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Kim L Johnson
Works at Molten-sal.Science for Affordable Ms. Energy & hence HCs, Chem.s, Metals & more
Attended University of Texas at Austin – MS in ChemE
Lives in St Paul MN (3M)
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Kim L Johnson

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Sérious Environmental Threat that is even more menacing  than Mankind's compromising Earth's atmosphéric shield of Ozone...

Dear Family, Friends & Colleagues,
A ~couple of weeks ago,  I felt a sudden, Signíficant prompting to Re-Connect with Past Friends from the Riverside Fourth Ward on Blaine Street in Southern California.

Background on the above:  my Air-Force father had been transferred from BYU's AF-ROTC program to March AFB in Sunny Southern Calfornia.  For me, the move from Utah to CA soon turned out to be a Blessing:  it was there, from the many Youth activities at Riverside 4th & its Mt Roubidoux Stake, that I came to love & respect my new "California-Cool" Peers, thanks to their great personal qualities & examples.

Getting back to my need to locate lost California friends and mentors,
Below I've shared the Best from my first search attempt:
  • the beautiful blog of Lissa Rogers about her fond memories of the Fourth Ward and its Bradford Family that were bought back by Gordon R Bradford's Funeral in 2011.  

Serving as the Ward's Bishop in the 70s,  Gordon Bradford was the most influential leader I had in "Youth" (now so Very Long ago – L.o.L. !).

Thus am I looking to get Back in Touch with 1 or more of the following:
• the late bishop's son Brian Bradford &/or Brian's Sibs;
• G. David Williams, who served 4th Ward as Bishop i believe right after Gordon did;  and especially
•  *Sheldon* & Cheryl  *Rowe(?)*. 

While Sheldon busily did Chem R&D at UC-Riverside as a Grad. Fellow &/or PósDoc , he also served as Explorer Advisor for the 4th Ward's Young Men program.  
I recently recalled Sheldon's giving us scouts a Tour of the lab where he documented the (devastating) effect of Chlorine atoms from CFCs on O3 Ozone molecules  in the upper atmosphere...

However the Most Serious  "Enviro Threat" that mankind faces Today, and one which I must Touch Bases with Sheldon & his colleagues/community about, is also a Threat to the very Economic Survival  of the (rápidly-declining) West.  
And This Threat is even more menacing – Orders-of Mágnitude More Sérious – than the Ozone-Killing Chemistry (whose early discoveries I, for some inexplicable reason, "recollected" only recently from Way-back from the early 70s...) !

So ~Thanks in Advance~ to Anyone here who might have info leading back to Gordon Bradford's kids, to Bishop Williams, or to Sheldon.
–Kim J.
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Kim L Johnson

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Very Convincing Proof that China "Means Business" with MSRs !!
The below Press Release from US Nuclear Corp shocked this Chem-E (me) into Posting Action:
      • China's MSR Project in Shanghai has recently placed a Firm Order worth more than around One-Half Million Dollars....

And this ~Massive~ Order is just for "Tritium-monitoring equipment" for the Well-Funded project's Pilot-Scale R&D Molten Salt Reactor.

➩ Besides making me want to Emmigrate far Out of el old U.S., how does US Nuke's P.R. make You feel?
–Kim J.
US Nuclear Corp. Ships Over $493,000 in Advanced Tritium Monitor Equipment Orders for Next Generation Molten Salt Reactors (MSRs) in the Second Quarter to a Customer in Shanghai, China
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So long as they don't build MSRs like their Yangtze cruise ships...
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Kim L Johnson

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É esta app. Dialer for Hangouts that is Now –e à finál– functioning more than 100% better than before:
          • I am now able to make many calls from my Mobile e/o Mac com much more Clarity para Places like Brazil, México, Norway, etc.,
and at considerably less cost – como cêrca a Quarter!) of G-Voice's former costs !!
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Now call any phone number in the world from your Hangouts app without using...
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Ei +paulo eduardo, eu farei coléga !!
-Kim L
 /Minnesota, USA (por enquanto, mas me mudando bem pro Sul do país) 
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Kim L Johnson

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Hey Valentine-born Boy Bálint (¿todavía en Aachen?) Happy Birthday !! 😊 😁
How has your Master's in Nuclear been going
ahí ??
Happy Birthday Bálint Zoltán Téglásy
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Kim L Johnson

