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Kim Korn guides enterprises to thrive forever.
Kim Korn guides enterprises to thrive forever.

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In this video, Pete Rose tells Alex Rodriguez and Frank Thomas how he managed his hitting.

Pete tells how he manages his hitting by adjusting how he hits but never changes his swing.

He adjusts his position relative to the plate 4 ways and how he holds the bat two ways, but never changes his swing.

Oh yes, he's was also a switch-hitter.

But one more thing. He got more hits swinging left because that has an advantage over pitching, which is mostly right handed.

But, he has a stronger swing swinging right-handed because he is naturally right handed.

So relative to pitching, he was more effective relative to pitching when batting left-handed, even though that was not his strongest swing, because pitching was relatively better against a right-handed swing.

So he has this unshakeable faith in his core competence but changes how he applies that core competence depending on his circumstance.

I do believe there may be something more profound than that in all of this, but I still have not flushed it out.

Please let me know if you discover something more.

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Agility is overrated!

"Take a look at any great business and it becomes clear that what made it great wasn’t the ability to pivot, but a dedication to creating, delivering, and capturing new value in the marketplace."

Sounds like regenerative managing to me!

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Matthew Stewart, in his book The Management Myth, provides a profound insight into listening – listening on steroids if you will. Stewart describes his consulting associate’s fascination with another associate.

"Roland had an almost childlike fascination with Owen. “Owen doesn’t focus on what you’re saying,” … “He tries to figure out what you want to get by saying it. And then he tries to figure out why you think you want what you want. And then he tries to figure out what he can do about the things that make you think you want it.” He gestured with a circle around his forehead and then held up three fingers. “It’s third-order conversation,” he said, nodding gravely. “He’s unbelievably smart. He’s always three steps ahead of you.”"
-- Matthew Stewart, The Management Myth: Why the Experts Keep Getting it Wrong (W. W. Norton & Company Inc., New York, 2009), p 93.

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The Laws of Managing at a promotional price!

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Look at the jobs and their salaries. Do you think there is an executive alive today who does not yet understand that their company is in the information business?

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I give this guy, Neil Raymond Sperling, five stars for thinking outside the box. He proposes Thrivalism replace current governance and economics -- socialism, capitalism, and communism.

As Einstein said "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." (

So, do you accept that our current approach to government and economics fails to properly serve the human race? If so, what do you think the next paradigm ought to be?

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Happiness now or happiness later? That is the question.
In other words, can we achieve happiness in our current work or do we do our current work, not being happy, but being more productive, in order to have happiness later?

Actually, maybe obvious to some but paradoxically to others, happiness in the hurly burly of everday work leads to higher productivity.

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Let's all spend some quality time to truly understand customer experiences -- what they are as a distinct economic offering vs. just what you encounter and undergo with your acquisition and use of goods and services.

Hear what the Godfathers of Customer Experience have to tell us.
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