino Objectives are Baffling to observers outside of the DoE Búrrocracy... (another Sugestão:  check out the resources I have added to the Appendix of this triste post!)  :(

  5. Fate of the US is tied to Rare Earths and Thorium.  (feel Free to add your two bits to this thread on Google+ ):

  6. Strategy summary of the TEA* for the US to lead an Industrial Renaissance for the West  (*where TEA = Thorium Energy Alliance ).

--- --- --- 
With a true passion for developing sustainable technologies for Chemicals and especially Energy, I know that if we fail to develop these very do-able technologies – which China is doing while I type – that no western manufacturer will be able to compete with the Sino Competition in the near future.

Regarding my "industrial" background, after I earned my M.S. in Chem Engineering and "cut my teeth" at Honeywell for 6 years (coming up with new chemicals, RMs and processes for high-temp "Fluoride Energy" systems), 3M Company recruited and moved me & my family (of 6 back then) to Minnesota. 

For 13 years I really enjoyed developing a number of Energetic & Fluorochemical products at 3M.  
I also invented and implemented (in 3M manufacturing facilities) numerous new & improved chemical processes. Several of such processes won 3M-Corp Manufacturing Awards, and three were granted US+ patents for significantly reduced costs & environmental footprint.

  • University of Texas at Austin – MS in ChemE
  • Brigham Young University (BYU) Provo UT – BS in ChemE/Chemistry
Basic Information
Looking for
Other names
Lawrence (middle)
Ms-Sci processes for Fossil-Fuels/Minerals/Th-U, etc in-order-to Ensure that Mankind may Safely benefit from Chemicals, Metals & esp. ENERGY that are Safe and AFFORDABLE for Incredibly Far into the Future !
  • Ms.Sci for *aFordable* E., HCarb's, Metals & Much-More!
    St Paul, Minnesota, 2008 - present
  • 3M
    Process Dev. Specialist, 1989 - 2003
  • Dow Chemical Company
    Ag Products Chem Engineer, 1988 - 1989
  • Honeywell
    Lithium/SF6 Torpedo Chem Specialist – Phoenix AZ, 1982 - 1988
  • Celanese
    Texas, 1981 - 1982
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