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Although this Autoblog article is Excellent,
   Before you read "Elon Musk has a Secret Weapon...",
May I suggest searching for "Jeff" and reading the very insightful comments on Musk's "Energy-Biz Vision" that Jeff has shared.
And When Ms. Members — members of the Molten-sal. Community — will have made thermal-Calôr and e-Power on Demand for just 1.2¢ and 2.4¢ per kilowatt-Hour, and ultimately for even less, cool Elon's Long-term Biz Viz Shall Be Realized: !!
The Tesla Motors earnings call for 2014 Q4 is full of insights into the company's future plans. We take a close listen.
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Thanks a bunch! :)
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Kim L Johnson

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Danke für "adding me" to your Circles, +Thomas Engst.
I wanted to commend you for your dedication to Nature and to keeping our Planet a Habitable Place!
By the Way, one of my "Life Goals" is making "Molten-sal." Science (the most sustainable way that's affordable for Massively making Energy & Chemicals) Popular and Commercially Profitable ( sans silly subsidies del Govêrno!).  

Because Mankind must come to cherish "Ms. Sci.", especially if we want to be able to keep the Earth's Seafood gesund: !!
Works at HS Anhalt as Student in Bernburg (Saale). Lives in Chemnitz. Attends HS Anhalt.
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Kim L Johnson

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+Thomas Jam Pedersen​, Happy birthday aí en la Dinamarca !

Got any Questions related to any del Following?: *(Oxy)Fluorides,
Deoxyfluorination , "straight" Fluoridation 
Happy Birthday Thomas Jam Pedersen
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Kim L Johnson

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To All who don't want to see the West De-Industrialize Any Further:
    Before you start skimin' this (fascinating) Interview –G-translated below into English– with the Principal of 1 of Germany's Most Tech-Revered institutions, 
     please check-out +Urs Bolt's intro to the article, along with my Translations of Urs' straight-to-the-point "Clincher"!

From Mr. Bolt:
Cc: +William Steffensen +Bálint Zoltán Téglásy +Gui Fagundes +Everton Bonturim +Cody Christianson +Corey Barcus +Mathieu Rouvinez 
Try a new browser with automatic translation.Download Google ChromeDismiss. ×. +You · Search · YouTube · Maps · Play · News · Gmail · Drive · Calendar · More · Translate · Books · Wallet · Shopping · Blogger · Finance · Photos · Docs · Even more from Google ...
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It is unfortunate that Germany's wind and solar buildout proceeded as far as it did. 

Over the last decade, well-intentioned policymakers in Germany and other European countries created renewable energy policies with generous subsidies that have slowly revealed themselves to be unsustainable, resulting in profound, unintended consequences for all industry stakeholders. While these policies have created an impressive roll-out of renewable energy resources, they have also clearly generated disequilibrium in the power markets, resulting in significant increases in energy prices to most users, as well as value destruction for all stakeholders: consumers, renewable companies, electric utilities, financial institutions, and investors.
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Kim L Johnson

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+Osk Archer below here speaks The Truth about the E Density of Nuclear vs. Renewables.

And Molten-sal. or "Ms." Nuke ultimately will make nuclear fission the most affordable of All Forms of Energy: !
In Part 1 we evaluated three quite different, ultra-low emmission power generating technologies that are more or less feasible in South Australia based on their expected overall performance: an ide...
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Kim L Johnson

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Alert – triggered by the below "Press Release" – pra Those who Care about our collective "Ambiênte" but especially about Earth's Oceans:
Check out China's making "Underground Coal Gasification Technology" with Signif'ly Less CAPEX, con many "Sino-Thanks" to SinoCoking incorporated !!
😔 With our Lonely Planet seemingly solo at the "Mercy" of narrowly self-focused financial (Entrench'd) Interests, we Long-Term Technologists must Protést the impending Crash of Krill, precisely beCause of Our Cognizance of THĒ At-Hand Solution 😟 : 
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Kim L Johnson

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Hey Ms. Members  of Norway, the UK, EU & Elsewhere:

While North-Sea / Brent Oil is worth Less (as opposed to Worthless) and while Norway e otr. Nations Nearby yet have some (petro)Income with which to do R&D,

Now is the Time to "Light a Fire" beneath the *Butts of #OpinionMakers † que Care for Real regarding Earth's Environment !

And although I do care a lot about #ClimateChange , I am even More Concerned über #OceanAcidification .
For the Later, please see for the Problem and its Solution. 

Thanks for Spreading the Good Word on Molten-sal. Science and the #MSR  !!
–Kim L. Johnson

PS especially à mi Nord Kolégas:
    One such Opinion-Maker seems to be Scotland's +Peter W Thorne, who awhile ago moved to Norway to do Climate R&D in Bergen !!
My main historical interests have been in the investigation of observed climate changes globally, with a particular emphasis upon temperature and humidity changes from in-situ measurements (marine, land and weather balloon).
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Ja, Ken vi trenger en organisasjon som er dedikert til å ta opp kampen for moderne kjernekraft som ThMSR!
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Kim L Johnson

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Happy Birthday, +Everton Oliveira​! 😁
I recently saw on Linkd-In that you're reporting you have new "Work Responsibilities" - - a Big Parabéns pra você aí !
So do have Lots o' Fun enjoying um Feliz Aniversário TODAY while you're celebrating some twenty-seven years of "experience" aqui nesta Terra Nossa !! 
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Happy Birthday Everton Oliveira
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Chemical Engineer specializing in development of Chemical/Mineral Feedstocks, Raw Materials and Molten Salt Reactors with simple *in-situ* processing that will ensure mankind Energy, RMs and Chemicals that are truly *Affordable* for Incredibly Far into the Future.
  • Molten-sal.Science for Affordable Ms. Energy & hence HCs, Chem.s, Metals & more
    St Paul, Minnesota, 2008 - present
  • 3M
    Process Dev. Specialist, 1989 - 2003
  • Dow Chemical Company
    Ag Products Chem Engineer, 1988 - 1989
  • Honeywell
    Lithium/SF6 Torpedo Chem Specialist – Phoenix AZ, 1982 - 1988
  • Celanese
    Texas, 1981 - 1982
Map of the places this user has livedMap of the places this user has livedMap of the places this user has lived
St Paul MN (3M)
Michigan - Phoenix, Arizona - Corpus Christi TX - Austin, Texas - Provo, Utah - Mato Grosso, Brasil - Rio Grande do Sul - Riverside CA - Ramstein, Germany - Washington DC - Boise, Idaho - Presque Isle ME - Florida

My speciality is the development of sustainable feeds, fuels and energy, and my aim is to spawn a slew of new industries throughout the West. 

Through the affordable Chemistry and Catalysis of Fluorides, Chlorides, and similar anhydrous but Liquid technologies – the West can build up novel, lucrative enterprises like truly-sustainable energy from fluid-phase Thorium reactors.  My personal goals include countering several very serious challenges to America, the West and western economies in general... 

But the best Defense to such challenges – severe enough to eviscerate whatever atrophied economic muscles remain, should we fail to wake up fast – is for the West to develop Molten Salts:

  1. Here is my briefest intro to Molten Salt Science:   "Saving the West with Ms. Science."
  2. Watch a quick 10-slide introduction to Molten Salt Science.  In addition to enabling the West with affordable Heat & Power from Ms. Reactors, Ms. Sci shall facilitate a number of Industrial Processes that should become highly profitable more quickly than China can copy!
  3. In January 2011 China publicly expressed its intentions to Control Molten Salt Reactor technology Globally.
      (Download for better graphics, and check out the Endlink for a quick "Ms. Chem" tutorial.)
  4. The Response of the Dept of Energy to the obvious global "Ms. Ambitions" of America's main competitor (China) is baffling to most observers outside of the DoE Bureaucracy...
    (also peruse resources in the appendix!)
  5. Fate of the US is tied to Rare Earths and Thorium.  Feel free to add your Two Bits to this thread on G+.
  6. Summary of the Thorium Energy Alliance strategy for the US to lead an Industrial Renaissance in the West. 

With a true passion for developing sustainable technologies for Chemicals and especially Energy, I know that if we fail to develop these very do-able technologies – which China is doing while I type – that no western manufacturer will be able to compete with the Sino Competition in the near future.

Regarding my "industrial" background, after I earned my M.S. in Chem Engineering and "cut my teeth" at Honeywell for 6 years (coming up with new chemicals, RMs and processes for high-temp "Fluoride Energy" systems), 3M Company recruited and moved me & my family (of 6 back then) to Minnesota. 

For 13 years I really enjoyed developing a number of Energetic & Fluorochemical products at 3M.  
I also invented and implemented (in 3M manufacturing facilities) numerous new & improved chemical processes. Several of such processes won 3M-Corp Manufacturing Awards, and three were granted US+ patents for significantly reduced costs & environmental footprint.

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  • University of Texas at Austin – MS in ChemE
  • Brigham Young University (BYU) Provo UT – BS in ChemE/Chemistry
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